Todd on Michael

MSM reporter and guest blogger, Todd Unctuous reveals his feelings about the passing of Michael Jackson.

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the recent death of ‘the King of Pop’, Michael Jackson. Certainly he was the ‘Elvis of Our Times’, and it is difficult to think of a person who will be more greatly mourned than this troubled entertainment genius. Some will point out that he should not have slept in the same bed with young boys, but as he said, “This was an innocent past time, and only a natural thing to do with a child you love.” We must remember that he was acquitted of these terrible charges, and with great dignity and courage combined with self respect and bravery he rose above the accusations that were made against him by his accusers.

“King Michael” as he will probably soon be known, was adored by millions of people all over the world who will always remember his moonwalk, his impersonation of demon possessed people, his cute, lascivious dance routines and his memorable music. Michael was a mature man who lived life to the full, showing the American public that it was possible to spend millions on self indulgent pleasures while still feeling sorry for those who were poor. He showed the disabled how, through the wonders of plastic surgery, they could overcome a disabling skin disease and racial deformities to rise above his unfortunate looks.
A mature and caring man, Michael was the ‘little boy who never grew up.’ Who can forget the touching scenes when he welcomed unfortunate children to enjoy themselves as his ‘Neverland Ranch.’?  This man was mature enough to know himself well enough to know that he was a perpetual Peter Pan. What a great example he gave to all when, he eventually married and became a father and a family man with three beautiful children.
I am not myself a religious man, but I respect those who do hold to a religious faith, and I know that each one of them will be lighting a candle for Michael next week. I’m with them in this moment of a long lasting outpouring of grief which will see great sadness poured out. Many are saying he was not only a great entertainer, but like the angel Michael, he was a gift from heaven itself.
Like Lady Diana, Michael Jackson was a ‘candle in the wind’, and perhaps that other great cultural icon, Elton John will favor us with a new rendition of that moving and inspirational hit at the upcoming memorial service.
If so, I, along with millions of Michael’s fans, will shed a tear as he joins the immortal ones.
Todd Unctuous is forty two. For more information on Todd click here.

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  • Marco de Puna

    "Todd" – very much to the point except for your comment "racial deformities" – what racial deformities did MJ have – or rather did you see? That's statement is more telling of you then of MJ.

  • Remy Rosenhoover

    Todd, I wish you would get a real job at a real newspaper! Maybe you could join the staff in the Faith and Values section. You would quickly develop a following and might even win an award!

  • Fr Longenecker

    Unfortunately, I suspect Todd is, underneath his liberal exterior, a secret racist, and this may explain his unfortunate comment about 'racial deformities'. Alternatively, it might be a typo and he really meant to say 'facial deformities'.

  • Remy Rosenhoover

    Todd, being a man of moderate age who respects people of faith, I am surprised you have not been deeply saddened by the passing of an angel, Farrah Fawcett.

  • Karen

    Was Elton friends with Michael? They seem like they would be unlikely friends. I seriously doubt Elton will write a tribute to him.

  • MamaMidwife

    "his impersonation of demon possessed people"…..HA HA HA!! I love Todd. I enjoy all the posts on your blog, Father. But I could live on just Mantilla the Hun and Todd if I had too. I had almost forgotten about his comment of his "innocent past time." I actually got goose bumps reading that. Sometimes they are so good at tricking you that you forget there are real demons out there. Nice article. :)

  • Afro Seminarian

    'racial deformities''facial deformities'For someone who takes pride in being a journalist, that a pretty big slip.However, since this is under "Todd" I guess he can be as offensive as he wants to be.