Planned Parenthood Claims to Help Black Women, While Profiting Off the Murder of Black Babies

Last week Planned Parenthood held a press conference to remind the world just how much they care about African Americans.  They claim to provide “vital reproductive and sexual health care services” for black women.

But as I have written about before, their “vital” work actually means they are aborting a disproportionate number of black babies and profiting from charging their mothers for the abortion and then selling their body parts.

Life News breaks down the real statistics behind Planned Parenthood’s claims:

However, their “vital” work is much more than providing birth control and manual breast exams, which is what the mainstream media would like you to believe; it is targeting African American unborn babies for abortions to meet their quotas and bring in more revenue.

The Washington Examiner reports that statistics prove the abortion industry receives significant income from African American women since they tend to have more abortions than Caucasian women. They explained, “Thirty out of every 1,000 black women obtained an abortion in 2011, which is the most recent data available. That rate is nearly triple that of white women and double that of Hispanic women. While about 13 percent of Americans are black, more than one-third of all abortions are administered to black women.”

Unfortunately, the data cited above is accurate and other statistics show that 79% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are strategically placed in low-income minority neighborhoods. This information confirms a pattern that has been going on for years: the abortion industry, specifically Planned Parenthood, targets minority women.

I am so sick of hearing Planned Parenthood and their abortion allies on the Left claim to be pro-women and pro-minorities.  The facts just don’t back up their boasts.

If you are so pro African American communities, Planned Parenthood, stop targeting black women and aborting our children.  If you care so much why don’t you start actually empowering women to love and care for their children no matter the circumstances they find themselves in. If you truly believe in African Americans, then start telling them they do have the power and ability to take care of their children and raise them instead of pressuring them to kill them in the womb.

Your bottom line is not worth the blood on your hands!

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  • vortem

    Actually ” Stacey”, PP performs a disproportionate number of abortions on African Americans because they have a correspondingly disproportionately high number of unwanted pregnancies. And PP is in low income neighborhoods because that is where they are needed most. And PP does not sell fetal tissue, they merely recoup the cost of getting it to the research facilities. But you likely knew all that……

  • JillPole

    I guess you have not seen the head CEOs of PP discussing the sale of foetal parts. The films have been forensically vetted – no editing, just raw facts. They sell tissue, parts, brains, livers, eyes, even wholly intact viable foetuses. Read what the founder of PP wrote. Margaret Sanger was a eugenist. She wanted to rid society of the poor and undesirables. Guess who the undesirables were in her day. Yes, that’s right poor African Americans and this is why most PP are in poor neighbourhoods.

  • vortem

    The films were heavily edited. Even the full length ones they claimed to be unedited. And PP does not sell fetal tissue.

    PP is in poor neighborhoods because that us where the highest demand is. And if you really want to know the truth about Margaret Sanger, go to the Sanger Papers Project out of NYU rather than your pro life misrepresentations of her. Or not. Chances are you don’t want to know the truth.

    Good bye

  • Carrie

    The films were analyzed by TWO forensic companies and BOTH companies (including the one Planned Parenthood paid. You can read their report) says there was no manipulation of the video. The only reason the one PP paid said is any evidence of editing is that two cameras were used and they fused the footage from both cameras into one piece. Ummmmm That’s not heavily edited. Funny how you claim someone else needs the truth. You can read it yourself!

  • vortem

    Oh really? Care to provide a link to that supposed report by PP? Or is that just something you read on Life Site News? And you do realize that editing out parts of conversations and splicing together to change context is called heavy editing, right?

  • Carrie

    The first report said “no widespread evidence of video manipulation” the only things they found (and btw they didn’t use all the footage because they OBVIOUSLY CUT OUT THE PARTS WHERE THEY WERE USING THE RESTROOMS AND WAITING IN BETWEEN MEETINGS AND COMMUTING) that sometimes the video stops and then starts again moments later which was validated by the second report saying its was bathroom breaks, commuting, and editing.

  • vortem

    I wish I had something to sell you Carrie.

  • Joseph Nieves

    Vortem in regards to Margaret Sanger all one needs to do is read the books she wrote over her lifetime to know she was a eugenicist. In her autobiography, she mentions her speech with the KKK she also says “In the end through simple illustrations I believe I have accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.” Not like the KKK invited her so she can tell them how she had great plans to better the lives of African American families.

  • vortem

    That’s exactly what the Margaret Sangers Papers Project at NYU has been doing. I encourage you to look it up online.

  • Carrie
  • Carrie
  • vortem

    No this would be a far better , more honest article

  • Carrie

    Here is the report link. But pay attention to this particular paragraph.

  • vortem

    Exactly. Even that passage refers to the cuts and missing pieces. Did you miss that? And even in page one of the report it says the editing in the short videos and the supposed ” full” video is such that the videos are of no legal nor even journalistic value.

  • JillPole

    Reading the thread below your comment now. There is more than enough evidence which supports the fact that the videos were not manipulated. Also, I have read Sanger and have watched old TV interviews. She was a eugenist. Her goal was to rid the population of what she determined were “undesirables” the “unfit” the “unintelligent”. This should sound familiar to some. She sounds like Hitler’s mouth piece. They were philosophically on the same page.

  • vortem

    Not sure what you mean by “manipulated” but there is evidence that they were heavily edited, with footage removed in a possible attempt to deceive. It was so obvious and intentional that the videos are worthless in court or for responsible journalism.

    If you want up know about Margaret Sanger look up the Margaret Sangers Papers Project at NYU.

  • rhijulbec

    What a bunch of BS! You are one very ignorant human. I mean that in the true sense as in “lacking knowledge”. FFS read a book, learn the truth! Then try and spout this crap. You really are the embodiment of an uninformed, bigoted hatemonger. Sad sad pathetic excuse of a “journalist”.

  • Breezyn Nahlein

    “I am so sick of hearing Planned Parenthood and their abortion allies on the Left claim to be pro-women and pro-minorities.”

    If you’re so sick of it, stop hanging out on all those nasty sites your hyperlinks lead to. Of course you are going to hear that kind of propaganda on those sites. Do some legitimate research for yourself and stop being so willfully ignorant. Just because you are a celeb., doesn’t mean your readers are cool with you parroting BS at them. Not all of us are as misinformed as you clearly are.

  • vortem

    Stacey Dash doesn’t actually write this blog

  • Breezyn Nahlein

    If she allows her name to be used for it, it’s basically the same shit. French writing for a ton of idiot celebs doesnt make it acceptable. The celebs who allow this shit to happen with their name attached to it are equally at fault.

  • TraceyJohnson

    Are you black, Stacey? Are you speaking as a black woman?

  • Iron Man

    Stacey, perhaps you should try to learn to read. Maybe do a little research. Then you wouldn’t be displaying your OBVIOUS IGNORANCE on the entire issue here.
    I get that you may not write this blog, but your name is attached to it, and you should really look at what is being said in your name, because its factually so wrong its pathetic.

  • vortem


  • Worry

    Margaret Sanger was not a wonderful person.