Komen and HHS: The Day of the Bully Dawns – UPDATED

In just about 24 hours the “non-political” billion-dollar entity known as Planned Parenthood — which does not itself do mammograms, despite how ABC News frames it — managed to leak the news that the Susan G. Komen Foundation would no longer be contributing $700,000 dollars to its coffers, get the two stupidest women in the US Senate to go into public hysterics, bring out the heavy guns of the mainstream media and apparently win Komen’s surrender!

We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives.

The events of this week have been deeply unsettling for our supporters, partners and friends and all of us at Susan G. Komen. We have been distressed at the presumption that the changes made to our funding criteria were done for political reasons or to specifically penalize Planned Parenthood. They were not.

Our original desire was to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our donors by not funding grant applications made by organizations under investigation. We will amend the criteria to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political. That is what is right and fair.

Our only goal for our granting process is to support women and families in the fight against breast cancer. Amending our criteria will ensure that politics has no place in our grant process. We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants, while maintaining the ability of our affiliates to make funding decisions that meet the needs of their communities.

You can read the rest here. They are chastened and offer tearful apologies, because tearful apologies are required when one has transgressed the party and wishes to be allowed, cowering, back into its good graces.

Understand what has happened, here. Komen did not break the news that they were defunding; Planned Parenthood — the “unpolitical” operation — leaked the news in order to sic their buddies in the senate and in the media on Komen. The assault was readied and rolled out, and damn near rabid — all out of proportion to what it should mean for one charity to decline to give $700,000 to another charity worth a billion! The message was clear: get back in line, or we will destroy you; we will bring the full power of the elite media and the government against you.

And so, like a good but weak soldier, Komen has essentially destroyed itself: hardline leftists will never forgive it; hardline rightists will never trust it. But feel a little sorry for Komen. They were trying to do the better thing, and they got mauled for it. They’re not cowards, they just weren’t strong. Not everyone can face the lions, especially if they’re being pounced on in their first steps.

In this, however, Komen has helped put panache on institutional bullying; it’s demonstrated that the one-two punch of the press and a mere calling out from DC is enough to buckle the knees. The press and the Democrats have made an example of Komen — with Komen’s permission: this is what we will do to you, if you dare step out of line.

Yesterday’s insane reaction to Komen, by the press and the government gave me a mental image of Moloch, enraged and stomping and roaring because there was a threat of less meat coming to his fire.

Today, Moloch is appeased; the media’s heartbeat and respiration are returning to normal. They and their pals in DC can take a nice, deep cleansing breath and sit back and smile, understanding what they have just demonstrated to themselves, their enemies and the world: you don’t have to fall in love; just fall in line, or you will fall, altogether.

The Day of the Bully has dawned. Institutional aggression, carried out by mobs is the ascendent modality, and they’re feeling emboldened. If the brouhahas of Wisconsin toned them, this was a stinging punch.

The have something else to feel really good about today, as well. As Deacon Greg points out, the latest polls indicated that despite the Obama/HHS assault on religious freedom and conscience, despite the public outcry of 145 US Catholic Bishops and representatives from other religions, President Obama is still enjoying support among Catholics.

Why? Because most Catholics — unless they are online or in the pews — have heard little-to-nothing about the story, and if they have it’s been framed by the press as a “contraception” issue, not an Obama vs Religious Liberty issue; not a “freedom of religion and conscience” issue.

This is the other side of the Bullying Dawn. Like it or not, the mainstream media still controls what gets talked about and understood; they still control the national conversation. And we can see now that if the government wants to hurt you, it will use the press to do so, either by its noise, as with Komen or by its silence.

On their weekend evening news shows, the three major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) all ignored a Friday mandate from the Obama administration forcing non-profit religious employers to provide for contraception in their health insurance for employees. Critics had condemned the rule as a violation of religious liberty.

Face it: if this decision by Obama (who, the WH has confirmed, will not be reconsidering) was a wise or a just or a constitutionally-sound idea, wouldn’t the press be talking about it, playing it up, especially in an election year?

The press is not talking about Obama’s assault on religious freedom because they do not want you to know about it; they do not want people thinking what they’re not supposed to be thinking. They don’t want to talk about the Obama administration’s recent attempt to take from the churches the right to decide who is and is not a minster. They especially don’t want you thinking about those two stories together! You might begin to believe that this president — who is suddenly writing policy in the expedient name of Jesus — doesn’t actually like the churches, or the first amendment.

