Mr. Rogers on Autotune – BRILLIANT

He’s a hero of mine. I like seeing him remixed and updated.

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  • Janice Carbon

    Thanks, Elizabeth! Made me smile! Had to share it with friends on twitter and facebook.

  • Victor

    So so true Anchoress! Right NOW! Me and Saint Anthony are going to church and he really did not want to go but after I explained to him and is Grandmother that while I was growing UP, I wanted to do all kinds of things like when I was fourteen for example, I wanted to have sex with friends of my cousins and even though our cousins we’re ok with “IT”, our parents would have killed U>S if we had tried.

    Anyway I’ve got only a minute left before we leave so I’ll just give your readers the crunch of “IT’ which was, Listen here Saint Anthony, when I grew up my parents were responsible until I was 21 years old and although I could have beat them all UP, I respected that and I’m not about to accept a No from your flesh cells because the law of the land says so…

    God Bless,

    Got to go to church Now and talk to the alien gods and pray for me that no alien god dogs are there in the flesh if ya know what me, myself and “I” mean?


  • Laura @ Show Me a Day

    He gave my brother’s commencement address at Marquette years ago! I was only thirteen or so, but I remember thinking he was so cool. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Matthew K

    As I watched this I was wondering why the clips looked different than I remembered the show. Then I realized we only had black & white television in my house when I was a child. In fact Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street were the reasons my parents shelled out the big bucks to get a TV with UHF channels.