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With This Ring I Thee Wed

  A dear friend sent me this link to a story of a Jewish guy who converted to the Catholic faith. The story of his conversion is moving and real, then the story goes sour as he recounts his disappointing experience of Catholicism on the ground. He comes across New Agey kooks leading RCIA, ignorant [Read More...]

Aggressive British Atheism

The Telegraph of London gives space to secularist A.C.Grayling, who argues that religious believers are dangerous kooks. Grayling dishes out the weary old argument that all religion is dangerous because of the atrocities committed in it’s name. What I can never quite grasp is that these arguments come from guys who, on paper, seem to [Read More...]

Quo Vadis Anglicans?

There is a telling comment by Anglican theologian Ephraim Radner. He finally admits that those who wish to follow the historic Christian faith are not welcome in ECUSA. So that’s news? Anyway, Fr.Al Kimmel has a good post in reply with a good stream of comments about the future for orthodox Anglicans. I know many [Read More...]

Newman in Canterbury

Fr Newman has a new website and blog. Under the link Divine worship you can go through a cool slide show of High Mass at St Mary’s. How blessed we are to have been brought to such a vibrant parish! For Ash Wednesday the place was packed, the liturgy was splendid and the spirit truly [Read More...]


Can anybody resist George Herbert? An intellectual with the highest connections who decided to be a humble country parish priest. You can still visit the little church in Bemerton, near Salisbury in Wiltshire where he lived, ministered, wrote his simple, beautiful poetry and where he finally died, and where he is buried. You can’t visit [Read More...]

Boy Bishop

We were so busy at school today I forgot about the tradition of the boy bishop. It is connected with St Nicholas’ feast on 6 December. St Nicholas resurrected three boys who had been butchered and the evil butcher had put them in a barrel to pickle their flesh. Thus St Nicholas of Myra is [Read More...]