But the press doesn’t mind mischaracterizing the whole HHS story and framing it in “the Catholic Church is going to force you to be pregnant!” hysterics. Once they have their narrative in place, once they can distort it to their needs, they’ll finally talk about it. Even if they understand nothing of which they speak

The story, and the truth, gets turned upside down, because that’s what spin is: it makes you dizzy. Diabolical disorientation.

So, if you’re reading this, it’s up to you to let people know what’s going on. Because the press won’t. And people are going to start becoming afraid to speak out, or to sign a petition, because the day of the bully is upon us.

Thomas Peters says: Komen hasn’t caved, take a breath:

This is more than a pro-life, pro-abortion debate. It’s a culture war between the powerful liberal elite and grassroots pro-life conservatism. It’s also a battle of identity for the pro-life movement. Will we listen to our own, trust our instincts and remain focused? Or will we allow the pro-abortion forces to knock us off our game and play by their rules.

As I’ve been saying since this story broke, we need to be doing two essential things: 1) support Komen in their bid to cut Planned Parenthood out of their funding streams and 2) place the focus on Planned Parenthood‘s hypocrisy and lies.

If we do these two things, we win. If we get distracted and cease supporting Komen or focusing on Planned Parenthood, we lose. It’s as simple as that.

As for what is happening at Komen: I’ve received a crash-course education in the foundation over the past couple days and I can say without doubt that one thing motivates their President: ending breast cancer. That’s why she decided to cease funding Planned Parenthood, because they are about the lousiest group to help if you are serious about ending breast cancer. Second, that’s why Nancy is worried about the damage to the Komen brand being done by Planned Parenthood and it’s pro-abortion allies. Nancy knows if Komen is weakened it will be less able to pursue it’s objective of ending breast cancer.

That’s why we need to make common cause with Komen and support them. That’s why we need to expose Planned Parenthood’s scurrilous move to destroy Komen.

He’s much more optimistic than I am, but then again, I’m watching Moloch dance today. I know he loses in the end, but today, he feels triumphant. Komen won’t dare not to fund PP in the future, not after what they just tasted.

Unless, perhaps, the Christians have mercy, as Thomas says.

UPDATE: Pressure makes diamonds? Many are looking at the ambiguous language of Komen’s statement and saying, Planned Parenthood loses; this is no cave:
Da Tech Guy
Ed Morrissey
Greg Sargent

Wow, is this hateful: Planned Parenthood video from a few years ago

James Taranto: Totalitarian Feminism and the Smearing of Komen

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  • Momma Kyle

    Running to mailbox to retrieve “thank you” letter and check.

  • Momma Kyle

    (cont) Payable to Komen Foundation

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  • Mark LaVergne

    Great stuff, Anchoress!! As always, your links are complete — and exhaustive, but in a very admirable way :-) Keep at it!

  • Elizabeth Scalia

    Don’t BLAME Komen. They’re a good organization that is being knuckled-under by bullies. They were trying to do the right thing and they got cold-conked.

  • Gerry

    Forgive the obvious question, but what is Tom Peters smoking?

    No mind reading necessary, Komen is funding Planned Parenthood – PERIOD>

  • Momma Kyle

    I am not saying that I blame them—but glad to pull out my check with its “thank you for standing strong” letter.
    I guess once you get in bed with PP you are there for life.

  • Chris

    Komen totally caved. In what universe is the idea of funneling money from breast cancer coffers to abortion-providing coffers not a black-and-white philosophical issue? Oh, so they can still technically deny funding when the grant review takes place? Does anyone seriously believe they’re going to drum up this circus again and then DENY them? Seriously?

    The follow-up statement should have been simple: “You do abortions and hand out carcinogens that are linked to breast cancer. We’re done.”

    Now they’re really done.

  • DWiss

    The Obama re-election machine is now in full gear, and this Komen story is evidence of it. All of the stray party members are being rounded up and put in line.

    Other recent events:

    Catholics are being cast as the bad guys in the contraception/abortion availability derby. (Boo Catholics; Yay Obama!)
    We’ll be out of Afghanistan by 2014 (2008 campaign promise).
    We’re out of Iraq.
    Certain Gitmo detainees are being let go in a prisoner swap.
    Hugely good employment number this morning, except that 1.2 million workers dropped off the unemployment roles in January, because their benefits ran out, not because they found jobs, reducing by that number the unemployed that we are counting. That’s not being reported. It was actually a terrible month for employment statistics.

