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Todd Unctuous Reports

This objective news report just in from MSM correspondent Todd Unctuous. POPE PERFORMS MASS FOR AFRICANS Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the world’s Catholics, performed Mass today at a very large place in Anglola, Africa. The aging pope wiped his brow several times and seemed weak and very frail. The crowd was estimated at several [Read More...]

Liturgical Baptists

I was talking to a very nice Baptist fellow the other day who was interested in my journey from Bob Jones University to the Catholic faith. He said, “We go to a very liturgical Baptist Church.” I’m not quite sure what he meant, but he assured me that they had had an Ash Wednesday Service [Read More...]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 2

I wrote about the words of hymns. Now about the music: Why do we feel the need to imitate worldly music in church? Even if this were to be a good thing (and there is no reason why it should be) we do it so badly. The much loved Eagles’ Wings sounds like a bad [Read More...]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

In most Catholic communities there is debate over the worship music. With the range of music available for churches it’s no wonder that there are differing opinions. The vast range of tastes reflects the vast range of music types. What we must do is trying to choose liturgical music is sort out some basic questions: [Read More...]

On Blaise and Throat Blessings

I love obscure traditions. Today is St Blaise day and we will Bless Throats with crossed candles. Now I’ve been to church on St Blaise day before and had my throat blessed, but didn’t understand the significance of blessed candles or the point of the blessing. Nobody really explains these things. Neither did they explain [Read More...]

Richard Williamson’s Film Reviews

Distinguished English film critic, Dickie Williamson (not to be confused with the SSPX bishop with a similar name) has published another stunning film review. The Cambridge grad and connoisseur of ecclesiastical fancy dress has this to say about Stephen Spielberg’s famous Schindler’s List: “My Dear people, benefactors and friends. It is tempting when looking for a [Read More...]