I’m gone to Dallas for the CNMC!

Hey there folks, blogging will be light (but I will never say “non-existent”) while I am attending the Catholic New Media Conference in Dallas, where I will be a lesser light amongst such major-league hitters as Bishop Christopher Coyne, Brandon Vogt, Jennifer Fulwiler, Lisa Hendey, Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, our own Julie Davis, and Sarah Reinhard, Matt Warner, Dorian Speed and — as they say — a host of others, really great speakers, all.

Check out the site — check out the “virtual ticket” you can purchase to follow along, watch the speeches and the fun!

Me? I’m not even on the plane yet, and my ankles feel swollen. Please pray for me. You know that, like a cheap wine, Lizzie does not travel well.

As I will not be able to moderate comments, they’ll be closed as of now! God bless!

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