    Obama will get himself re-elected one way or another. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  • Gerry

    Oh, and I “was in a pew” Sunday, and heard nothing about the Obama regime’s assault – didn’t need to personally, since I was the one who broke the news here.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    DWiss, I’m afraid we “Haven’t seen nothin’” yet! I fear this is only the beginning.

    Of course, we knew the church would be cast as the bad guy in this; it’s always cast as the bad guy when abortion/contraception crop up. (And, please remember, this ruling is also against Orthodox churches, Orthodox Jews and all evangelical churches who condemn abortion.)

    We’re leaving Aghanistan and Iraq after Shari’a compliant constitutions have been set up there—and Christians are being persecuted, and driven out.

    We need to pray. . .

  • Momma Kyle

    Dear Gerry,
    If you are in the Philadelphia area the letter from Archbishop Chaput will be read this week. If you are from another area it may also be read this week–some bishops’ schedules were such that the letter will be 1 week later.

  • vox borealis

    Why? Because most Catholics — unless they are online or in the pews — have heard little-to-nothing about the story, and if they have it’s been framed by the press as a “contraception” issue, not an Obama vs Religious Liberty issue; not a “freedom of religion and conscience” issue.

    I think this is a more charitable interpretation than I would put on it. I suspect that the vast majority of Catholics do know about the story and are perfectly comfortable with the administration’s position. Moreover, I believe that the fact that 145 bishops spoke out against the HHS ruling has only more firmly convinced that the administration is correct. This is because for a great many who call themselves Catholic, they are are largely Catholic in name only and care not a bit what the Church teaches, save a few platitudes about “tolerance” and “forgiveness.” And I say this as someone who has a great many Catholic friends and colleagues who have expressed their opinion on this and many other related issues in the past. For them, Nancy Pelosi is the brave hero of “real” Catholicism, standing up against the bad, patriarchal, hierarchical out of touch Church.

  • http://datechguyblog.com datechguy

    Forgive me but is Jill Stanek smoking too?


    The MSM is buying fools gold here Komen is giving the right to “apply for grants” I can apply for grants too.

    Faith people have Faith and to my friend Elizabeth I say: Be not afraid!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I know, Vox, I know. . . “Ah, well, it’s all alright, as long as they support social justice, all is well! Now let’s all join hands and sing, ‘Kumbayah’.”

    Sadly, the culture of death has corrupted even many believers.

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  • berniethomas

    We should all be sending donations to: http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/ and then let Komen now we did.

  • John

    First they came for the Jews…
    Consider O’s Mideast actions.

  • Meridith

    Komen should have never offered support to Planned Parenthood in the first place. If they would have spent the money wisely from the beginning, they would not be dealing with this mess now. They pretty much let the horse out of the barn and good luck getting it back in! It obviously will not be easy!

  • Chris

    With all due respect, I think Stanek and Peters are trying to squeeze nuance out of something very straightforward. Actions mean things; so if SGK is purporting to be apolitical, why are they acting like they just took a course in Political Hedging 101?

    A principled stand is not a tepid retreat.

    They caved.

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  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    Hey Anchoress! I think that by just adding this site below, “I” can kill two birds with “ONE” stone!


    I hear ya! I’m not sure which “ONE” of your cells are really stoned sinner vic but you shouldn’t go around killing birds cause “I’M” sure God doesn’t like “IT” at all!

    You think? :)

    SORRY NOW! :(


  • cranberries

    The hallmark of hypocrisy is characterizing your side as righteous and the other side as bullies. Komen underestimated the widespread reaction from those who were horrified that it would deny funding for critical medical services for poor women on grounds immediately proven specious (they did not withdraw funding from other organizations “under investigation” like, for example, Penn State). Komen then realized that it had offended many of its supporters and sullied its reputation and took action to mitigate the damage.

    People who are anti-abortion would have more credibility if they stopped demonizing those who believe each woman should make that choice for herself and started working to minimize abortions by providing contraception, education, adoption, and support for women. Show some compassion and generosity — it will win more support for your side that this snide and ugly tirade.

    [I have tons of compassion and generosity; the full power of the press and sectors of the gov't came down on Komen and essentially said how dare they do what they want with their money. The bullying has only just begun. Even you will feel it, eventually -admin]

  • Manny

    I had a feeling this would eventually happen (their decision was contigent on PP undergoing an investigation and that wouldn’t last forever) but I didn’t think this fast. Yes, obviously political pressure is being applied to Komen. If Catholics give Obama their vote, it’s like we’re saying that we are doormats and we don’t mind. It’s imperative of all Catholics, no matter what their political sympathies, to not vote for him in November. If you can’t bring yourself to vote Republican, then vote third party. But Catholics need to show their disatisfaction.

