Release the Kraken!

To everyone, and also to no one in particular: “Yeah? So what? What are you going to do about it? Cry me a river, pally! First. World. Problem.

There. I just had to release the inner curmudgeon, for a second. It’s like a dyspeptic burp of the spirit. Thankfully God is not done with any of us, yet.

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  • Debbie

    Just caught the patronizing reply to my head’s up on First Things about people being home or some such and that even tho it was 24 hours later when I left the comment, it still wasn’t published; it’s still not there. They said:
    Thank you for your comment on the article: Begin the Apocalypse!.

    We welcome comments that contribute to the discussion of an issue raised in this article. Comments are moderated, and those that do not advance the engagement of the issue will be deleted. Because we do not comment on moderating decisions, we will be unable to explain why specific comments were not approved.

    Thank you,

    Joe Carter
    Web Editor

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the tips on how to pray for less bitterness about the election results.

    A former reader.

    [Debbie, I have absolutely no control over comment moderation at First Things and have no idea what happened to your comment. As to my tone being "patronizing" I just re-read it and thought I was completely addressing you as a friend. Sorry you took it that way. Sometimes things don't come across as well as intended in text. Have a good Advent -admin]

  • Dan C

    @Debbie: Hahahaha! I used to get those a lot. Then I stopped commenting. Then I stopped reading First Things.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Fr. Frank

    I think they just have some real slackers moderating comments over there. My last On The Square comment appeared three or four days after I submitted it.

    Speaking of slacking, FT desperately needs some proofreaders. Just read an article today in Postmodern Conservative that was full of typos and sentence fragments.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    I’m not sure what inspired this, or what “First world” problem this is supposed to address, (or why “First World problems” aren’t really problems), or what we’re supposeldy crying a river over—but I hope the Anchoress recovers from whatever inspired this, and has a good Advent.

  • marvel

    Yeah, so I was all stressed out last week about this whole “Fiscal Cliff” thing and decided one reason I was so upset was because it just seems so UNFAIR that Obama is the one negotiating in bad faith but it will be the GOP who takes the blame for the crash and how COULD things just be so unfair? And then I thought of the routine injustices perpetuated/suffered daily in other countries (Haiti. Mexico. Iran. Iraq. China…) and now I’m totally with the Anchoress. And praying for a more Kingdom perspective.