October: Breast Cancer, Life and H.O.P.E.

Newer Patheos readers may not realize that our Pat Gohn is a breast cancer survivor (17 years cancer-free) who has written eloquently on the subject for her column.

Like many survivors of breast cancer, I have some serious battle scars. My un-bandaged body after breast cancer certainly made for some interesting pillow talk between my husband and myself.

Going into the crisis long ago, we barely considered what it would mean for our love. But when I was done with all the treatment, the question lingered unspoken in the air—what would our marriage look like? Stranger still, what would it feel like?

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, (also for us Catholics both Respect Life Month and the Month of the Rosary) Pat has put together a “special edition” of her Among Women podcast wherein she is, in a way, her own guest as she shares a recent talk she’s given, and. . . “This is the first talk that I’ve ever given to a non-Catholic, non-Christian audience — a bit out of my element. Yet to talk of Hope, I think is universal, and I do weave some of my Christian faith into it. I give a recipe for H.O.P.E = Home, Openess, Play, and Embrace. Hope is really our superpower.”

Check it out, and maybe share it with someone who needs a little H.O.P.E. today.

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