Mother of God in the Month of May

Having a sandwich with my buddy–a former Baptist–when we were discussing the Mother of God. “Mary is the defender of Christian orthodoxy” I explained. “If you have the wrong view of Mary you will almost certainly have the wrong view of Christ. If you have the right view of Mary you will almost certainly have the right view of Christ.” He asked what I meant.

I went on, “I was at the pool the other summer when a local Presbyterian lady asked me why Catholics worship Mary.” I explained that Mary was unique because Jesus took his  human flesh from her. “Jesus would have looked like Mary.” She was shocked. “No, that’s not true!” she said. “Jesus just came through Mary into the world.”

“Well then, if you believe that you’re a heretic.” I said it with a smile. I also went on to explain the importance of Mary the Mother of God as the defender of orthodoxy. Read more.

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