Post-Election ’12: Welcome to Interesting Times -UPDATED

Have been too busy to really put down my thoughts about yesterday’s election, but I can tell you that I am not at all despairing — in fact I’ve been doing Cher-smacks and telling people to “snap out of it” all day — nor do I feel doomsdayish; rather I feel very grateful to have things clarified for us in such a way.

I will write more — perhaps this evening — to explain what I mean (so check back) but this morning I participated (humbly, along with Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Sean Cardinal O’Malley, Michael Sean Winters and other heavy-hitters) in an opinion-roundtable with Aleteia Media, which you can read here. You might say it was a quick sketch-out of what I will expand on, later:

It is interesting that while exit polls cited the economy and jobs as the most pressing concerns of voters, they decided to stick with a president who has been at times hostile toward business and demonstrably remiss in attending to matters of job-creation, rather than go with the businessman.

From what I can tell, many people bought into the false “war on women” tropes and easy demonizations and their willingness to do so signals a furtherance of secularism and “the politics of the personal.” It means the Church is going to have to gird its loins and prepare for challenges that will require genuine sacrifice, because the society is not terribly interested, at this moment, in our very real concerns about threats to religious liberty, and those who are even aware of that threat still see it as a strictly “Catholic” issue that will not touch them.

Someone tweeted me last night that the Obama win was “too bad for you Catholics” and I thought, “and there is a big part of the problem, right there, the notion that only Catholics are being challenged.” People do not see a diminishment of liberties in one area as the beginning of diminishment in all areas.

[...] Relativism, with a dose of narcissistic self-actualization, has been redefined as a “tolerance” that will tolerate anything but intolerance, and those religious groups who insist on teaching the faith to an age rather than teaching a passing age to the faith are seen as too-intolerant-to-be-tolerated by the secular triune godhead of state, media and academia.

The challenges are only going to get worse because the society is in a habit, now, of dissolution and this election feels to me – and I emphasize feels, because this is just instinct talking – like a willful choice toward the here-and-now rather than [toward] eternity. It’s a choice fueled by feelings being given primacy over reason, a general lack of imagination, and a poor understanding of supernatural realities that – I am sorry to say – is partly due to the deplorable job the Church has done, for far too long, of teaching its members how joyful, affirming and fulfilling is the life lived in Christ, and in obedience to his Bride.

We have for too long allowed our Church to be interpreted and filtered through media outlets whose members are sometimes hostile, sometimes ignorant, sometimes both. We have permitted a sacred continuum to be perceived as out-of-touch rather than wise, and we’re paying for that – and the payments are about to increase.

But there is an opportunity, here. Last night I monitored reactions from people on social media and I saw many “people of faith” – Catholics and Evangelicals – being completely roiled by the returns and I kept thinking of Peter’s first Letter: “There is cause for rejoicing here. You may for a time have to suffer the distress of many trials; but this is so that your faith, which is more precious than the passing splendor of fire-tried gold, may by its genuineness lead to praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ appears.” (1 Peter. 1:6-7)

There is a great deal of genuine Christian feeling and desire out there, but it is immature – American Christians have for the most part lived comfortably the life of faith. I believe we’re being given a chance, now, to become mature in our faith – if we are willing to be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

That is a big “if”. American Christians have not gone completely untouched by the influences of secularism and the selfishness and self-regard it foments. “Thy will be done” still spins our heads because our training insists, “but what about what I want?” We don’t realize that what God wants for us is always better than anything we can want for ourselves. The Church has a lot of work to do; much to teach; voices to find. But I believe the Holy Spirit is bringing them forward. Welcome to interesting times.

I understand more POV’s will be added to that piece, so you might want to check back to it later in the day.

Russell Shaw, who also participated in the round-table, says the election sets up a two-pronged crisis for the church:

The first prong of the crisis is that Obama is expected to press policies favoring abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage even more aggressively and coercively in his second term than in his first.

The second prong is reflected in the fact that, according to CNN exit polls, 50 percent of the Catholics who voted backed Obama despite his well-publicized conflict with their Church, with 48 percent going for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Read it all.

Marybeth Hicks ponders the disconnect between the realities of what the church does, and how she is perceived.

Meanwhile, I must say I am very proud of the Patheos bloggers and others who have managed to keep their heads while really looking at the spiritual side of things. In particular, I must say I think Tom McDonald, Frank Weathers, Tony Rossi and Lisa Hendey (and Mark) have nailed a lot of what I have been feeling since yesterday, while Joanne McPortland has even taken a mantel from me, I think, and Sam Rocha surprises.

Lots of wisdom in those posts — and also lots of hope and no teeth-gnashing. Check them out. And come back later, see if I’ve managed to write something! :-)

A must-read from
Father Dwight Longenecker.

