Bristol Palin at Patheos?

Wow, when Kathryn Jean Lopez arrived here in the Catholic Portal, we thought that was pretty big news!

But the Faith and Family portal, run by Nancy French (and which features our own Marcia Morrissey’s column, and perhaps some more Catholic voices, soon) has big news, too: a new blog by a single mother who goes by the name Bristol Palin — she calls it, simply, Bristol’s blog; a site about “life, family and Alaska.” I like the header which looks to be a shot of Bristol Bay?

Regular readers know I am this way and that about Sarah Palin — I think she has some huge strengths and some glaring weaknesses, and anytime I dare to either defend her or to mildly critique her, my comboxes light up with the comments of those who love her or loathe her. Remember when I lost some readers for daring to say she should learn how to fence? She is certainly a lightening rod.

I am really glad to see Bristol Palin branching out and that she’s here on Patheos. Given the sort of bullying she and her siblings have endured at the hands of “tolerant” folks for no reason other than their being the children of a ballsy woman, I give Bristol props for not simply running away from the public eye but instead trying to serve up some public lemonade out of all the hateful lemons that have been thrown her way. That’s ballsy, too.

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