Elizabeth Warren: Southie in her Heart! UPDATED!

Holy Smokes, but what a staggering fraud Elizabeth Warren is. I am almost embarrassed for her, and it’s probably good that someone is embarrassed for her, since she seems incapable of feeling it for herself:

Last week, news broke that Harvard Law had cited Warren as a minority hire — a Native American — when it was under criticism for lack of faculty diversity in 1996. Asked Friday for proof of her Indian ancestry, Warren’s said it’s part of her family “lore.”

She also said she couldn’t “recall” if she’d ever claimed minority status when applying for a job and that she’d never known of Harvard’s 1996 boast until Friday. When Brown’s campaign demanded that Warren apologize for taking part in a “diversity sham,” she said her campaign is searching for “evidence” of her Native American lineage.

Whoa, wait, hold on there:

The old AALS Directory of Faculty guides are online (through academic libraries) at Hein Online. The directories starting listing minority faculty in an appendix in 1986. There’s Elizabeth Warren, listed as a professor at Texas. I spot-checked three additional directories from when she was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, including 1995-96, the year Harvard offered her a position. Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren, Elizabeth Warren.

So, we know one thing with almost 100% certainty: Elizabeth Warren identified herself as a minority law professor.

Read the rest, of which Insty remarks:

It’s almost as if, once she could no longer benefit from affirmative action, she didn’t want people to realize that she might have done so.

UPDATE I: You know, the “lore” in my family is that somewhere in our Irish lineage there is an African connection: we have a few pictures of Irish sailors with black women and children, and — anecdotally — my cousins and I have had dermatologists tell us that some of the growths on our skin are indigenous to African races. I suppose based on that, I have as much evidence to call myself a Woman of Color as Warren does to claim Native-American heritage. Maybe I should start!

But Warren’s disingenuity, as entertaining at is it is, there, demonstrates almost heart-stopping gumption elsewhere. Warren is literally approaching the Clinton Standard, here:

Last Friday, she released four years of tax returns. Over those four years, Warren and her husband, another Harvard Law prof, averaged $300,000 more than Sen. Brown and his spouse, a TV anchor. In 2009, the Warrens made $981,000 vs. the Browns’ $249,000.

Even the Globe had to admit that Warren was “in the top 1 percent of earners” — ironic, considering her bragging that she provided the “intellectual foundations” of Occupy Wall Street.

As recently as January, Warren was still crying poor, saying on MSNBC: “I realize there are some wealthy individuals — I’m not one of them — but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios.”

No, she has mutual-fund portfolios. Her financial disclosures put her worth between $4.6 and $14.5 million.

Well, being middle class is “not about a number,” she told one reporter. “It’s about a place in your heart.

It’s about a place in the heart?

Well, yes, dahling I am worth between $4 and $14 million; my coupon clipping is of a different nature than those trying to save eighty cents on paper towels (which the EPA should be outlawing anyway), and I am a bit out-of-touch, I suppose, with those hardy workers whose “new” car is eleven years old and who are — as they so refreshingly put it — “stay-cationing” by their backyards and fire-hydrants this year, (Consuelo, you did pack my Fendi beachtote and my Armani sunglasses, when you sent the bags ahead to the Vineyard, didn’t you? Well, for your sake, I certainly hope so!) Sorry, dahling, so hard to find good help; you must keep on these people constantly, but hwhat was I saying? Oh, yes! I mean, really, dahling, it’s the heart that counts, and hwhat’s in it! Hwhat does it matter if I linger between Beacon Hill and Cambridge? It doesn’t mean I am not a Southie in my Heart, dahling, and I am! Those pub-licking beam-pullers and gas-jockeys need my representation because I know hwhat they want; I understand their dreams! Well, don’t be absurd, dahling, of course they dream; my job, as I see it, is to make sure they keep dreaming, but that their dreams all fall within reason, don’t you think? A dream that includes, oh, say, the Waffle Hut near Walt Disney World, but nothing like St. Barts! Ah, see you understand! It’s about hwhat’s in the heart — that’s what determines or divides the classes…”

Classes in the Heart. It sounds like a Tom Hanks picture, doesn’t it? “Coming soon to a theater near you: A DREAM DIMINISHED:

“In a world full of haves and have-nots, what becomes of a dream diminished? It dries not like a raisin in the sun, but sighs like journey that’s been done. Tom Hanks! Bob O’ Everyman! The son of a long-shoreman, he played by the rules: state college; a factory built with his own sweat! The unions neutered him; the EPA crucified him; Obamacare broke him! Ashton Kutcher as his son, Willoughby O, the aspiring rapper/designer now in his 7th year of a 4 year degree in Rhetorical Criticism at Amherst. In an statue-worthy performance, Hanks speaks to all of our hearts when his Everyman realizes that his dreams never did have to be about more than a sixpack of domestic suds, his dog and 56-inch tv in his livingroom. A DREAM DIMINISHED. The film the New York Times called “Hollywood’s profoundly teachable moment!”

And the faster the rest of us learn it, it seems, the better.

James Taranto takes the case
As does Ann Althouse

UPDATE III: Calling “horse manure” on female politicians? Sexist!

UPDATE IV: 1/32 Cherokee

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  • Sanjay

    its all about fraud and deception.