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  • bill

    2 Cor 4:8,9

  • Chris

    It’s one thing to mature in our faith in the context of life’s misfortunes; it’s another to do so under duress imposed by the state. I agree we have to “carry on”,FWIW, but I won’t be under the delusion that “carrying on” means expecting a change in the destruction-bound trajectory of this diabolically disoriented nation. The people do not want God. They want their damned cellphones. Yes, we are being refined, put through the ringer, tested in fire, but it’s not going to be for the sake of saving this country. It’s going to be for the sake of saving each other.

    [Yes, of course. But I think for many, this reality has just dawned on them. For those of us who have been cautioning for a while against clinging too desperately to "the city on a hill" when nations and civilizations go belly-up all the time (and being castigated for it) we're finally getting the sense that the die-hards see it, at last, and are beginning to understand our last line. -admin]

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Lot, and his family were saved from Sodom.

    But Sodom itself, was destroyed.

    From now on, yes, it’s going to be about saving individuals, and saving each other.

    I think our nation was lost when it began sympathizing with Islamic terrorists, such as Yassir Arafat, Hamas, Al-Fatah, etc. (“Hey, I’m not anti-semetic! I’m pro Palestinian!”)

    (Not to mention south-of-the-border glamour guys, like Castro and Che Guevara.)

    It received its death blow on 9/11, when, instead of realizing we were at war, it sobbed, “Why do they hate us? It’s America’s chickens, coming home to roost!” (“I’m not anti-semetic, but it really was all Israel’s fault!”) America, not just the 3,000 in the towers, died that day.

    Everything since then has been just the thrashings of rigor mortis.

    I confess, I’m starting to look forward to the resulting wailings and gnashings of teeth; to the masses bawling, “But where’s my free stuff?” and all those good Catholics who voted for Obama, stuttering “But-but-but-whataboutfreedom of religion? Whataboutfreedomofspeech?” Forget it, my friends, you bartered all that away, when you voted for Teh Won. Bad of me, I know—but there you are.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Now, now, everybody! “Cities on a hill” go belly up all the time!

    Just drink a little Jesus Cola, and you’ll feel much better!

    Who needs America, anyway?

    [don't put words in my mouth. admin]

  • Susan

    So much for the Catholic conscience. American Catholics worship their church more than they worship God; you didn’t fight to defend God’s freedom, Catholic reprobates. “From the perspective of The Bible, a reprobate is someone who refuses to make good use of the understanding of the Word of God provided to them, “these also resist the Truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” Jesus Christ: “He who rejects Me and does not receive My sayings has a judge; the Word that I have spoken will be his judge on the last day.” (John 12:48 RSV)

    “The Catholic vote was divided much as was the rest of the nation’s voters, leaning slightly in favor of Obama. A final Gallup poll, reflecting tracking from Nov. 1 to 4, showed Catholics favoring Obama by 52 to 45 percent.

    Thank-you Cardinal Dolan for being so open to “dialogue” that you invited an enemy of the church to yuk it up with you and liberal pro-abort Catholics at the Al Smith Dinner, last month. What a wonderful example that set for the flock – instead of informing them of what the five non-negotiables are, and how Obama’s policies violate the Church’s position on every single one of them to a horrifying degree, we showed them the importance of “dialogue” even if it may have cost pro-lifers the election and put the most radically pro-abortion President in the history of the United States back in the White House for another four years.”

  • Steve Likens

    You said what I was trying to convey to my wife this morning – only much better. I like the way you phrase the opportunity before us as one to “become mature in our faith.”

  • Sandy Amos

    “It is what it is”, a favorite expression of my best friend who has had 2 rounds of cancer and will be on chemo for the rest of her life. Now, what do I do with “it”, right now I just want to feel bad for America, for my children and grandchildren, for those who are going to lose their jobs in the coal mines right up the road from me. Maybe after a few days, I can accept these results without feeling sick at my stomach, but not right now. Yes, I know that God is in control of all things, but I also knows that since we have “free will” we have to accept the consequences of our actions.

  • Steve Likens

    I recall especially the situation in Poland under communism. An entire generation, perhaps two, kept the spark of faith lit, often underground, in the midst of the darkest night without religious freedom for themselves. They did this so that when the kindling was properly in place and the Holy Spirit blew upon that spark, it combusted, resulting in freedom for those who would come after them. Perhaps this is our call today.  Perhaps it is not for us to enjoy religious freedom but to keep the spark lit under trying and challenging circumstances for the benefit of the generations to follow, who, under better circumstances, might enjoy the fullness of religious freedom and the fruits of our sacrifice. 

