Daily Slow Church Advent Reflections.

The_NativityStarting on Monday (Nov. 28), Chris Smith will be coordinating a daily series of reflections here on the daily lectionary texts throughout the season of Advent.

Advent is too often a season when the pace of life speeds up instead of slowing down.  Through these Advent reflections, we hope to challenge ourselves to slow down, be attentive and remember all the gifts of life that surround us daily.

To be sure you don’t miss these reflections, connect with  the Slow Church blog on Facebook, Twitter or by entering your email address over on the righthand sidebar.

We’d love for you to read the lectionary texts along with us (there a typically three brief passages for each day, and we usually won’t mention all three in any given day’s reflection). You can find the list of daily texts here (PDF format).

If you appreciate the reflections, please share them with others…

To get us in an appropriate frame of mind for Advent, here’s a video from our friends at The Work of the People of Chris Seay (one of the founders of The Advent Conspiracy) pleading with us to slow down and be attentive during the holiday season.


[ Direct link to this video on TWOTP website ]

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