Healing through the Divine Mercy

I know what your problem is. In fact, I know what everyone’s problem is. Furthermore, I not only know the problem, I have the solution.

Maybe your problem is that your are greedy or selfish or lustful. Maybe you are insecure or you are arrogant (which is another way to be insecure). Maybe you are confused or bereaved or lonely. Maybe you are sick and suffering, unemployed, discouraged and depressed. Maybe you think you are too fat or too thin, too poor or too rich. Maybe you have an addiction: you are an alcoholic or a sex addict or a drug addict or a fat cat financier addicted to money, status and power. Or maybe you are an adulterer or a thief or maybe you are just a comfortable middle class suburbanite who is utterly, crashingly fed up and bored. Maybe you have one of these problems or one or many more.

I am convinced that at the heart of all our problems is an empty or a broken heart. What I mean is that there is a “love lack.” Our problems stem from the fact that we do not have enough love–total, unconditional, over whelming love. Somewhere along the line an ache like a hunger pang developed in our heart and we sensed way down deep that we were not loved, or at least we were not loved enough. From that perceived lack of love we developed our problem. All the problems listed above and all the others you can think of are some sad sort of human attempt to fill the gap.

Here are some examples: Read more.

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  • http://backoftheworld.com Ryan M.

    Beautifully written, Father. I love that you point out the deep kinship between the Divine Mercy and the Jesus Prayer. I think the two are also closely related to devotion to the Sacred Heart. This is especially true in what I read about that devotion from the saints who battled against Jansenism in the 17th and 18th cents., such as St. Alphonsus.

  • http://thetruephilosophy.blogspot.ca/ Jim J. McCrea

    Many people think that ultimate happiness is to be found in a romantic relationship. However, unless it leads to marriage which is ultimately directed to God, it goes flat after a while.

  • Kathy B.

    You sure nailed this one, Father – both the problem and the solution!

  • melancholybride

    Father, this was a very insightful article, but what if the “perceived” lack of love is ACTUAL lack of love and not just perceived? I’m really saddened by my future in-laws because I feel as though they do not have unconditional love for any of their sons (the mother even explicitly admitted as much to me, by accident, when we were having a conversation). My mother and grandmother love me to pieces, and would sacrifice anything, and I mean anything, for my happiness. When I see that my in-laws are not the same way with their kids (or adorable grandkids for that matter), it scares me and makes me not trust them. How can I trust people who only know how to love on a surface level and care more about their own happiness than the happiness of their children? I know that nobody can love or sacrifice as much as Jesus, but my grandmother comes pretty close. It disappoints me that my in-laws will not love my children the way my grandmother loves me, and it upsets me that they play favorites with their children, due to this lack of love. Lack of love really does cause all the problems you described, and because of it, we can’t have a relationship with one of the brothers, who is always trying to seek attention and show-off at our expense, which he would not have to do if his parents would just unconditionally love them all. I don’t understand why some people have children… I think that all children need unconditional love and I will try this prayer to make it happen. I really don’t know what else to do, or what else can be done. This article really helped me feel better about it though, so thank you.

  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Of course there is real lack of love as well–terrible examples of it. My point was that even when the human love is just about as perfect as it can be one can still perceive lack of love. This is because no person can love us enough–only God.

  • lisag

    Father, I pray both the Jesus Prayer and the Divine Mercy Prayer and they do help. Maybe the problem of not enough love is that really there is too much self love. Or rather greed. My this and my that and me, me, me. Sacrificial love is missing in much of society.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Father – I was driving from Atlanta to Raleigh a couple of weeks ago and saw a beautiful billboard outside Grenville SC that was Divine Mercy. It is stunning. It has stayed with me since. Whoever is responsible I give them thanks. I wonder if it can be done elsewhere?

  • Deacon Bill

    Luke 18:13. Wonderful for use as an ejaculation, many times daily.

  • http://www.myfatherschild.net Jenny

    Great article, Father! I have no doubt about your analysis – I believe it is right on the money! Many of the great spiritual writers, Ignatius included, say that we have to start with knowing that God loves ME (and yes, He loves us, but it’s important to realize that He loves me unconditionally as an individual).

    From there, though, I believe it is very important to get out and help others through some sort of service. One may need some time to come to the realization of how much our God loves each and every one of us so perfectly, but we can’t get stuck just trying to hold on to that feeling and keeping it to ourselves. A love that only focuses inward is not really love at all, as the very nature of the Trinity speaks to love being outpoured and flowing from self.


    The Divine Mercy devotions were most certainly given to us for the times we are in . A priest , during Confession , told me to read Divine Mercy in my Soul , the Diary of St. Faustina . All advice from Confessors is of inestimable value but that stands out as a singular Grace . Providence freely provides for us if we but respond & accept what is offered . Sometimes people cannot give love because they themselves cannot accept love . The greatest inhibiting factor in this may be that they have separated themselves from God`s love by sin . God`s mercy & forgiveness are there for the asking .
    Pax et bonum .
    From Our Lady`s Land of the Southern Cross .

  • Ramanie

    Yes. It seems that Divine Mercy is certainly given for our times. I love the chaplet and I say it meditating on the sorrowful mystery of the Rosary. I also have purchased the book Divine Mercy in My Soul and reading it slowly. It brings me closer to the Lord. God bless

  • melancholybride

    I understand. Now that I think about it more, I guess this is why some people shockingly love their dogs more than their children…they perceive their pets as a source of unconditional love. Classic example, the heiress who left millions to her poodle, I think it was, and disinherited her own kids… My in-laws are actually friends with a person whose parents disinherited him for MONKEYS at the San Francisco zoo, and they thought it was “cool”… I wish the Holy Spirit would just touch everyone already so people could finally stop being so ridiculous and unloving, staring with their own children. Lack of love is the root of all the problems in the world. Fabulous article.

  • melancholybride

    So true. I think you will see sacrificial love a lot more amongst the poor though. It’s out there, just not so much in suburbia or yuppie town.

  • John

    Fuquay Steve,
    Here is the website for the billboard…

  • http://www.thewordinc.org Kevin O’Brien

    Excellent post, Father. I expand upon your insights here – http://thwordinc.blogspot.com/2012/07/problem-and-solution.html

  • http://www.becomingblogs.com dw

    Thank you for your insightful and encouraging post. I saw The Divine Mercy in Song video a few years back and it changed my life – brought me to tears, and I almost never cry. I am not a Catholic (currently a member of a Southern Baptist church), but the power of this simple prayer in my life has been tremendous. I keep looking for opportunities to introduce it to my friends.

    The Divine Mercy was a factor in my deciding to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church; reading that led to my starting a blog to encourage understanding and unity between Protestants and Catholics, recently moved from blogspot to abaptistreadsthecatholiccatechism.becomingblogs.com. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a church full of Protestants and Catholics praying The Divine Mercy together?? That has been my prayer for awhile now.

    Grace and peace to you…