  • Dawn

    Forgive me in advance, dear Anchoress, for my heart is so heavy today… I heartily agree that the Lord prunes us that we may bear good fruit. He is faithful. Always! Even when we are not. I’ve been thinking much today about John Paul II’s encouragement to us: Be not afraid! But I also can’t seem to help myself from thinking of that old truism, ignorance is bliss. The pain that awaits us scares me because I know how much it will hurt; though the end is good, I dread the way to it. I would prefer the cup be taken from us. Tomorrow, or maybe a few days hence, courage will return. We will drink the cup of grief to the dregs if we must. But today it hurts for all the reasons you cite above, and also — at least for me — that America has rejected not merely a businessman but a good and decent man, a man who lives his faith in a way that can be witnessed so long as one is willing (and/or able?) to see, for one whose heart I do not judge (I really mean that! Only the Lord knows his heart) but who demonstrates in word and deed that he has little use or respect for those whose faith differs from his, nor for that first and most important principle on which our entire Constitution hangs, enumerated in our first amendment. By the way, I’m not Catholic; I am a non-denominational Christian who found deep affinity with the Catholic church through the work of the late Richard John Neuhaus. Any assault on religious liberty tears the fabric from which this nation was fashioned; it must be resisted. But today, at least today, I’m exhausted and I’m heartbroken. I hope that people can allow at least this one day for sorrow before we get to getting over it.

  • Rhinestone Suderman


    But, hey—at least we didn’t elect one of those awful Mormons! /Okay, sarc. off.

    I fear a lot of American Catholics, along with many others, are in for a big surprise, during the next year, or so; and I fear that, instead of sympathizing, I’ll be tempted to laugh.

    We brought all this on ourselves.

    (Ahhh, “Dialogue”! That’s where the Left lectures us, and we’re supposed to stand there and take it, and not argue back.)

    The more I think about it, the more laughter seems the best way to face the next four years. It’s either that, or cry. . .

    (Already, I hear Obama is suggesting some sort of carbon tax, and the national debt comes due at the end of the month.)

  • June

    “There is a great deal of genuine Christian feeling and desire out there, but it is immature – American Christians have for the most part lived comfortably the life of faith. I believe we’re being given a chance, now, to become mature in our faith – if we are willing to be open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.

    That is a big “if”. American Christians have not gone completely untouched by the influences of secularism and the selfishness and self-regard it foments. “Thy will be done” still spins our heads because our training insists, “but what about what I want?” We don’t realize that what God wants for us is always better than anything we can want for ourselves. The Church has a lot of work to do; much to teach; voices to find. But I believe the Holy Spirit is bringing them forward. Welcome to interesting times.”

    We’ve lived ‘comfortably in the faith?’ More to the point, our leadership has not guided us as they should. I can tell you that the vast majority of parishioners at my parish – including the pastor – voted for the President for a second time. I had to beg to put things in the bulletin about religious freedom and it was never talked about from the pulpit. Our leaders (with some of the present company excepted) have failed us for 40 years. I am tired of them telling us to be strong and say more prayers. What do they think those of us who are holding the fort have been doing for all these years? COMFORTABLY?? I don’t recall feeling comfortable since I entered the pro-life battle at the age of 15 and now I am 54. That Catholics would vote for the most virulently pro-choice President AND his Catholic Vice President who puts us all to shame is beyond the pale. I love Cardinal Dolan and I’m glad he leads the bishops now but the time for ‘congratulations’ and invites to the Al Smith dinner are OVER. So over. I’m tired of fighting the good fight without leaders who don’t require their subordinates to step up to the plate and teach their flock about the social doctrines of the Church. Stop talking, take off the tall hats, roll up your sleeves and PREACH.

  • Piers Quare

    I am still confused that leaders in the Church are surprised by what has been reaped here. They decided that it was a good thing to encourage the flock to vote to have government force everyone to acquire insurance, even against their conscience, will or religion, but balk and squawk when something they find onerous is forced on them. The whole thing is onerous. There is no charity and no need to be charitable if your charity is forced from you by government and doled out by uncharitable bureaucrats. I get the feeling that the church wanted universal heathcare to relieve their burden of caring for their aging priests and nuns or to pocket some more government funding for health entities they control. The whole thing just stinks. I can’t believe that there are people still chanting to get that whole wooden horse inside our gates! The church leaders are just asking to leave the tail outside. Well come January, it moves in! God save us all from our greedy selves.

  • Douglas Johnson

    One hope: our wealth has convinced most of Americans that they don’t need the church, or that they can segregate it from everything else in their lives. It’s a horribly destructive way to live, but they don’t know any better. As these lies continue to destroy, I hope people will eventually discover what a longing to be with Christ offers.

