Gloria Purvis Tells It

Oh, yeah. Very well done.

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  • Manny

    I saw this over at Happy Catholic. I’ve never heard of Gloria Purvis before, but she’s outstanding. She needs to go national. She needs to be the face of our side on this issue. I hope Bill O’Reilly catches wind and puts her on.

  • Mark

    Awesome. I am sure if this gets visibility by the left, they will assign a team to investigate her entire life. I agree with Manny that she could be a good person to have much more exposure if she wants it. But she should be warned that every part of her life will be examined and she might face IRS audits as many leaders of the Tea Party face today. She will be lied about and demonized as some token used because of the color of her skin in some backward racist move against our president. She will come under the gaze of Satan for she is bashing his move on the Catholic Church. In other words, if you stand up, like a nail, you will be driven down with a mighty hammer of the godless secualar state religion. We must realize that free speech is a former right, but now only allowed to those on the friends of democrats and obama list. We can expect Bill Maher to call her vile names that make Rush at his worse pale in comparison and that the MSM will give full apporval. African American leaders will refer to her as a TOM and someone being duped by the racist Republicans and Pediphile Bishops.
    Christ warned those who take up their cross and follow will be persecuted for since we follow Him, He came before us and they hated Him.

    I wish I was confident the Bishops would stay united behind those who stand up now, but even if we doubt them based on weak track record, we still have to try. I have a wager with a dear friend. He has bet that before the election, Obama will make some concession on this and the Bishops will stand with Obama singing the praises of Obamacare holding the peace in our time document. Catholics for birth control and abortion will rejoice in this new found peace and the wisdom of the Bishops and Obama will win. In January after his inaugeration, look for him to attack poland and many will suffer because the bishops had their document promising peace. I have bet the Bishops will stand firm. Only way this can happen is to demand a vote reinforcing the religious liberty as written in the Constitution be put in an amendment form and passed by Congress before election and signed by the President. It is the only thing they should trust from Obama. Pray we do not have a Neville Chamberlainin in a leadership role within the USCCB.

  • Cherie

    It is so true when she speaks of the culture telling women that our fertility is something broken that needs to be fixed. My friend was talked into having a tubal ligation by her Catholic OBGYN as she was heading into the OR for an emergency c-section. I angered an OB Dr. because I told her that I would not use birth control other than NFP because I chose to follow the teachings of the Church. She snapped at me that she was Catholic too and after that she passed me to another Doctor for the rest of my pregnancy. As Gloria said if you are a productive, responsible woman the unspoken question is why are you going to destroy your life by having a child. But the question should be why is a woman’s fertility so disturbing that she must treated it like a chronic illness and not a gift.

  • Sandy Daze

    Bracing, fantastic and a true and beautiful witness of her faith and belief.

    God Bless Gloria Purvis. Everyone I know will receive this link as well as my facebook etc. . .


  • Jane Hartman

    Thank you, Elizabeth Scalia, for bringing this lovely woman to our attention. Could you speak to the information on LifeSite News that aborted fetal material is being used in our food/cosmetics/vaccines?

  • Sheryl

    So well spoken and thought out and speaking truth to power. This lovely woman really pinpointed who is behind this and how we need to be faithful and speak up! I’m writing my Congresswoman again.

  • Sandra

    WE need more voices such as Gloria Purvis!
    If you can do nothing else, pray for this woman and those like her.

  • Amen, Sister.

    That was indeed powerful. She said for me what I was unable to formulate in mind and words, but so wanted to express. She has charisms. Let’s pray for her protection in all ways spiritual and temporal.

    Anchoress Elizabeth, thank you for sharing this with us so we can share with many.

    I feel as if we’re on the slope toward a 1 child policy in the USA eventually. Or is that USSA?

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas and the Unborn, Protectress of Women and Children, whose own child was sought after for destruction, pray for us. Amen.

  • Win Nelson

    Thank you for posting this video, Elizabeth!

  • Amy

    Young, articulate, confident, knowledgeable, lovely woman of faith. She is a modern day Catherine of Sienna. She speaks from the heart and with zeal. A true disciple of Christ. Blessings to her!

  • Maria Horvath

    Thank you, Anchoress, for introducing us to Gloria Purvis. She reminds us of what great contemporary thinkers like Blessed John Paul II and Alice von Hildebrand have been telling us about the genius of woman.

    A serious suggestion: She would be a wonderful addition to the list of columnists at Patheos.

    Maria Horvath

  • Peggy

    what a relief to hear this. She recognizes the beauty of fertility, and this point of view is so rarely expressed in our culture that she sounds revolutionary.

    If only this video could reach a wider audience. God bless the bishops, but the story being peddled now is that they are old, out-of-touch, male, and celibate, and they are hostile to women. Women are depicted as creatures who need contraceptives for their mysterious “empowerment”‘ and their face is that of Sandra Fluke—a girl/woman who is cartoonishly seen as both heroically self-autonomous and childishly fragile (quick, Mr. President, pass her the smelling salts and plug her ears). I suspect it is too much to ask that the mainstream press exert itself and provide an alternative to The Official Story (TM) but oh, how I’d like to open the Washington Post web page and see Ms. Purvis’ face for weeks, instead if Ms. Fluke’s.

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  • Bridget

    Gratitude to you for posting this, Anchoress. What a beautiful, articulate woman. I hope we will see and hear more from her in the future. She has a well laid out message that all women need to hear. Thanks again!

  • Brian A. Cook

    I just found an article detailing serious allegations against Christians. Can anyone address this directly and honestly? I’m quite serious. Can anyone address it? I am desperately trying to find the whole truth.

    [Linked deleted. Anyone with an agenda can make any case they want to using cherrypicked quotes and then spinning them. That article's agenda makes itself clear in it's opening graphs. It's intellectually dishonest, inflammatory red meat meant to foment hate, and I am not going to help it get exposition, here. And if you're "trying to find the whole truth" may I suggest you pick up the Bible for yourself and perhaps a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. -admin]

  • conservativemama

    Thank you for bringing this exceptional young woman into my life. She gave brilliant voice to what I and so many others believe. I have 3 daughters and she is an example of the woman I want each one of them to be.

    Every American should see and hear this young woman.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Try the Bible, Brian!

    It’ll steer you right!

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  • Left Coast Conservative

    Thank you Anchoress -

  • Alexandrag

    Wow. Wonderful post.

  • laura

    Thank You Anchoress, This is the most cogent, articulate and authentic defense of the importance of women in the Catholic faith, not just about the assault from the HHS mandate. I shared this with my two daughters, 17 and 21, who through some incredible grace of God appreciate and understand all that Gloria Purvis states in this video. She gives voice to millions of Catholic women in a way that gives me hope.

  • Casey

    I would love to see her as a spokeswoman for American Catholic women.
    Send her to speak to congress fast!

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  • Jim

    I’ve seen this phrase posted a million times on Facebook and it never fit more than after watching this:

    Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh Crap, She’s up!”

  • Gerry

    Great to see you back – for a while, I thought you had been reading AoSHQ too much and had chosen Medically Induced Coma through November.

  • dnb

    Will Ms. Purvis be speaking at any of the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies on March 23?