Benghazigate: What is being lied about, going unasked? – UPDATE

That the president and his administration has lied to the American people about what happened at Benghazi on September 11 is undeniable.

Today is October 29. It’s been six weeks and our incurious press (apparently intuiting that if the administration first lied about the story and has now clammed up about it, it mustn’t serve Obama’s re-election efforts) is helpfully ignoring the story. The bird-dog press, who like to say the “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted” are doing nothing to make the president uncomfortable; they’re launching no investigations; they’re asking no questions, not even simple, obvious ones, like:

1) If no one gave an order to “stand down” who gave the order to “go save”?

2) If no one gave an order to “go save” just what exactly did the President, the Sec State and the Sec Defense do while they watched Benghazi burn over seven hours. There must be some paper trail, somewhere, that shows us that responsible action was taken, yes?

3) Did they all just vote “present?”

4) Why would you go to the UN, and lie about what happened in Benghazi to the whole world, even as your own spokespeople were admitting that the situation there had nothing to do with a damn video?

5) Was this a gun-running operation? Or some kind of October political theatrical gone bad?

5) People in your administration lied to the public. Should not a few resignations be on the president’s desk? Why isn’t the president asking for them?

6) Does lying not matter any more?

These are not unreasonable questions, and they’re the questions Brian Williams and Chris Matthews and the New York Times and every other news outlet would — quite justifiably — be asking of any other president, particularly if he had an R after his name. And yet, the press will not ask them of Obama.

I mean, do you remember the unending umbrage taken at the “outting” of Valerie Plame (which actually occurred thanks to Democrat Richard Armitage) — don’t you think the unresponded-to attack on our consulate, the apparent disregard for the lives of our Ambassador and others in service to the nation is at least as big a deal as the Plame story?

No? Seems to me it’s at least as big a story as “Plamegate” and possibly bigger (and worse) than Watergate

Why do I keep thinking of A Few Good Men and Col. Jessup writing the travel orders after the murder of a marine? If a paper trail suddenly emerges, can we even trust it, anymore?

A few days ago I had someone in the press tell me there are no “credible” headlines on the Benghazi story, but that he’d pay attention if something showed up in the real, mainstream media. You know, the media that refuses to ask a single question or do the tiniest bit of investigative journalism — call a few sources, even if only to get something with which they can defend the administration.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? The media aren’t just not asking questions about Benghazi; they’re not even launching their normal defense of the administration, telling us that the White House did a great job, that all that could have been done, was done, that there was brilliant leadership, maneuvering and diplomacy at work, throughout.

No…the press are just trying as hard as they can to talk about anything else. The topic is anathema to them. Why might that be, do you suppose?

There are tons of questions about Benghazi that are going unasked by the press, who today are all tweeting about how “presidential” Obama is being by attending “comprehensively” to the storm.

Would that he have been so comprehensively attentive to his Ambassador’s situation in Benghazi. Perhaps four men might be alive, today.

The White House has released a picture of Obama, in the situation room, monitoring a hurricane.

There apparently are no pictures of him in the situation room, monitoring a seven hour attack on his own ambassador and consulate.

I am disgusted by the crave press, disgusted by the people who say this story can’t be covered, now, because it has become “politicized.” Because the Plame story, that wasn’t political at all.

Benghazi “politicized” the moment it became clear that the administration was going to simply not response to its consulate being attacked and its Ambassador murdered.

It became “politicized” the moment the administration lied to the American people (and to the UN) and scapegoated some dumb chump who made a bad video.

It became “politicized” when the president chose to fly off to Las Vegas and keep campaigning (and there compared the struggles in Benghazi to the struggles of campaign helpers). That’s another great question: how do you stand there and do nothing while your people die, and then go campaigning the next day, and bloodlessly talk about “bumps in the road”?

The families of these slain men deserve answers, and so do we. What the hell was Benghazi about, and why is the administration lying? Why is the press so uninterested, suddenly, in presidential untruths? Why is the press not even spinning?