  • David F

    I’m in mourning for our nation. Still I think we can learn from this (we have to really) and progress spiritually. It’s not the cross I would have chosen but it is the one He gave us.

  • kiwikit

    I’m terribly disappointed that all the attempts to make Catholics understand that we should not vote for candidates who push abortion, the Catholic vote for Obama went from 54 to 52. I must say that I do not think our congregations did enough to assure that the tenets of the Church are understood. I was told by a nun that it’s fine to vote for the party of abortion because Roe vs Wade is ‘settled law.’ Where does the Church define good vs bad as determined by the federal law? It’s just pathetic how ill-informed our congregations are. The bishops are responsible for this and as far as I can see they do nothing very much.

  • YouGoAnchoress

    Several posters here have noted that Church leadership has been complicit in getting us to this terrible point. I agree. I’ve more or less given up on trying to find any real guidance from the pulpit. That’s why I’m so grateful for Catholic radio and websites like yours. You are a haven in a storm.

  • Amy

    Yes, well, I suppose none of us really felt like singing the Whoville Song – Fah Who-For-aze, after waking up this morning to find out that Yes, Obama did steal, er, was re-elected to four more years…. and where is the joy in that? Well, Obama and all of those who voted for him and his pals are just as important to God as are we all – all of us. EVERYONE! God wants us ALL to be with HIM in Heaven because He loves ALL of us, imperfect as we all are…some more than others. (Mea Culpa)

    So what do we do? We are all culpable to some degree, as were those before us, and those before them and so on and so on..What can WE do to send a message, to set an example, to give witness that we belong to God? Here are a few of my favorite things…

    Try unplugging the cable or the satelite dish. Why pay for filth that dishonors God and creeps into our thoughts, our words and our actions and poisons the innnocent around us? If we call ourselves Catholic and Christian, why do allow garbage into our homes, our hearts and our minds? Oh yes, we are culpable.
    - Why not give your electronic i-pads- iphones and other forms of enterntainment a vacation and talk to God.
    - Really pray a prayer. Often.
    - Don’t buy into the “Must Have THis or That” to be happy…. it’s always a waste of money.
    - Cut the pressure on the tap water in your kitchen and bathrooms to a trickle…to identify with those in 3rd world countries who have so precious little water to drink…Give some of the “Must Have This or That” money to trustworthy charitable organizations.
    - Don’t support businesses who keep Christ Out of Christmas…YEAH, that covers just about everyone….but that would send a message. And do we really need a gazillion presents?
    - When was the last time you prayed for priests? For vocations?
    - Do you really BELIEVE that JESUS is truly present at the consecration? Did you ever look up an imagine hundreds of angels adoring HIM, your guardian angels, too?
    - Do you bless your children each day and pray for them/with them?
    - Would you, could you be a CATHOLIC in public – praying over your food, making the sign of the cross when passing a Catholic Church, maybe even whip out the rosary beads when standing in line – remember, your phone should be on a vacation….
    - Can you Just SAY NO to those who use the Lord’s name in vain and dishonor His commandments by NOT subscribing to Netflix or going to movies that supports the high and mighty lifestyle of the rich and famous with your dollars? THAT is a lot of MULA!
    - And when you hear someone using the Lord’s name in vain, could you get in the habit of saying, “Jesus, I Love YOU, to make reparation, and nod your head ever so gently every time you hear the name, “JESUS?”

    I could go on but it is not my blog…

    We are culpable, in thousands of more ways, we ARE culpable. We just have to own up to it – and let grace enters within.

  • Peggy Coffey

    Today america is dead to me. I will never vote in another election, if one ever happens. The people now want the free stuff and our america is over. The catholic church is also dead to me. When a majority of catholics can vote for someone who is in favor of killing humans before they are born, the church is no longer relevant in anyone’s life. You can get the same feeling from watching tv or a movie. The dem party took God out of their platform and then booed people that wanted Him put back in! What kind of catholic applauds that? The church in america is as doomed as the nation itself.We live far enough out in the country that we can survive outside the grid. I will sit and watch america burn, and maybe feel sorry for all of those people, but probably not.

  • Dave Pawlak


    Stay in the fold and weather the storm. So a majority of Catholics acted contrary to the Church’s teachings. All that means is that they’re wrong and the Church is right. Nothing new there. And there are plenty of good laity, priests, and religious out there. We haven’t gotten to the point of Israel under Ahab (yet). And even if it does fade to that point, it doesn’t do to jump off the starboard side of the Barque of Peter just because some are leaving via the port side. Stay in, receive the Sacraments, and pray that something good may come of all this, even if it takes until our grandchildren are old.