  • doc

    Komen to Catholics:

    Thanks for the cash, rubes!

    Once again, as with the Stupak exception, the Democrat/Media establishment yank the football away just as Catholics are swinging their leg, expecting solid contact.

    If the media are the lions, why do so many of us continue to feed the beasts by subscribing to our metropolitan daily newspapers? Has it not sunk in yet that the corporate media hold you in contempt? Thanks for the cash, rubes.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    All kidding aside Victor, I’ve never met so many ignorant, people who really do live backward, well spiritually speaking only for some but you know what your French Ancestors use to say Victor?
    Well…..they did use birth con……trolls p….

    “I’M” not finish yet Victor! ?Sorry! OK! Where was “I”? You were on a role! Stop that Victor and “I” don’t care if you love your parents cause they were just as bad as the rest are today and you can’t argue that fact so you better leave Barack Obama Activity Book alone or we’ll tell Trinity on you cause she’s really proud of him and if you don’t believe me just have some of your living cells contact him at EnchantedLearning.com and some of them can draw a path through the puzzle to spell PRESIDENT OBAMA while they are thereÉ and…..

    STOP “it” RIGHT THERE BEFORE “i” GO BYPOLAR BEAR ON YOU sinner vic CAUSE “i” DON’T WANT NO MORE MENTAL HOSPITAL Stay just to please your so called alien gods and……

    What a Crowth! “I” was just kidding Victor! “I” think you better stop spending so much time taking in all that Second Hand Smoke, if you know what “I” mean Victor? http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/

    Come on sinner vic! I knew that you were just kidding! Some of my spiritual imaginary alien cells were just pulling your legs that`s all.

    STOP “IT“ NOW! :)


  • zmama

    The silver lining in all of this is now everyone knows that Komen does in fact contribute to Planned Parenthood. Until now, unless you were very involved in the pro-life cause, most people, including most Catholics, had no clue. If you didn’t want to contribute to Komen in the past because of this -these same clueless people would just think you were coldhearted toward breast cancer sufferers.

    Now if only the girl scouts would admit their connection to PP.

  • lindsay

    I don’t think you give Komen enough credit. They should have recognized the fallout the decision would create, as if anyone could believe that PP would roll over without a fight. If Komen’s PR team had been smarter, they would have been able to frame the stories in their favor, the way PP was able to because they were prepared.

    Komen made many mistakes, not least of which was not preparing their message and story, which lead to crisis control and backtracking. They managed to alienate people on both sides with their actions.

  • newton

    “They’re not cowards, they just weren’t strong.”

    There are two kinds of victims of bullying: those who fight back and those who don’t when they have every right and justification for doing so. Komen didn’t. They caved and gave the bully back their sandwich after they had fought for it, just to make it go away. Ergo, they’re cowards. Of course they would cave in: they know where their bread is buttered.

    Someone said this at another site and bears repeating:

    “To: businesses and charities who donate to us.
    From: Planned Parenthood

    You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

    Yep. PP has become a sort of Hotel California.

    Has anyone been inside one of those things? I have, as a college student. The atmosphere is not very conducive to “women’s health”, but to the dealings of the underworld. It makes you think that you have to do things in secret and guilt because there’s no other way to do it. Dominant color: gray.

    If you have passed by the “Greater” Houston’s PP clinic right off Route 45, you might notice the barbed-wired fence surrounding it. It gives you the impression of a state prison, not a “women’s health” clinic.

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  • MIke

    It’s odd that Komen was strong-armed by the pro-life movement to dump PP, but it is Dems and MSM who are called bullies. This story only make sense if you started paying attention before yesterday and understand the anti-PP efforts placed on Komen.

    [Do the pro-lifers and their wee boycotts have the reach or the power, or the potential to destroy that the MSM/Dem combination just displayed? Bullies are the guys who know they're big and they use it -admin]

  • MIke

    Pro-life movement and conservative movement was powerful enough to convince the previously apolitical Komen ( a giant in the non-profit world) to dump PP and perform one of the riskiest PR disasters ever. I’d call that pretty powerful. Komen wouldn’t have considered if were it not for the strong-armed tactics.

    It’s strange to call Dems and MSM bullies given the outrage was pretty organic and grassroots. That Komen completely miscalculated the impact of the pro-life influence (and alleged cover they expected to get from the pro-life community) doesn’t mean that Dems and MSM were bullies, but instead Komen was incredibly naive and shouldn’t have permitted themselves to be bullied by pro-lifers and GOP to begin with.

  • fiestamom

    I have to admit, I am feeling beaten down this week, and it’s because of the bullies you cite. I had a gut feeling that the HHS ruling wasn’t going to upset pro choice Catholics, b/c of the lack of coverage. I was already feeling the injustice of the media not reporting the pro life March last week. But it kind of comes together, when you realize the media didn’t show the youth and vitality, the beauty! of the pro life marchers, contrasted with the rabid (great.word) Planned Parenthood supporters in the media, Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray, Andrea Mitchell, Claire Shipman. What a bunch of pathetic women compared with last Monday.

    [Why do you feel beaten down? I'm energized. They reveal themselves more and more. Masks off, say I! - admin]

  • Teresa

    Komen caved to political pressure from the left and clearly demonstrated their cowardice. They cannot ever claim to be apolitical again. They give money to the abortion providers despite increasing evidence that abortions are directly related to breast cancer. Why would they even consider giving money to a one billion dollar industry that clearly does not provide mammograms? They only make referrals to other agencies. Before I give to charity, I take a good look at where the money is allocated. Does it go to the cause or to to the Administrators? Koman does not have a great record. The CEO is paid in six figures. As well, our Bishops have some responsibility in the recent HHS mandates. Many of them supported Obamacare when they should have known better.

  • Oregon Catholic

    Anchoress, Don’t just blame the MSM and the Dems. The GOP candidates had the ability to make the HHS / religious discrimination rule and the MSM’s virtual blackout of the RTL March front and center in their campaigning and media appearances but they chickened out. Cowards.

  • KarenT

    Steven Hayward:
    “It is a fresh reminder that the left fully absorbed and adapted the Brezhnev Doctrine: once they capture an institution, they aren’t giving it up. How dare a private foundation stop coughing up the dough. It explains why “diversity” means conformity to liberal views in newsrooms, college faculties, and Hollywood studios.”

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  • Kristin

    I love how it’s cool for conservatives to demonize and bully the left and the rest of the world into doing what THEY think it best, but god forbid the left fights back, or advocates for what it wants.

    Double standards are cool.

    And, so is confirmation bias.

    [I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry. The little guys are the bullies and the left, with all their big guns are being picked on. My sides hurt. -admin]

  • http://www.LiveCatholic.net Marcy K.

    I don’t trust Komen because while curing breast cancer is the goal, they are a big corporation that is the 800lb gorilla in the room (doing things like trying to prevent other breast cancer charities from using the word “cure” or the color pink, etc. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/07/komen-foundation-charities-cure_n_793176.html ) Komen does not share our beliefs. They have ties to Planned Parenthood and that won’t change and we should be suspicious of them. I found this interesting: http://www.teresatomeo.com/take-it-from-teresa/komen-flip-flop-a-messy-reminder.html Give your money to http://www.bcpinstitute.org/home.htm who are pro-life and want to prevent breast cancer.

    [I don't care one way or another about Komen. I care about having the big guns of the press and gov't brought to bear against them simply because they want to do something else with their money, which is their right. -admin]

  • Tracy

    Not hard to figure out what side you are on.

    The “leak” — you mean the decision to make it all public? PP was supposed to be quiet about it, according to your rules of decency? And, “the stupidest women in the Senate?” C’mon. Calling your opponent stupid hasn’t worked since middle school.

    Count me as very happy that PP galvanized its supporters. This time, and every other time. The Republicans put up candidates who promise to halt all access to abortion, so yeah, we’re a little touchy, we pro-choice people. And yes, I hope this provides the proof that we are out here, and we stand ready to make our numbers known each and every time something like this happens.

    Of course you are welcome to boycott Komen if you like. Or start your own breast cancer charity. Anything within the law, you are entitled to do.

    One more thing — you say “we Christians.” For the record, I’m a Christian. And I support access to family planning, contraception, and abortion. And I am not alone. Too bad we can’t, at this moment in time, spend our money and our energy making abortion less often needed –but that will require a commitment to provide education and contraception — and your team doesn’t seem to be there.

    [Nowhere in the body of my text do I say "we Christians." And I should hope it would not be difficult to know what side I am on. -admin]

  • Oregon Catholic

    Did you miss or ignore that inconvenient truth that the pro-abortion PP supporters lashed out and threatened to destroy Komen because Komen had dared to allow themselves to be influenced by pro-life groups? Pot meet kettle!

