The Secret Conspiracy at the BBC

Guest blogger, Duane Mandible is a contributing editor to The Truth Hurts, a bi-monthly journal of politics, economics and opinion. He also contributes regularly to Freedom Monthly; Illuminations and The Sojourner. Duane is the author of Guns and Knives will Save Your Children’s Lives. He is Vice President of the Sacred Society of St Philibustre, and enjoys hunting rattlesnakes, square dancing and watching re runs of comedy classics. He is unmarried.

I was dismayed, but not surprised to find that the British Broadcasting Company (known to millions as ‘the BBC’) are involved in a plot to undermine the Christian faith. The Daily Telegraph reports that the BBC are planning to remove the terms ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ from their history programs, thus undermining in a secret plan that is now been exposed, their hatred of the Christian faith.

Millions of schoolchildren have understood from time immemorial that the term ‘BC’ refers to the time ‘before Christ’ and that the term ‘AD’ means ‘After the Death of Christ’. These terms were established by the scholars in the Middle Ages and only now are they under attack by the forces of darkness who run the BBC and other secular media empires. What the blinded ‘scholars’ at the BBC do not realize is that when the BBC was established by Lord Fauntleroy in the early part of the century the name was even then chosen as a secret way to eventually undermine the terms ‘BC’ and ‘AD’.

Why else would they choose the term ‘BBC” except as an attack on the more ancient term linked to Jesus Christ which was ‘BC’? Their subtle plan is obvious. With just one letter’s difference they hoped that the population would eventually equate ‘BBC’ with ‘BC’. There was discussion at very high levels of British Society about changing the historical reference to ‘BBC’ and it would be explained that it meant ‘Before the Birth of Christ’ thus equating the two names–making in the popular mind the BBC to be a replacement for Christ himself. Unfortunately the copies of these important minutes from meetings at the highest level of British society have been destroyed–showing the extent to which the British ‘royal family’ will go to cover up their insidious activities.

Those who have read the works of Mr. David Icke will know that the British ‘royal family’ are actually the last remnants of an ancient race of ‘reptilians’ and that they are able to transmogrify at will to be transformed into horrifying mutants–half reptile and half human. This reptilian race who have come to earth from another planet and were the same as the ancient ‘gods’ called the nephilim have always been the sworn enemies of the true faith.

In scrapping the terms ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ altogether it would seem that the BBC have abandoned their earlier plan. This would seem, at first sight, to be a positive step forward. Better to have neutral terms than terms which equate the BBC with our Lord himself. However, what seems even more sinister in this whole unsavory affair is that the Vatican has now publicly opposed the move. This causes us to look more closely at what is really going on. Why does the Vatican step in to criticize the BBC? Who are the shadowy personalities behind this move? Do most people know that the ‘Controller General’ (a sinister title if ever there was one!) of the BBC is himself a ‘Catholic’? Is this a move on part of the powerful Vatican Radio to  launch a publicity campaign to undermine and eventually takeover the BBC? During Bishop Ratzinger’s ‘papal visit’ to the UK, did he meet with Her Majesty the Queen to plan a secret submission of the United Kingdom to the rule of the papacy?

In fact, I believe the Vatican ‘attack’ on the BBC is an old fashioned diversion tactic. It is designed to take our attention away from the fact that the Vatican is actually in favor of the change from ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ to ‘BCE’ and ‘CE’. This is a favorite tactic of those involved in  conspiracies: say one thing publicly while privately advocating precisely the change you  are pretending to oppose.

We will soon discover that the Vatican has been behind the changes to ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ all along. The attempt to change ‘BC’ to ‘BCE’ and ‘AD’ to ‘CE’ is really an attempt to change the whole course of history. What does ‘BCE’ really mean? We are told it means ‘Before the Christian Era’. I believe the Vatican, working with secret forces on the international level want it to mean ‘Before the Catholic Era.’ If this is so, the ‘CE’ will not stand for ‘Common Era’ but the ingenious and obviously simple ‘Catholic Era’. With a simple change of letters, the BBC and the Vatican and the intelligentsia in our halls of academe will alter the minds and hearts of millions.

Such a plan will help to usher in the New World Order in which the powers of the Vatican will provide the anti-Christ religious leader who will give religious validation.

Happily we of the Sacred Society of St Filibustre are able to rise above such controversies and conspiracies. We are well aware that the Vatican is part of an international secret society made up of the world’s leading Catholics politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Arnold Schwarzenneger combined with Freemasons, Bildenbergers, the Bush and Clinton clans, vegetarians and people who wear Birkenstocks.

We will continue our quiet ways of worship using the Western Ambrosianic Rite (non collegian) and watch with quiet satisfaction as the Lord of this World gathers his forces for the coming Apocalypse. Then all those who wear the buttoned maniple will be revealed for what they truly are–wolves in sheep’s clothing–secret agents of the forces of darkness right here in our midst.

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  • K

    *blink* *blink* Wow. *blink*

  • Just another mad Catholic

    I never realised that wearing the buttnoned maniple equaled devotion to the beast

  • Fr Longenecker

    JAMC — now that you are enlightened you shall never again wear the buttoned maniple.

  • RSF

    Is he BELLIGERENT or what??? Had to re-read some portions twice just to be sure I read it right the first time. Ack! my eyes are hurting!

  • seadog

    I can only hope that this posting is ment to be a joke. I know that some readers will believe that it's contents are true rather than the garbage it really is.I am aghast at the BBC for moving away from BC/AD to BCE/CE but do not think that posting comments like this is in anybodies interest.I became a fan of yours when I met you last year when visiting from England and regularly dip into your blog.This is beneath you.James Slater, Rochdale England

  • Fr Longenecker

    seadog and RSF–Duane Mandible is one of several of my alter egos.The pieces are satirical. Duane regularly spouts conspiracy nonsense. This is to show how dumb right wing conspiracy nut jobs are….

  • Anneg

    Fr D, Do you really think it's charitable to sneak up on some poor, unsuspecting, faithful Catholic and scare the c**p out of them with Duane???ROFL.Sorry James & RSF.

  • Denita

    I thought "AD" meant "Anno Domini" Year of Our Lord…

  • Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    Denita — it does.Fr. D, I am beginning to think that Duane Mandible and Todd Unctuous may proceed from wildly different assumptions, but in fact share the same mindset — as stupid as possible.

  • RC_Rock68

    "AD" does not mean "After the death of Christ", it stands for "Anno Domini" (the year of the Lord), starting with the birth of Christ.

  • Larry

    The only thing that made any sense at all in this risible article is that now I have a very clear understanding of why Duane is not married. Maybe "A.D." really means "Avoid Duane" at all costs.

  • Larry

    Ah, now I see the posting that this is satire written under an alter ego. But it misses the mark as satire because it does not have the underpinnings of humor that would help the satire make its point.