  • Adam


    I know today hurts–we’re all hurting on here. But please don’t place much of the blame on the church–the teaching branch of the church DID actively oppose this. If the majority of the people in the pews sided with materialism, so be it. So did the majority of Our Lord’s followers when he hung on the cross.

    When things suck: we can either run and hide like the Apostles did, or we can stand at the foot of the cross and suffer with him. There’s not much to do now but keep standing and realize that he’ll inevitably triumph.

  • Todd Flowerday


    I was struck first by RS’s comment, “Lot, and his family were saved from Sodom.”

    Were they? Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. His widowed daughters thought it was the end of the world, so they got their father drunk, and had sex with him to perpetuate the human race. Half of his family didn’t even make it to the caves. And two-third of those that did had some deeply immoral ideas.

    I remember four years ago how FOCA was made into some kind of bogeyman, and a lot of bishops were on board with it. I think some Catholics are playing at being drama queens today. You invest in a gambling enterprise of a win-lose election. It was close to 50-50 conservatives were going to lose last night. So they lost the presidency and the Senate. This is politics. In the old days, maybe there was more negotiation, finesse, and compromise. Conservatives these days seem intent on a slash-and-burn approach. And when they lose, they anticipate getting hacked to pieces and thrown into the fire. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    We survived eight years of GWB. Somehow, I think the nation will survive another four years of this presidency. I mean: what’s the alternative? Impeach Mr Obama like y’all were talking last month and get Joe Biden? Like you think that’s a better deal?

    [Oh stop doing your superior dance, Todd, and let people process. It's not like the Democrats didn't "Drama Queen" their way through their 2004 and 2010 defeats. A little magnanimity in victory is a classy thing. -admin]

  • Rand Careaga

    @Peggy Coffey: “Today america is dead to me. I will never vote in another election, if one ever happens.”

    That is certainly a very…principled stand. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

  • Manny

    I’m not gloomy for myself. I will be fine. I will still have my faith. I will still pray and go to mass, and when I retire have the time to go to daily mass. I will still do what I can to help our church and raise my child and love my wife. None of that has changed. The gloominess is for what has become and what will become of this country I love, on what legacy this generation will leave to the next. The notion of being persecuted is way over blown. I will not be hanged, drawn, and quartered. The Church may have to drop their health insurance policies if the HSS mandates sticks. But the Church is not going to be banned. Mass will still go on every Sunday.

    But what will become of this country? Christianity is being reduced not from persecution, but from the secularizing forces that zaps faith. Will Christianity be further reduced to near non existence? Will the degenerate culture lead to further human degradation? I put forth that government run programs remove Christ from human contact, that the values of the sexual revolution leads to abortion, that the breakdown of traditional marriage creates dysfunction, and that secularization leads to atheism. I don’t want this for the millions of Americans who are currently children or yet to be born. I certainly don’t want that for my son. Yesterday was possibly a tipping point election where the values of the sexual revolution have permanently ascended. Perhaps these last thirty years were just an attempt to plug a cracked dam that was impossible to repair. All I know is that if I had been an adult at the passage of Roe v. Wade, I would have felt extremely gloomy. I don’t know if I could have foreseen 55 million abortions from then to now, but I do know I would have had the sense that we had passed a Rubicon. That is how I feel today with yesterday’s election results. We have passed a Rubicon. I don’t see what’s cheery about it.

    [I don't think I used the word "cheery." But I am pleased that some are finally admitting that we have passed a rubicon. In truth, we passed it a while ago, but it took this defeat for some to finally realize it, and to also realize that it's time to stop wailing "where is our Reagan" and deal with the present and future, not the past. -admin]

  • Peggy Coffey

    As I said, america is dead to me. The country I grew up in is gone. The selfish hordes have taken over and it is downhill from here on. The catholic church wants Obama to love them, so they can share the light that shines from ‘the one’.

  • Michael

    Yes, I am down today as this is not the outcome I wanted for so many reasons. I think Obama has our country on the wrong path, BUT, I will snap out of it because ultimately I still have HOPE. Not the same kind of hope that Obama has been peddling….the kind based upon human endeavor. No, my hope rests in Jesus Christ and the fact that He was born, that He suffered and He died to save me and many others from eternal damnation. If anything the disappointment of this election might help us to focus more on this redeeming Act of God toward each of us. Who knows, maybe if Romney had won, I and maybe you would have become complacent and lost this focus. The re-election of Obama perhaps will be the catalyst for a reawakening of not just Christians , but all people of good will. Maybe we will turn more to prayer, share our faith and evangelize in a more active way. Maybe it will help each of us to focus on our personal relationship with Jesus. Instead of focusing on “saving” the country, maybe it help us to fix any broken relationships we have in our own families and in our own lives. Maybe it will help us fix the broken relationship we might have with our Savior. Instead of putting our hope in another person or a government, maybe now we will begin to remember to put our hope and trust where it will never be disappointed.
    “And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the holy Spirit that has been given to us” (Romans 5:5)

