My Election Day Prayer

Originally wrote this for the 2008 election, but whatevs:

Jesus, I trust in you. Our nation is overrun with noise, chatter and misdirection. It is not easy to discern the servants from the would-be masters, to know who wishes to serve the nation and who wishes to merely acquire power. Help us to see the way with clear eyes and an open mind. Help us to cultivate silence so that we might hear your voice. Grant us peace within the tumult of the world and the chatter of its princes. Grace us with the wisdom necessary to pierce through the confusion of this age, and the frantic exhortations of the world, to see your will. Keep us always mindful of your promise to touch us and guide us with “peace beyond all understanding.” Help us to be faithful and unafraid in a fearsome time. Amen.

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  • Peter Brown

    Anchoress: “Originally wrote this for the 2008 election, but whatevs.”

    Not a big surprise that it’s still applicable :-). We’re kind of addicted to noise, chatter and misdirection–I don’t know when people haven’t been, really, although the forms those take do adapt to times and places.