Our Friend Greta…RIP

From Mark in the comments section, from another post:

Just wanted to pass on that my wife Greta passed away today. She died while I was reading her the Gospel of John which was her favorite and mine. Her last words to me were to keep fighting for the babies and against the party of death. What many do not know is that Greta’s sister died in the Nazi death camps. She was not a Jew, but a Catholic who happened to offend a Nazi about their policies on Jews. Great taught me and others that this holocaust in the US and what was done in Nazi Germany has many of the same components. The Nazi made everything they did legal and the taught that the jews were not really people, more like rodents. Sound familiar. They set up death camps and tried to hide what they did because it was so evil. Abortion mills try to use words like pro choice and planned parenthood as they kill 4,000 babies a day. They hate the term pro abortion. Or how about womens reproductive rights. what are they reproducing? The boldly list Obama as their Partner in the white house on their website and yet Catholics continue to support this party of death in the same way that FDR and the party of death looked the other way while blacks were being beaten and lynched and churches burned with children inside. when you bring this up your are attacked or banned from blog sites but it is all fact no matter how much people want to hide the facts.

While reading to Greta this afternoon, in the commentary on the Gospel of John, they had a quote quote from Thomas Aquinas. It went something like this: When I looked out into the sunlight, I could see. When I closed my eyes, the sunlight went away and I could no longer see the light. When we choose to close our eyes to evil, we lose our sight and become blind to the light of Christ and soon find ourselves justifying evil. I have one wish as I close off this sad day. I wish that everyone would take a moment to open their eyes to the light and see the evil that they are fighting to defend and think about stopping their support of the evil so that babies can have life denied by this party of death. If we stop giving them life, they will change or die and that is a good thing. Catholic support keeps the party of death alive and well and thus each vote provide direct material support to evil we know they are partner to. By giving them your vote and support, you are also a partner to the abortion mills.

Good night and maybe goodby. Pray for Greta and for the family. And pray for those who are blind that they might soon see that babies might live. Those who are fighting, keep up the fight. I will fight until I am gone to join my beloved because it was her last request of me, her last words. Do it not for political reasons, do it for the babies.

I am sorry to hear of your trouble, Mark. God rest her soul.

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  • http://faustasblog.com Fausta

    My heartfelt condolences.

  • Stephie B.

    Eternal rest grant unto her
    May perpetual light shine upon her
    May she rest in peace

  • http://www.treesforlunch.blogspot.com JD Curtis

    Abortion mills try to use words like pro choice and planned parenthood as they kill 4,000 babies a day. They hate the term pro abortion

    And now I notice that they equate abortion/abortifacients with overall ‘health care’. Against abortion/abortifacients? Youre against health care for wimmin!!

    The mask is truly off this administration and it’s real face is not a pretty sight.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    I saw Mark’s comment about Greta last night over at Deacon’s. My heart felt sympathies. I loved reading Greta’s comments here. We need fighters like Greta to take on this President and this repulsive culture of death that has prospered around us. I devoted my prayers at mass to her this morning. May our lord shine upon her for eternity now. I shall certainly miss her.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I will be praying for Mark and Greta.

  • http://breadhere.wordpress.com/ Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Prayers of peace and rest for Greta, may she embraced fully into the heart of God. Prayers for peace and consolation for Mark and for all who loved her.

  • Momma Kyle

    May the angels lead her to paradise. Prayers for her and her family.

  • Kathy Schiffer

    I got to know Greta only through her posts here, and through her husband Mark’s loving tributes. I am so sorry for their loss, but grateful for Greta’s strong witness to the value of Life. May Christ welcome her into His Kingdom, where he has prepared a room for her.

  • http://te-deum.blogspot.com Diane K

    Rest in peace, Greta. And my God grant peace to her family and friends. I’ll remember her in my Rosary tomorrow.

  • esc

    my prayers are with greta and mark and their family.

  • fiestamom

    Mark, so sorry to hear this news. Will pray for the repose of Greta’s soul, and will pray for you and your family. God Bless.

  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    I think Gov. Huckabee said it best on his program last night – Obama has succeeded in doing what he most did not wish to do – unite the various factions of the Republican Party against himself.

    Rest in peace, Greta. We will keep on doing whatever we can to push forward your fight.

  • Marieanne

    To Mark, my condolences.