  • Victor

    Keep praying for all of U>S (usual sinners) Anchoress cause GOD (Good Old Dad) won’t disappoint any of our good daily spiritual cells who truly believe in Eternal Life that was promised for all of His Children. I believe that not “ONE” of His Souls will be disappointed and as far as Mr Obama, I honestly don’t believe that he and his good family truly believe that The Blessed Sacrament of GOD’s Marriage should be for A Man and A Woman just like GOD intended “IT” to be in the beginning of time which can be found in the future. “I’M” also willing to bet some of sinner vic’s 92% so called spiritual imaginary reality cells that Mr Obama and his family also do not in their heart of heart believe that all woman should be allowed to destroy GOD’s Children who have not had the chance to be born yet.

    Long story short, don’t fall into the trap that The Devil who “ONCE” LIVED backward and still is The Devil if you get my drift and this evil who still will continue to live backward (Evil) has a very powerful agenda. GOD (Good Old Dad) has given U>S (usual sinners) all free will which also includes all His Angels and tell me what good would “IT” do for humans to go crazy trying to outwit these forces who honestly believe that they are gods and if truth be known, they are lost alien gods who mean well and always will be until “THE Last Day” taking care of our souls and spirit if we let them do so.

    I’ll close by saying that I believe that Mr Obama wants to do what is right for all people and not just the “ONE” who voted for him but all our ancestors sins who have been lost in time believe that they can solve what ailes U>S (usual sinners) as long as we agree to be their sins and do what they want U>S to do which is continue to feed them and long story short, hate, anger, lust and murder feeds those who live backward and LOVE, HOPE and FAITH IN GOD FEEDS His unborn children who still don’t all exist yet.


    GO Figure! :)


  • marya

    From what I’ve gathered, my liberal- progressive friends see the outcome of this election, and in particular, the successful gay-marriage referendums, as a validation of their secular worldview. They are talking about reconciliation, but they feel they have “won” and so what they are truly expecting is that the “other side” will give in to them. They aren’t even considering the possibility of true reconciliation, because they aren’t interested in understanding those who feel differently than they do. Many people of faith are facing the prospect of paying higher taxes to support this secular worldview, which is predicated on removing anything but the most minimal expressions of religious belief. Right now, the way ahead looks dark and clouded to me. I will pray for illumination and hope that I catch some glimmers of light in the coming weeks.

  • Nerina

    Peggy, I’m going to pray for you and all of us who are disillusioned today. Hang in there.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Actually, I’m starting to look forward to the inevitable collapse, and disillusionment, when it becomes all too obvious that Obama won’t be able to provide free birth control for all, give everybody an iphone or even put a Big Bird in every garage—I know, I know, how very schadenfreude of me; but I intend to enjoy it, and I will say “I told you so!”

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Marya, they want what they call reconciliation now, because they want us to validate their fearless leader, and they want our support.

    When they don’t get it, and when they realize we really aren’t going to join them, they’re going to get mean. However, when the economy tanks—and it will—hopefully they’ll be too distracted by the ensuing chaos, to try and re-educate us into “Correct” ways of thinking.

    Embrace the schadenfreud! And free Nakouley Nakouley!

  • marya

    Thanks, Rhinestone, that got a grin out of me, and a much-needed one.

  • dnb03

    I came through this surprisingly calm and energized (although sad that the Romneys, good people, will not be inhabiting the White House). Time to get on with it, and start working through it. ‘Onward Christian soldiers.’ I would, however, like to know how many ‘Christians’ decided they could not vote for a Mormon (and then either voted for a man with a political religion, or did not vote which also voted in the man with a political religion).

  • ama

    I have been reminded of the prophecies. Not that there have been revelations that we may change the future but that we will remember, when it happens, that man without God inevitably descends to an immoral savagery. The only truth is that God loves us, that He has sworn to never destroy us, and that His Only Begotten Son has been our ransom, is always our ransom and it is with God that our hearts must always be.

  • Peggy m

    I think I understand the relief that the Anchoress and the other Cassandras feel now that the message came across loud and clear to all. I am not recovered from the shock, though, and don’t know if I ever will. Give me time. like the other Peggy, I do not recognize the country. I do not want to be part of it. I do, however, find the church to be my home as always. Thank God.

    Rhinestone Suderman, I think the collapse of marriage will be part of that wake-up call because society will not be able to afford the cost of government as daddy. The state’s interest in traditional marriage will be re-learned the hard way.

