Bruce Jenner on a Ledge, World Tells Him To “JUMP”…

How unicorns feel about Bruce Jenner

... I keep reading about how Bruce Jenner is finally being "true" to himself by becoming a herself. I guess when truth is subjective anything is possible.There is nothing truthful about Bruce Jenner's appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair. It's facial feminization surgery, synthetic hormone treatments, plastic breasts, corsets, cosmetics, studio lighting, professional hairstylists, renowned photographers, and photoshop. Lots and lots of photoshop.It's a gross caricature of … [Read more...]

Whatsamatta, St. Ann? You got selective hearing?


... Look. I'm writing about something that has nothing to do with dieting. Be amazed.So here's a happy story about a woman who prayed to St. Ann and got herself a man. Not just any man...a Swiss Guard.You want to call me obsessive about anything, call me obsessive about the Guardia Svizzera Pontificia. Sigh. So molto bello.What's not to love? Handsome, single, manly, and Catholic.I'm happy for the soon-to-bride. No, really I am. I love that you all have sent me links … [Read more...]

The Morality of Weight Loss…

its the least I can do

... What week is it now? Something like Week 7, I think. For a gal who couldn't commit to a nine day novena, I think 7 weeks is not too shabby an accomplishment.Current Weight : 277.8 (down 7.2 lbs)Current Mood : Vacation ModeProjected Outcome : I'll be drinking my calories this weekendThings I've Learned- Pacing yourself to prevent injury and sore knees - That unsolicited advice ins't necessarily criticism - That dramatically reducing your calories while … [Read more...]

Is People Magazine Glamorizing Obesity…


... On the cover of People Magazine is model Tess Holliday. The headline heralds, "The World's First Size 22 Super Model, From Bullied Teen to Plus Size Star."As everyone else celebrates this new diversity in the fashion industry, I can't help but feel alarmed that so many people are ok with a 5'5" tall woman weighing 260 lbs and being a size 22.At 5'9" I'm 20 lbs heavier than she is and a size larger.When I look at her modeling portfolio I see a beautiful woman with a lot of … [Read more...]

Finding the Inner and Outer Strength to Keep Moving…

... When you've been stuck in traffic for over an hour and just don't feel like cooking and everyone's complaining that they're hungry, you hear the siren song of delivery pizza.When you've been going nonstop since you woke up at the crack of dawn and you don't stop till the end of the day and you can't bear the thought of dragging out the resistance bands and exercise mat.When you have a million reasons to take short cuts in the kitchen or skip the work out altogether, that's when … [Read more...]

I worked out and it didn’t kill me…

hey whatever you got laying around the house

... I've made it half through the second month and true to my word I've been exercising regularly.Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are my walk days and I walk at a local park for a mile or pretty darn close to it. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my work out days where I do a 15 minute stair exercise routine after work and do planks, squats, and horrible things to my arms with hand weights.Sunday I rest because even God took a day off.I know I said I was only going to step on … [Read more...]

Fear Hell…


... To quote Fr. Longenecker, fear hell.Today is the option memorial of Our Lady of Fatima.Quoting the good Father again,It is sobering to remember that the visions of Fatima are not just the wishful thinking of three peasant children or the fanciful imaginations of ignorant children.The visions have been approved by the Church, validated by five popes and given credence by millions.Therefore we ought to take them seriously.Hell is real and should be rightly feared. … [Read more...]

Not the results I hoped for…

I'm feeling stabby now though

... Week 4 Diet Update.I am happy to report that I am in a phenomenally shitty mood after weighing myself for the first time in a month. Not only have I not lost any weight, some how I managed to gain another pound. It's like my ass is a fat magnet.Current weight : 286 lbsCurrent mood : MurderousProjected outcome : high probability of stabbingsThings I've Learned- just making healthier dietary changes is not going to be effective unless I exercise regularly - I … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day…


... Happy Mother's Day to you all.To the mothers who've buried children, miscarried, or due to infertility, can only nurse the desire of motherhood in their hearts. To the children whose mothers are no longer with them, either through death or estrangement. To the post-abortive mothers.Blessed are those who have doting children to pick them flowers and make them cards. Blessed are the children who enjoy happy relationships with their mothers.Whether today is a cause of joy or … [Read more...]