    And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away. And he that sat on the throne, said: Behold, I make all things new. And he said to me: Write, for these words are most faithful and true. — Rev 21:4-5

    Rest in peace, Greta.

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  • Peggy

    God bless Greta and Mark. I am grateful that I had the chance to read Greta’s comments here, and will miss them.

  • Thomas R

    Condolences, etc to all involved.

  • doc

    Thank you for preserving Mark’s moving tribute to Greta, Anchoress. She was one of the most inspirational voices I’ve come across in this battle against the culture of death. God bless you, Mark. You are fortunate to have shared a life with this remarkable woman. May you see her again some day. You both will be in my prayers.

  • Peggy R

    Eternal rest grant unto her and may perpetual light shine upon her. I pray for Mark and the rest of her grieving family.

  • Mark

    Thanks to everyone for kind words. We are preparing to take Greta back home to where she was born and where her mother and father, brothers and sisters are buried in a family plot. We found out today that there will be 4 bus loads heading out to join us filled with those who had their lives changed and enhanced by my Greta. This morning, I woke up to find 30 women who have quite a number of children as a result of Greta all arriving at the house to help get things in order, prepare some meals, and comfort this old man. I slept on the couch not able to go into our bedroom. Everywhere you turn is something to do with our lives together and now we are separated. We never spent more than a day apart after our marriage. Who will finish my thoughts, my sentences. How does one make it through these days and why would they want to. We lost our granddaughter to the abortion mills along with our great grandchild. So much for them being safe. I thought that the pain then was great, but to my shame, it pales in comparison.

    Anchoress and all the others fighting this evil president and his administration keep up the good work. At yesterday’s mass, we had 6 priests and it was kind of a memorial service with an overflow crowd. They read the letter from the Bishop and a prayer the Sisters in Nashville wrote for a nine day novena and at the end, they read the last words of Greta demanding a promise I would never stop, never give up, until the legal holocaust of our babies ends. I could only mumble that I can do nothing alone. This attack on faith is but a part of the total evil that I believe has been part of the Democratic Party since its founding as slave owners, terrorist KKK lynching parties, Jim Crow, and now abortion. We fought a war to end the death camps and butchers in Germany and Japan. Yet each government was evil for a relatively short time in history and were stopped with unconditional surrender. We insured that the evil parties were never allowed to rise up in those countries again. The Nazi party is banned in Germany. So how in America do we continue to allow the Democratic Party whose evil for centuries is part of our ongoing history? Every major moral decision they have joined the wrong side. Even when we have tried to allow vouchers to kids trapped in the new plantation system, this party has fought escape. Abortion mills kill more black kids by percentage of population by a wide margin. Black families have been destroyed with their minimal programs that allow single moms to have babies, but trap them in generational poverty. Only the former plantation owners could devise this horrible federal government controlled lifestyle so many cannot escape. Lynching and beating are replaced by slums, street gangs, and abortion mills. The bile in my throat is strong when I think of a majority of Catholics buying into that party of lies and killing. All those fire hoses and dogs and burnings were carried out and supported by that one party of evil. Most school kids would swear that Bull Connor and the other racists were evil Republicans and are shocked when told they were all lifelong democrats. They are shocked to hear that FDR refused to support anti lynching laws to stop the Southern Democrats. They are shocked to learn that indeed the racists did not move over to the Republican Party in droves and the few that came left their racist views behind. If we do not have the intelligence to learn factual history, we like the German people can be lied to very easily. If we do not have the courage to teach history, we will see those in our schools controlled by the Democrats teachers union and liberal media that the evil party is actually the good guys and favor the poor. Give me a good job, a safe neighborhood, good schools, limited government allowing me to keep money earned in my pocket, and freedoms promised to me in the founding documents and we will always win in a world gone made. I really do detest this president for what he stands for because it is but a continuation of the evil that this party has been delivering to America for 200 years.

    Sorry for the rant, but as I typed the words that I would not stop fighting, something deep bubbled up inside. I will be gone for a while so wish everyone Gods Blessing. Please fight for truth and fight to end our holocaust for everything evil in our nation flows out of this just as attacks on Jews brought evil to the German people. We are not Nazi’s and we should once again become One Nation Under God as Greta loved to say. It is our heritage and destiny. Never accept becoming some secular socialist abortion mill loving cheap imitation.

    [Travel safely, Mark -admin]