  • Zmama

    I can relate very much to what Peggy is feeling. I for one am not sure there will be a free election in 2016. This Obama lovefest has already led some of his supporters to question why he can’t run for a 3rd term-a la FDR. To say nothing of the fact that since his election 4 years ago I have had the sense he is more like Hugo Chavez Jr. than any Democrat resident we have had in the past like Bill Clinton.

    Todd mentioned FOCA as the Bogeyman of the last election. Prior to that election a lawyer friend of the family, very involved in pro-life activism with my parents, told me Obama would find a way to push all the pieces of FOCA through the back door. He has basically done this with Obamacare, as well as his executive order on his first day of office to revoke the Mexico City policy. Not only are we now paying for contraception and abortion again in 3rd world countries but we are going to be paying for both here with our tax dollars. Obamacare makes the Hyde Amendment null and void-so yes Todd-FOCA-is coming-even if it is no longer called FOCA.

  • Ellen

    I am sad down to my toes, but I will never give in to the worldview of The Won and his ilk. I will not watch, listen to or participate in entertainment that is offensive. The MSM is dead to me. I will ramp up my prayers and soldier on. All things pass, God alone remains.

  • Fiestamom

    I went to Daily Mass yesterday, and sobbed my way through. The two priests at my parish have notified parishioners for over two months that they could not vote for a candidate who supports an intrinsic evil like abortion. One of the priests has been out of seminary for a year, and he has been a real dynamo, talking about contraception, abortion, porn. Not surprisingly, the collections are WAY down, and Mass attendance is noticeably down. Yesterday, Father told us to direct our sorrow towards the people who put their souls in grave danger by voting for intrinsic evil. He also reminded us that America has been consecrated to Our Lady. (which i had forgotten).

    I have a heavy heart, especially for my children. I know I’m surrounded by immorality, the hook up culture is winning the battle here. I’m trying so hard not to be bitter, but it’s a battle I’m losing now. When media liars like Stephen Colbert, or Pelosi and Sebelius are lauded for being ‘good Catholics’, it makes me want to hurl.

    I have one son who has always wanted to join the military. Today I plan on trying to talk him out of it. America isn’t worth dying for anymore. Will he be left behind like the folks in Benghazi? The media would only care if he died if a Republican was in office, and I doubt that will happen ever again. And sorry, but I have always donated to our local Catholic food pantry. But no more. If a majority of people want to vote themselves social justice thru government, then they can enjoy their government cheese. I will be donating to close family members and friends who are under employed.

    I am a foreigner in my own country. I am hated because I try to live the way Jesus wants me to.

    I will probably quit Twitter today, and stop reading Instapundit or Hot Air. What’s the point? What’s the point of being informed if it doesn’t matter to 50% of the country about Benghazi,,or drone strikes, kill lists, abortion destroying a woman from within. The media lies and obfuscates, and society would rather watch American Idol and marvel at Michelle’s wardrobe, and the cool parties with JayZ and Beyonce? I already know how corrupt my government is, why worry about every little instance? Especially when the media won’t cover it, and nothing will change? Except get worse.

    Goodbye America. I truly feel like I owe an apology to John Adams, George Washington, all those who fought in the Revolutionary War. So sorry we threw it away for gay marriage, legal pot, and free birth control.

  • Barry Hudock

    I realize there’s disappointment in seeing the person one’s pulling for lose. But I think it’s unfair and unrealistic to act like a win for Mr. Obama is an unmitigated loss for all that is good and holy, while a Romney win would have been some triumph for God’s army. Maybe Romney’s loss was less about Obama’s “hostility toward job creation” than Romney and the GOP’s hostility toward the poor and vulnerable. Maybe it was less about “relativism” and “spiritual immaturity” than a desire to promote a more robust understanding of the common good than a focus on one or two “nonnegotiable issues” (as though the other moral issues are not nonnegotiable) allows.

    Is there disappointment to be found in 4 more years of an Obama presidency? There sure is. But would a Romney/Ryan administration have offered fewer challenges to the Catholic moral/social vision? Not at all, if we take him at his word about what he thought and intended to do.

  • A Third Peggy

    Even Pandora’s Box retained Hope…

    I am counting the days until the mid-term elections in 2014 and hoping and praying that our Constitution is still in place. If we can take back the Senate and if the Supreme Court stays as is, then at least perhaps we can control some of the damage.

    I keep thinking of Maria’s quote from The Sound of Music, “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”

  • Amy

    Good Morning to all! Praise be to God! So what are ya gonna do today? The harvest is ready….Be CATHOLICS! Don’t be afraid to show and practice your faith in public. Speak to everyone as if you were speaking to the Lord of Hosts. Treat everyone with respect and LOVE. We are tested everyday – God wants us to pass with A’s! Let your hearts rejoice!

