Bongo Nuns

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  • ellen

    Those are not bongos, Father. They are djembes. Rope-tuned djembes (there are ones that tune with a drum key). I think, more fun and versatile than bongos, though I am even more partial to conga or bodhran. 8-)

  • Paulus

    Why, oh why do things like this seem always to happen in San Diego?

  • Andrew

    Sometimes, I think that’s what hell must be like…

  • johnpaul79

    bonkers nuns would have been a better headline..oh bonkers sisters i mean ,sorry ladies.

  • Bryan

    Somebody explain to me why I love the sister pictured in the previous post and am not filled with the same feeling toward these sisters pictured here. Is that me being shallow?

  • Trish

    I don’t recall the Lord commanding us to, “Mock one another as I have mocked you.” Is it not more useful and more charitable to call someone who has gone astray to the good, the true, and the beautiful? In my experience, mockery does not help and usually hinders such a call.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Why on earth do you suggest that this is mockery?

  • Maggie White

    Fr. Longenecker, it does appear that many of the comments have not been charitable. From the caption, we can see that Sister Dodd and Sister Hayes were playing the drums for a special occasion, i.e. the Catholic Health Assembly Opening Ceremony. It seems that many readers may have made an assumption that the drums were played during Mass. Either way, mocking anyone, especially Sisters, Priests, and other Religious, seems unkind and not reflective of our faith.

  • Dave Pawlak

    You need accordians to complete that vision…

  • Michael

    middle aged Priests with motorcycles with flames painted on them and old nuns in turquoise suits playing bongos, funny stuff…you have it all here

  • Anne Wolfe

    Your comments are a helpful reminder, but Jesus used harsh language at times (“whitened sepulchers”). When people make themselves ridiculous, they should not be surprised at the natural consequence. The humble person realizes when he is ridiculous, joins in the laughter, and aims at a more appropriate behavior.
    Our poor sisters seem to have gone so far astray, unaware that consecrated religious are called to represent the fullness of the Faith. In all honesty, does this image inspire you to think, “These women have the words of eternal life??

  • Minty

    Pray to Our Blessed Mother the Rosary each day and she will reveal to you a true Catholic conscience. These nuns, grievously, reject the Mother of God, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, and the Spouse of the Holy Ghost.