    Loot and plunder the middle class using Federal Reserve printing, flood them with 3rd world low wage job stealers, and tax them to death and then demand more govt control, more regulations and more looting.

    Warren is the 1%. She is a liar and a fraudster. Scott Brown is fraud too. The whole system is fraud.

    [I think at this point, the fraud is simply a matter of degrees. And it seems like the bigger the fraud, the more successful at making it into office! -admin]

  • Peggy m

    Reminds me of Warren Buffett, too, who publicly frets over his secretary’s tax rate—oh, the unfairness of it all—while privately trying to figure out how to finesse the 1 billion dollars owed by his company in back taxes. I guess there is a truth in his lamenting his “too low” tax rate, considering that Berkshire Hathaway hasn’t paid its taxes since 2002. I guess his advice was for us little people.

  • LisaB

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I’m sorry if I am offending any of your readers, but I am completely and utterly disgusted by what the Democrat party has become. Growing up, I remember with fondness, my next-door-neighbor having a bust of JFK in their home along with a picture of the Pope; good Irish Catholics. They were proud people and I love and admire them to this day. However, the Leftist who have taken over the Democrat party and are on a mission to destroy America make me sick!

  • Bill M.

    I’m black Irish, Elizabeth. That makes me more diverse than a freckle-faced redhead, right?

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    LisaB, yes, I remember that, too. My family were both dedicated Democrats, and devout Catholics. If they were still alive today, they’d have been kicked out of the party long ago, for being too Christian, and for not approving abortion.

    The Democratic party has fallen quite low.

  • Elaine S.

    “I’m black Irish”

    Which reminds me of this classic line from “The Committments,” about a soul band from Dublin:

    “Do you not get it, lads? The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I’m black and I’m proud.”

  • Nancy Reyes MD
  • Mike R

    The entire system is just corrupt. IMO it is not fixable.

  • Fiestamom

    I am intrigued by Tatanto’s theory that Warren didn’t want the stigma of affirmative cation once she reached the pinnacle of Harvard Law. How many other liberals and people who benefit from AA think the same thing?

  • Peggy m

    “I grew up a poor black child…” —- Steve Martin, in The Jerk

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    “You know, the “lore” in my family is that somewhere in our Irish lineage there is an African connection…”

    LOL! You reminded me of a quip I used to say when I was arguing with someone over affirmative action. Being of Italian descent i should get afirmative action points because we know Africans came up to the Italian peninsula at some point in history. I must have some black blood in me to qualify.

    You’re right, this should be an embarressment. I think Warren just lost the election.

    @Peggy m – That’s funny!

  • CV

    Well that’s it (hopefully). She might as well concede to Brown right now.

    Say goodnight, Elizabeth-stands-with-fist! (not you, Anchoress :-)

    Anyone else remember that character from Dancing with Wolves? :-)

    This is actually almost as entertaining as the dog-eat-dog fight last week. Almost.

  • Ellen

    My grandfather was a Democrat, a yellow dog Democrat. I still remember how proud he was when Kennedy was elected. If he was alive right now, he’d be appalled. Men like him (small business owner, devoted Catholic, father of a large family), are sneered at.

    I am living in Bizarro World.

  • http://www.noodlingonit.com Kris, in New England

    I am 1/16th Pentacook Indian. I could legitimately claim it as I have pictorial evidence to back it up. And I don’t because for one thing I don’t need to because my ego is just fine saying I’m a boring white woman. And no one would believe me: I’m blonde with blue/green eyes and very fair skin. Which makes me wonder how Elizabeth Warren got away with her claims all these years…

  • Naomi

    I have a colleague and former classmate who is a petite, blond, blue-eyed woman. She is also one-quarter Cherokee, and very militant about that. Appearances can be deceiving, as they say.

  • http://www.noodlingonit.com Kris, in New England

    Naomi: I am proud of my Native American heritage, believe me. I just don’t find the need to trumpet it or wear it like a piece of clothing; partly because I hardly look the part and partly because I just don’t need to. My heritage doesn’t define who I am nor does it define the respect I receive. I believe in earning the latter and my actions and beliefs define who I am. That said, your colleague’s heritage is a little bit more immediate than mine so her experiences would be different.

  • Susan

    Supposedly, one of my mother’s ancestors was an Irish immigrant turned trapper who married a Paiute woman out west and raised a family with her before the Dakota Territories became states. It was always a matter of family pride that he kept his Native American wife even after white women came into the area and didn’t dump her or his children like so many others did.

    As proud as we all have been that he stayed by his wife, it would have NEVER occurred to any of us to try to make an affirmative action argument for this. For one thing, don’t you have to have actual records? Doesn’t a place like Harvard even CARE if you are on tribal rolls somewhere? Don’t these things get checked? And she really is the only and first person to claim Native American heritage to work there? Really! How many actual Native American professors were denied jobs because that box had already been checked? I wonder.

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  • doc

    Well, why wouldn’t Warren think she could get away with this sort of deception? She’s a Democrat. She knows the corporate media will do everything in their power to see that she gets elected. C’mon, Biden is a plagiarist and he’s VP. Obama had a terrorist ghost-write his memoir and the MSM still declare him a brilliant author. As long as enough Americans are willing to be lied to, the corporate media will keep pulling Democrats into the electoral winners’ circle.