  • David F

    It’s not just that we lost – it’s that Obama, ran a terrible campaign, trashed the economy, dissed the Church and the Constitution, let a US ambassador die in a terror attack unaided, lied about it and prosecuted an irrelevant film maker to cover it up and we still lost. The prospect of free stuff from the big Daddy government has eclipsed common decency. It doesn’t matter that the economics of this are impossible to sustain: there are too few working and too many taking (abortion plays a large role here). The government Ponzi scheme can’t go on indefinitely; we are going to end up like Spain or Greece or Wiemar Germany. I worry for my kids.
    On the positive side it greatly helps me distance myself from the world and especially the corrupt culture. I have not felt this alienated since college. God have mercy on us all. I know He loves us and that helps immeasurably.

  • Sandy Amos

    Really Barry, “hostility toward the poor and vulnerable”, that is what you take from a Republican, when every piece of data shows that “conservatives” are more generous with their time, talent and money than “liberals”. When you see how Mitt Romney shared with people, really cared about people. I’m tired of all this back and forth and too am done with trying to find out what is really happening, it doesn’t matter. I will continue to pray, but right now I have a heavy heart and am fearful for my country. I’m sure God’s peace will come through when I give it a chance after my little temper tantrum.

  • Antoinette Serena

    Speaking of Cher-slaps – I couldn’t face watching the returns, so I popped in “Moonstruck” and had a sandwich…parties come and go, but pasta is forever!

  • LisaB

    “Maybe Romney’s loss was less about Obama’s “hostility toward job creation” than Romney and the GOP’s hostility toward the poor and vulnerable.”

    Oh, for the love of Pete! Drivel!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yeah, LisaB, everywhere I go, I see those mean ol’ Republicans beating up poor people, taking away their money and even taking candy from their babies!


    (As you said. . . drivel).

    To be poor in this country is to live better than the rich, in many other countries. And now, I’m going to say somethng that’s going to sound terrible—but I’m getting sick of the “Poor”. Not real poor people, mind you (I help the local St. Vincent de Paul feed the homeless), but the “Poor” who are hauled out to (figuaratively) beat conservatives over the head with, every election; the poor, whom we are accused of not “caring” about, enough (when, as Sandy points out, conservatives give more to charity than liberals do). The poor, whose situation we must never question, but for whose sake we must turn over more and more of our hard earned money—not to the poor themselves, but to the governement, which “cares” about the poor, and will give it to them. (Though, somehow, the money never seems to reach the poor.)

    As for “Vulnerable”—what does that mean, exactly? Any human being, in any place, at any time, can become vulnerable to something, and can be victimized by something, or someone; we’re not Clark Ken/Superman, we’re all “vulnerable”, we can all be hurt.

    David F., we all lost in this election; as you point out, ponzi schemes can’t last forever. Eventually, they collapse. We’re coming close to that point in California, and the rest of the country will soon follow, if we continue on our present course. When the economic collapse comes, even gay marriage isn’t going to keep the masses happy, as for free birth control—no one’s going to be able to pay for it. Things are going to get interesting, then. Talk about “Vulnerable”. . .

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    As for the 2016 election. . . my reaction at this point is Ho-hum! We might not still be having elections, by that time. We might not have a country left by that time. The candidates might be Chris Christie on one side, and Huma Abedin Weiner, on the other (and if you refuse to vote for her, you’re not only anti-woman, you’re racist and Islamophobic!) Oh, boy, what a choice! Gonna burn rubber on my way to the voting place!/Sarc.

    The problem isn’t Romney. The problem isn’t Obama. The problem is the American voter.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Marya, glad to help! :)

  • Mary

    Eh, Susan, you should try reading some of that Bible.

    Like the parable of the wise and foolish virgins.

    Or the wheat and the tares.

  • Jan

    2016 – Rhinestone Suderman for President!! :)

  • pink lady

    Fiestamom & SandyAmos – those are my thoughts and feelings exactly. Thank you for expressing them so eloquently. Our parish priests and Bishop made a surprisingly strong effort to inform parishioners for months. We are also blessed to have a new Deacon who is from Vietnam and formerly was a political prisoner in Vietnam for three years for studying to be a priest. He always included a small story about religous persecution in his broken-english sermons. Always made me cry, everytime; heart-wrenching; and still with the polling ctr. in my Church rec hall , this county went 2 to 1 for Obama!(FL). Lots of my fellow parishioners must have voted for him. I am the only conservative in my birth family and most of my siblings and my father literally HATE me for it. I am used to being an “Island” . There is no reconciling with these zealots; it is their way or you are dead to them. I thank GOD for the Church and my fellow believers where our Blessed Lord gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding.