So, how was your voting adventure? OPEN THREAD

Super busy today and wondering how it went for you all — waited longer than usual to vote this morning, but there were also extra lines for out-of-district folks who had been displaced by Hurricane Sandy, so it was hard to get a read on turnout where I live. How’s by you? Some disturbing stories out there of shenanigans and donnybrooks, but not out here in gasoline-deprived suburbia! Post your stories, links to what is happening out there and we’ll keep track together!

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  • Terry

    Broward County, Florida: good number of people. Took a long time, but I’m convinced it had more to do with the voting method and size of the ballot than anything else. What took 90 minutes this year probably would have taken no more than 30 any other.

  • Cindy

    Going smoothly in Lancaster, PA. Plus the voting site (a church) had a reception table for voters and I got a cookie. Freedom to vote and a fresh baked cookie. That’s a good day! :-)

  • David

    Had it real easy-peasy in my part of Colorado. Voted by mail-in ballot.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Had it easy; my voting place was located in the center of an assisted living facility, for the elderly. A moderate turnout, but it was still pretty early in the day. A lot of people may be planningt to vote after work.

  • Queenie

    We went to the assisted living facility at lunchtime to stand in line and vote. Waited about 20 mins to check in and ID was required as we are new residents to PA. Never had to fill in ovals before! and then had the ballot scanned. Interesting but made the going slow. Everyone was patient and friendly. There was a very long line when we were leaving. It’s a beautiful day in Central PA and everyone I work with already voted. I believe it will be a huge turnout for PA.

  • vox borealis

    Mailed my absentee ballot in weeks ago. Super easy, though I must admit to a certain nagging lack of confidence that my ballot will actually be counted…and I vote in a swing state!

  • Sandy Amos

    Voted at 7:00 a.m. in our small village (900 people) in southeast Ohio, but we were 33 and 34. We have a lot of low income people, so I’m interested in seeing how our township votes. Our local senion citizens had some good biscuits and sausage gravy, I asked for one biscuit and got 2, so it costs me double. I’m not too far away from their age, so no complaint.

  • Ted Seeber

    Voted 3 weeks ago. We can do that in Oregon.

    The ONLY thing I like about living in this culture of death where Planned Parenthood is allowed to bribe parents and children to get them to attend brainwashing sessions in public school, is vote-by-mail.

    Otherwise I’m as cynical as all get out, and don’t see any overlap between the values of Catholicism and the values of America anymore. To that end, I ended up voting for Will Christensen, who was endorsed by the Constitutional Party of Oregon when they broke with the national Constitution party because they though Virgil Goode wasn’t very good.

  • Gerry

    I wanted to vote in Philadelphia, but I couldn’t get the spray paint can close enough to do the job.

  • Rick

    Voting in my small town in Minnesota went very well. I know the election judges by first name, so the checkin was very smooth. Did find out that voting before noon was very heavy.

  • Rich

    Voted at about 1PM in Johnstown, PA – West Hills (suburban Johnstown). One elderly couple in front of me – that’s all. the place was dead.

  • Kensington

    My polling place was moved from its traditional location at the local racquetball club to a nearby high school, and although the new location was chock full of electronic voting machines, only ONE had been allocated for use by people living in my precinct, so there was a bit of a wait, but not too bad.

    What WAS bad, however, was that the accommodations for handicapped voters were poorly thought out. Although there was a parking lot with handicapped spaces right outside the polling area, the relevant doors were locked. Consequently, it was necessary to park on the other side of the building, where there were automatic doors for the handicapped — except that they were locked shut.

  • marya

    Anne Arundel County, MD – Maryland has a week of early voting so I took advantage of it this time, because we have an extra-long ballot, with a total of 22 state and local questions, in addition to voting for the office- holders. I voted last Friday around dinner-time. Everything was well organized and the entire process, from waiting in line to walking out the door with my “I Voted” sticker took about a half hour. I just read that the early-voting numbers were lower than projected, a bit under 12 percent. Whether that will hold true for today’s voting – well, we will wait and see.

  • Peggy m

    I love in a notoriously liberal neighborhood (had to keep replacing my Romney yard signs, although i kept the torn and twisted ones up with the new ones) in Alexandria, VA. I voted at about 8:00 A.M., there was a long line but we were out in 30 minutes or so. The local congressman was in line behind me, presumably voting for himself a few minutes after I voted for his opponent.

    Yesterday, my daughter and I were among the 2,000 or so who couldn’t get in to the Romney rally in Fairfax, VA. The crowd was huge, excited, happy. I hope that augurs well for turn out and victory.

  • Manny

    Staten Island, NY. Voted just before 10 AM, which is unusual for us. We normally vote after I get home from work They told me it was heavy turn out so far.

  • Stefanie

    My hubby and I voted 3 weeks ago — I last voted ‘in person’ when I was still living with my parents — back in the late ’70′s. Youngest daughter and new daughter-in-law (and most likely, my son) voted absentee ballot,too. Oldest daughter left two hours ago to vote four blocks away. She’s still not back. We live in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California.

