Diocese of Charlotte Vocation Awareness Day…

… Men, do you think you may have a calling to the priesthood? Bishop Jugis invites high school and college age men to a Vocation Awareness Day, Wednesday August 8th 10am-5pm at St. Ann Catholic Catholic Church in Charlotte. Bishop Peter J. Jugis will celebrate Mass at 10:30 a.m., and priests and seminarians from around the diocese will be on hand for this day of fellowship, recreation and reflection.

“Vocation Awareness Day is intended to assist young men in exploring and discovering God’s will in their lives,” said Father Christopher Gober, diocesan director of vocations. “For some, God may be calling them to a priestly vocation. To that end, we want to do everything to encourage, support and foster future vocations.”

For more information, contact Father Gober at 704-370-3327 or vocationsmail@charlottediocese.com – I’m just assuming it’s “.com” since that bit of info was missing from the diocese website.

I also don’t know if you have to be a member of the Diocese of Charlotte to attend, but I am sure this event is open to people living in the Diocese of Raleigh – though they have their own Vocation Awareness Day. I suppose if you live in the south east and wanted to make the drive from another state you’d be welcomed too. If you have any questions please use the contact information above. I’ve never attended this event, for obvious reasons, so I can’t be of more help. Though I would attend a Vocations Awareness Day for high school girls and college age women if the Diocese planned them. For nuns, not womyn priest, sillies.

Speaking of vocations; congratulations to Br. Tobiah Abbott, O.S.B. and Br. Elias Correa-Torres, O.S.B., who took their solemn vows as monks of Belmont Abbey on July 11, the Feast of St. Benedict. Deo gratias.

Photo source: Catholic News Herald, Photos by Christopher Lux.

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