Atheists aren’t just fleeing war and famine — they’re also fleeing the very real threat of execution based solely on their beliefs. Read more

The Russian World Cup is well underway, and whenever I catch a glimpse of Colombia’s colours in posters and TV spots, I feel a bewildering sense of pride: Bewildering because I realize that if I had moved anywhere else in the world, I would likely feel this same sentiment for another set of colours. Bewildering, too, because I know how much I still respond to the Canadian brand, simply due to my place of birth. Branding is a normal part… Read more

If you believe that human beings are responsible for fixing the world’s problems, populism can be a nightmare. This week in Canada, Doug Ford, a populist leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, won a majority provincial government on the back of an unfinished campaign platform (and absentee candidates in local debates), voter-bait like one-dollar beer and the promise to fire a person the premier has no authority to fire, and a host of well-channelled private-business-fortune ire against career… Read more

One reason I resist strict religious/secular binaries is because shared human behaviours often warrant closer scrutiny from humanists across the spectrum. We see this often enough when secular tyrants are wearyingly held up as signs that we “need” religion to avoid brutal dictatorship. At one extreme, theists argue that such heinous leadership is a direct result of faithlessness, avoiding (or #NoTrueScotsman-ing) the tremendous number of tyrants from spiritual backgrounds, too. At the other extreme, atheists argue that these figures simply… Read more

Colombians will rarely ask you your religion. Why would they, when “Catholic” is the default faith in this South-American country, where makeshift shrines to the Virgin Mary can be found in most public spaces and ¡Bien, gracias a Dios! serves as the natural response to “¿Cómo estás?” But when I do have to explain my beliefs, as a secular humanist recently relocated from Canada to this beautiful, complex social context, I draw heavily on the second part of that phrase:… Read more

The current deluge of “religious freedom” laws have a single purpose:  to let narrow-minded believers discriminate against gays. Read more

I feel a little unkind saying it, because people so fervently need to believe, but chance, not divine intervention, saved a woman from potentially life-threatening gunshot injuries in a recent attack. Former Sioux Falls, South Dakota, resident Ashely Van Hemert, 32, was shot four times on Jan. 7 at her home in Belgrade, Montana, by Joseph DeWise, the estranged husband of Lauren DeWise, one of her roommates. DeWise, also shot multiple times, was killed in the attack. Van Hemert was… Read more

Julian Baggini, founding editor of The Philosopher’s Magazine, asserts that a search for common ground between secular humanists and religious believers has many challenges. One must be exceedingly clear about difference if any common ground is to be sought. He says, “There are two equal and opposite pathologies of this common ground. One is the refusal to share anything to maintain clear divisions. The other is to pretend or imagine people have more in common with you then they do, latching… Read more

Conservative Christians are biding their time to if not implement a divorce ban restrict it drastically. In the meantime, the divorce rate in the U.S. is high, and marriage is losing its luster. Read more

How American Christianity Perpetuates: Reasons #3-5 Public shaming by elected officials. That sums up reasons No. 3 through 5 for how Christianity endlessly perpetuates in the United States despite its doctrines being entirely speculative. All three causes were noted in recent posts in the online Patheos Nonreligious hub, including two in Hemant Mehta’s Friendly Atheist blog. Here’s a summary roundup of these latest in my continuing list of religious perpetuators: Reason #3: Official shaming of people who criticize religious behavior… Read more

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