  • Oregon Catholic

    “Too bad we can’t, at this moment in time, spend our money and our energy making abortion less often needed –but that will require a commitment to provide education and contraception.”

    For years there has been a tremendous amount of money thrown behind sex ‘education’ and contraception – making it available to every public school kid and anyone who knows how to say Planned Parenthood or public health dept. for access to contraception. During this same time abortion rates skyrocketed and remain high, primarily as a backup method of contraception. What has been done doesn’t work to prevent abortion.

  • Kristin

    Go ahead and preach your vitriolic garbage to the chior, Elizabeth. I’ll be busy fighting to keep my rights and fight for the ones the Christian majority doesn’t want to give me. Blame all your ills on the liberals, and take no time to look in the mirror and see what kind of person it is that spits such hate at their opposition.

    This is why I left the Church in the first place. There’s no room for dissention – tow the conservative party line, or GTFO. No thanks, I’ll live my own life, not the one you people want me to live. Because that life just isn’t good enough for me.

    [The truth is, the Catholic church is more classically liberal than conservative, and no one tells you to GTFO. But you're free to live your own life; I am not into telling you what to do. But please realize that while you are "fighting" to keep your abortion "rights", I am fighting for my constitutional right to my own conscience and for my church's right to be who and what it is. You don't have to love the church -- that's entirely your business and you're free to hate it. You should, however, be concerned when one charity is not free to stop giving money to another without the bullying we just witnessed, and you should perhaps be concerned about the gov't intruding on ANYONE's first amendment rights. Eventually they'll come after yours, too. Being, as I am, a classical liberal, and not a conservative, I would certainly be concerned if it was YOUR first amendment right that was being intruded upon. Liberals -- or, at least, the classical liberals I grew up with -- used to give a damn about those rights. Have a pleasant weekend. -admin]

  • doc

    Kristin, what’s so noble about killing a baby in the womb? I mean, you understand that’s what an abortion is, right? There is a baby, and the doctor kills him or her. I’ve met many women who deeply and sorrowfully regret their abortions. I’ve yet to meet a mother who regrets having her baby.

  • Gerry

    Hey, Kirstie, it looks like you failed Logic 101.

    One cannot demonize that which is demonic.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    The progressives are determined to cling to abortion, no matter what. It’s become an idol for them.

  • Jon Altman

    Actually what both stories indicate is that the conflation of abortion and contraception as of a piece with the “culture of death” makes no sense to anyone but a very small group of Roman Catholics-decidedly NOT even to more than 90% of the people in the pew.

  • Kathleen

    Cranberries expressed by beliefs so well. As have many of those who have added comments since. Remember, we ALL are instructed by Jesus to “love your enemy.” If people drawn to this site cannot come together in a spirit of open-heartedness, where can such conversation take place?

  • flamingProgressive

    Yep, if you attempt to trample the rights of women to basic healthcare, we will indeed destroy you.

  • Angie

    I arrived on this site via a post on a friend’s FB wall. I am not Catholic but I believe in understanding the reasoning behind opinions unlike one’s own so I followed the link. Although, at first, I very much disagreed with what I had read briefly in other posts, I tried approaching your blog with an open mind. After reading this post specifically, I’m in awe that a person who preaches love, understanding and faith could write posts that start with calling people who disagree with them or support opposing beliefs “stupid.” I think many people who do not already share your beliefes will be more inclined to try and understand your positions (and, in turn be more open to the Catholic Church) if you literally practiced what you preach. Instead, to me, you are communicating the stereotype of Catholicism: hypocrisy.

    [if you think I called Boxer "stupid" because she supports or believes something different from me, you misunderstand me, perhaps willfully. Boxer and Murray tried to compare Komen's withdrawal of funds to McCarthyism when it was the reactions of press and their own reactionary hysterics that bore the stench of a witch hunt. In that case "stupid" was not name calling but a simple statement of fact. You are certainly free to dislike me all you want, but I would hope could base it on at least accurately representing my own position, which is this: the idea that the press and government officials can tag-team and intimidate an entity -- for the CRIME of deciding not to give money to another entity, which is entirely their choice -- is an illiberal and vicious thing to do. As was the use of the word "nazis" to describe the Komen ppl, as was done by some on the left. As a former "liberal Dem" I can tell you that liberalism in its current form has nothing at all in common with classical liberalism. if you're fine with the press and the government colluding to exert pressure in matters where its really none of their business, that's certainly a position you are free to take, but I am not sure you can then refer to yourself as a liberal without also tripping on hypocrisy, if that, in fact, is what I am. And who knows? I may be. -admin]