    Looking forward to being up all night and morning. It was all settled in 2008 by 9 p.m. PST — I wonder if that will be the case tonight?

  • Terri

    Southern NJ No problems in our liberal state. Walked in and walked right to booth. No waiting. But I did go early so it might get busier later in the day.

  • Colet

    I live in Northern Virginia. My congressman’s son and campaign staffer was videotaped discussing the how-to’s of voter fraud. Still, my neighborhood has at least a dozen Obama-Kaine-Moran signs to 3 or 4 opposing signs.
    Husband got in line to vote at 6:30am and it took an hour. I got in line to vote around 8:15am and it also took an hour. We had 3 electronic voting machines and 5 paper ballot stations. It was very efficiently run. I have voted there for 10 years haven’t waited even 30 minutes before today.
    And all of this meanssss….I have no idea. I’ve got my bourbon and my rosary at the ready to get me through the night’s returns!

  • tnxplant

    We voted on the first day of early voting (10/17) here in Nashville. The only problems were that 2 of the 5 computers used to verify ID/address info for those w/o their voters registration card and/or appropriate photo ID were down, and there were several individuals who did not have those credentials. Some were probably legitimate, and others I did wonder about, not that it really affects the outcome since TN will go Republican anyway.

    After 30 minutes I got to the sign in table and voting machine (touch screen) where it took me about 5 minutes tops to vote, including voting on several local government amendments. Fortunately, we get a sample ballot in the mail and can decide on those items ahead of time.

    Driving by a couple of voting locations today, I thought the turnout was fairly good, but there were no lines out the doors or anything like that.

    We will be watching DVD’s tonight, not election returns. We did our duty as citizens, and it’s in God’s hands anyway!

  • David F

    Voted at 7 am, No problems here in Memphis. Voted at a Church that served coffee and cookies people were quite friendly. I love this town: there’s a sweetness here I’ve not seen elsewhere.

  • LJO

    Voted early in Las Vegas NV. Line was about 120-140, usually about 15-20. Longer when we left than when we joined it. Voting smooth and fast, lots of machines. No vote reassignment for us, although have a friend who voted (at another polling place) three times for an R and had her vote register for the D – says she called over a vote official and it finally got it right. Live in a part of the valley away from the California transplants, so line was mostly middle-age to older people, all relaxed and friendly.

    Very few Obama signs or bumper stickers compared to 2008.

    Election day, walking dog, saw about 25 people waiting for poll at park recreation center to open. Usually no-one there. Over half eligible voters voted early. Clark County will release early voting results with first results, about 8:00-8:30 PST. (Polls close 7:00.)

  • Peggy Bowes

    I voted Friday in my swing state of North Carolina. I waited about 2 minutes. My husband voted today at 6:30 am– no line at all. We are in a very rural part of the state. Romney/Ryan yard signs are everywhere, with an occasional Obama/Biden bumper sticker.

  • Sherrill

    Got up early, (not a favorite thing), voted at 0745 after 45 min wait, Virginia Beach VA then to Morning prayer and Mass and stayed for Rosary. The Churh was having a day long rosary for Life, Marriage and Freedom. Hope for best

  • Susan

    I got to my polling site here in Akron, Ohio around 4:10 this afternoon. Normally, I never have to wait, or at least, not more than 5 or 10 minutes. Today, I waited for over 30 minutes in one of several very long lines – it seemed to me to be a very heavy turnout. I was voter #515 in my precinct – even in an election year, I have never had such a high number (I always vote in the early evening). I must say, my fellow voters seemed very serious, stoic and determined – not much of the usual chatting. I got the impression all of us had made up our minds and wanted to get our duty done. Surprisingly, there were not a lot of politicians hanging around, trying to influence us at the last minute. God bless us all.

  • gradchica

    My husband waited an hour and 45 min to vote early this morning in Charleston, SC. My two boys and I waited 45 min mid-morning. A good atmosphere–vendors selling boiled peanuts and other kids playing around in the hallway. SC is far from a swing state, but hopefully we can keep Tim Scott in the House!

  • Bro AJK

    St Louis County, MO: Twenty minutes from when I got into the line to when I fed my ballot into the machine. That includes waiting for verification that I was indeed at the correct location. I completed the fill-in-the-bubble form. The touch-screen option had a lengthy line.

  • Mary

    I arrived to find lines at the tables where we checked in. So I was plugging past the lines at the other tables in search of mine — and found it was, I think, the only one with no lines.

    Almost makes up for — both times — being in sight of the intersection when the cop decided to stop my direction and send other directions onward. I was the first car in line, arriving, and the second, leaving.

  • Charles

    Voted around 10:00 am – walked in and voted. No line to speak of, there never really is as most of my neighbors are immigrants, not citizens. We also never have a shortage of poll workers.

    NJ Gov Christie issued an order to allow for email or fax voting due to many folks being relocated due to hurricane Sandy. The system was so overwhelmed that many folks were reporting email votes bounced back with the message “mailbox full.” Christie has allowed those email votes to be allowed until Friday. Some wonder if the system was swamped by folks who weren’t relocated, but, were just too lazy to go to the polls in person.