Via Jerusalem Post:

The terrorist attack on the Benghazi Consulate and CIA annex on 9/11 were continually blamed on a YouTube video by the Obama Administration. Now as the facts emerge the truth is horrendous and beyond belief. I sat down with a former CIA operative of 20 years, Clare Lopez, for a candid interview of why. […]

It’s a long piece but read it.

An excerpt: GA: When the CIA annex requested permission to go to the aid of the consulate they were told two times to “stand down”.

CL: Correct.

GA: Two SEALs went in against orders…

CL: Former SEALs, former SEALs that were on contract to the CIA.

GA: Correct, former SEALs, they went anyway, against orders and died about 4 hours later.

CL: They died at the annex building after they saved everyone that was still alive at the first compound; they went back with all of them to the annex building, it was there that the attack continued; it never stopped. They were fired upon during the entire ride running the gauntlet through the streets back to the annex and the attack then continued at the annex and that’s where they were eventually killed.

GA: Right, so they arrived back at the annex at about midnight which would have been about three hours after the initial attack began.

CL: Yes.

GA: Okay, that’s important because of some other things that have come out. At that point they again called for military support and help and a third time were denied.

CL: Yeah.

GA: Regardless that they were taking fire at the CIA safe house or annex, that request was denied. There were no communication problems at the annex according to those that were present on the ground.

CL: That’s right.

GA: The team was in constant radio contact with their headquarters and in fact at least one member of the team was on the roof of the annex manning a heavy machine gun while mortars were being fired on them and the CIA compound.

CL: Yes, Woods was up there. Tyrone Woods, he was the one on the roof.

GA: Now Tyrone Woods father has come out and is saying that his son had taken a position with a laser to guide in what would have been planes, drones or missile support. So he was there honed in on a target waiting for back up that never arrived?

CL: Yeah.

GA: The fighting at the CIA annex went on for more than 4 hours and now here’s the point, the Sigonella Naval Air base in Italy is only 480 miles away…

CL: Yeah, they could have gotten there in time.


GA: Now it turns out that around 5 pm eastern time, which would have been only about an hour and a half in to the attack, that President Obama met with Vice President Biden and Secretary of Defense Panetta in the White House for over an hour…

CL: Yes, this is all in the press, right.

GA: So would you go so far as to say that it would be pretty clear that Obama watched in real time and did nothing while 4 Americans were murdered?

CL: Yeah, that’s very clear, yes.

GA: Then, at some point later President Obama went to bed. Whether it was before or after everyone had died we’ll probably never know, but he had that super important fund raising trip in Las Vegas the next day and here’s what gets me. He gets up the next day and he skips, yet again, his National security briefing.

CL: Yes, that’s right.

GA: Here’s some questions for you, from your 20 years with the CIA, why do you think that Hillary Clinton has been so absent since all this has started to come out?

CL: I don’t know, I really don’t know, she was there early on putting out the false narrative story about the video and obviously she was the one that gave the orders to Amb. Susan Rice to go on the Sunday talk shows and give the same story. I don’t know. I don’t even know what to say.

GA: The silence on her part has been deafening. I heard that she has proof that would clear her of all this and her husband, former President Clinton wants her to come forward and she refuses.

CL: I don’t lend much credence to that at all, because, number one, throughout the months of 2012 requests were made repeatedly for additional security for Benghazi, the site security team that had been there up until August was withdrawn against everybody’s wishes, including the team itself which would have stayed, and the other thing is, that within the Department of State there is the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, sometimes called just DS – Diplomatic Security or DSS- Diplomatic Security Service and these are her people, she can order them anywhere in the world whenever she wants to. They are specifically security people, many of them former military, to go to any American diplomatic post in the world as she so chooses.

Read it all.

UPDATE: Pianogirl sends this handy comparison chart of media outrage on Plame vs Benghazi. Thanks, PG! She also sends along this link. Hm. What if they painted a target and no one came?

NRO’s The Corner is updating a lot. Thanks for the link, guys!

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