Eden on its Head

Have you ever noticed that in the mystery of marriage God asks both the man and the woman to do what is impossible? In marriage God demands what’s hard, not what’s easy. Here’s the simple naked truth: The woman is supposed to (horror of horrors!!) submit to her husband and the husband is supposed to (drat it!) take responsibility. Now, this is exactly the opposite of what both men and women want to do.The women I know naturally want to… Read more

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Standing on My head

This blog is inspired by the image of G.K.Chesterton standing on his head. Imagine a fat English Teddy Roosevelt lookalike complete with drooping moustache and pince nez, a woolen suit, sturdy boots and a goofy hat trying to stand on his head. This is to validate his theory that everything in this crazy, insane world looks more sane when it is turned upside down. Chesterton pioneers this theory in his excellent little book on St Francis, when he write, “any… Read more

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