Rita Cosby and the Secrets of her Father

Over at Christopher Closeup, Tony Rossi debuts his first podcast since coming to Patheos, and it’s a stunner! Journalist Rita Cosby, talks to Tony about her father, whose mysterious past had colored her world from an early age; it is one gripping interview!

It was Christmas Eve, 1983, when the future Emmy Award-winning journalist and best-selling author heard her mother, Adda, and father, Richard, having an argument. Richard told them he was unhappy and was leaving the family.

The devastating news came out of nowhere for 19-year-old Rita, her brother and her Mom. To make it worse, Richard conveyed complete emotional detachment about his decision and basically cut himself off from his family from then on. Though Rita and her mother grew closer as a result, life was still difficult, especially when Adda Cosby was dying of cancer. Despite the unfairness of what was done to her, Adda continued to tell her daughter, “You must forgive your father. He went through some very difficult times.”

“Some very difficult times…”? That may be the understatement of the century! His story brings you to Poland and World War II, and the Polish resistance. It is, frankly, incredible!

Cosby has fleshed out her father’s story in her book Quiet Hero: Secrets from My Father’s Past, and after listening to her chat with Rossi, I think this is one of those books you pick up and pass around the family in order to teach a variety of lessons having to do with character, hope, forgiveness, optimism and the fact that we all live in fathoms below; “deep calls unto deep…”

Rita and Tony’s chat is wonderful and awful and thrilling. Check it out! You will be uplifted!

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