How to Get a Divorce


“I’m not being facetious when I say this. The Quran and Sunnah are fairly clear on divorce issues. But Muslims are pretty unclear on them. Consider this article somewhat of a primer on when and how to go about the big split. When I’m approached by someone for counseling on these issues, this is essentially what I tell them.” [Read more...]

Give Muhammad a Chance

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“I truly appreciate the attempts by our scholars and others to cultivate the will and interest of younger men in marrying older women, but I just want to push back a little on how this is being framed. In assuring them of the gallantry of such a decision, that there is no disgrace in it, that it doesn’t make them less manly, we almost seem to be reinforcing all of their hesitations. This script needs some flipping.” [Read more...]

Passover The Christian Extremists


“I’m invested in combating violent extremism against all people, because as far as violent hate crimes go, an attack on one is an attack on all of us. I also know that a person who harbors hatred towards Jews is usually not too fond of Muslims, and where there is a willingness to use violence against a minority, I become concerned about Muslim community centers, our Sikh temples and our black churches. None of us are immune to hate, and it serves our collective interests to combat it together.” [Read more...]

The #DisHonor Diaries

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“On the face of it, the film seems to be a legitimate attempt to highlight abuses against women in the Muslim world in an effort to raise awareness and catalyze action (though the only kinds of action the website promotes is a letter to Congress and a film screening). Numerous Muslim women activists, who have spent years and indeed lifetimes to the upliftment of women from horrific circumstances, are featured in it. The backlash has not been pretty.” [Read more...]

Beware the Fire

An apology for all, except the corrupt and the losers. Oh and feminists.

We have movement – people are talking, people are planning. Those in our communities who are always compelled to action feel no option but to move onward and upward. They can’t look away from the proof in written form that will be forever preserved on the internet that institutional sexism, one that allows jokes at the expense of the dignity of women, is part and parcel of the Muslim experience. [Read more...]



As the mother of of two young girls, it brought more tears because I thought of them and the fight they would inherit from us, a fight for simple dignity and decency from Muslim men as the norm. I wonder if they’ll be able to hold on to the deen in the face of external and internal challenges, because not everyone is strong enough in their faith to reject the ugliness of some of our leaders. Muslims are apostatizing, rejecting a religion that is made to seem harsh, hateful, misogynistic, angry, and judgemental by people like Abu Eesa. Instead of using gentle speech and beautiful language to draw people to Islam, “scholars” like these burn bridges to faith. [Read more...]