Chuck Colson’s Easter Gift

Chuck Colson is in grave condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage

Evangelical leader and frequent life and family spokesman Chuck Colson is in critical condition in hospital after undergoing surgery this weekend. He was hospitalized Friday after enduring a brain hemorrhage while speaking in Virginia at the Wilberforce Conference.

Colson underwent surgery on Saturday morning to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain. Colson became ill while speaking at the Wilberforce Weekend conference on Friday night.

This Easter, Colson and his family get to share in the sufferings of Christ and the anxieties and heartache known to Mary. Back in the day the nuns would say, “this is a special gift.”

It’s actually excellent theology, if we are able to, like Mary in Nazareth and Jesus at Gethsemane, say “yes”.

God always responds
to our “yes” with a “yes” that shares in his own glory.

It is a great mystery of faithfulness and love.

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  • Win Nelson

    I will add Chuck Colson and his to my prayers. I also suffered from a brain hemorrhage on Friday, but thanks be to the Lord, it was minor. I am blessed that I could go home a few days later.

  • Win Nelson

    I meant to also to say that I would pray for his family.

  • Jen

    Praying for him. Been looking for an update and cannot find one. If you hear any new information about his condition, please keep us posted. I, for one, am not ready to lose his voice in our culture.

  • Mark Greta

    As I read about Chuck Colson’s problems, I immediately was reminded of what a wonderful person this guy became in life. About 10 years ago, a good friend of mine ended up in trouble and ended up having to go to jail for 3 years. I was worried about him and his family and got involved taking on the family as my own during those three years to put all their minds at ease during this troubled time. My friend ran into some big problems in prison with other prisoners and was very depressed. I put a call into Chuck Colson thinking I would get one of his people to call me back but was surprised to have him call me personally. I related what was going on and the next thing I knew Colson was flying in and going with me to see my friend and to put his prison ministry local people onto the case. My friend was watched over and came back to his faith. On his release, we hired him into our company and he is still there (no longer our company after retirement) and now is the VP of marketing. I called him to talk about Colson and we both went to mass to pray for Chuck who meant so much to our lives and to millions of others. I hope all are praying right now for this man and his family. Thanks for posting this Anchoress.

  • Manny

    May the good Lord be merciful to Mr. Colson and his family. May it lead to wisdom and deeper understanding of our Savior’s act of redemption. As Mark Greta says, he was a kind and good man. Still I can’t imagine this as a gift. At least I would never wish it on anyone. I pray for everyone’s beautiful and gentle death.

  • Beth

    My prayers go out to Chuck Colson. I agree with Manny that sickness is not a gift. Otherwise, why did Jesus constantly go about, healing people of their infirmities? There is a big difference between that and the suffering endured by the saints for the sake of the gospel.