Get Your Magnificat Year of Faith Companion!

So in demand is this beautifully-wrought aid for the celebration of the Year of Faith that the thing is in its third printing and on back-order until October.

But even if you will not get your copy until late October, after the year is officially “begun”, I urge you to order this book. It’s inexpensive ($6.95) and at 445 pages, it’s absolutely loaded with fine material — profiles of the holy men and women of the bible, devotions, poems, meditations, reflections on scripture, explanations re the Catechism.

For instance, here is an excerpt of the entry for October 12, by Thomas Merton:

Faith is not just conformity, it is life. It embraces all the realms of life, penetrating into the most mysterious and inaccessible depths not only of our unknown spiritual being but even of God’s own hidden essence and love. Faith, then, is the only way of opening up the true depths of reality, even of our own reality.
New Seeds of Contemplation

You don’t like Merton? How about the great Servant of God, Elisabeth Leseur:

This light of faith comes directly from God and shapes our supernatural existence. It gives our actions, which appear to resemble those of other people, an end that the actions of others do not hae, and it gives an incomparable value to ourselves and to souls. Our bodily and rational lives differ in no way from those of the other members of the human race, but there is something beyond, not, as all too many people imagine, antagonistic to this life . .shining on humble as well as powerful minds, it reaches the soul within and gives it a motive for living and acting, the meaning of suffering, an explanation of death, as well as revealing to it the beauty and usefulness of our activity in this world and its supernatural fruitfulness.

Selected Writings of Elisabeth Leseur

You want something from a more modern writer? How about the always-instructive Father Simon Tugwell, OP?

The perfection of charity is essentially the same shape as the most elementary act of faith. Faith punctures the self-sufficiency of our world, so that there is room for God to be God. Perfect charity is when the puncture has become all-embracing, so that we are nothing but space for God to be God. All that we find in ourselves is God being all in all.
Prayer in Practice

This is an extremely valuable compendium of great Catholic writing and devotion and instruction.

The Year of Faith runs from October 2012 to November 2013. I cannot think of a better assist for the year. I’ve purchased many Magnificat companions, but I really do think this is the best they’ve ever produced.

And no, I do not get a kickback for recommending. :-)

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