More Than Enough: Giving out of Abundance

I’ve been to places in Africa where having a little extra money meant a mother had enough to buy meat and bread for her children. She didn’t have (or need) extra money to buy video games and toys, but an upgrade in the nutritional value of their food made a significant impact on her family’s [Read More…]

Talking with VeggieTales Founder Phil Vischer

What does it mean when God gives a dream, and the dream comes true, and then it dies? And what if the dream envelopes a whole lot of people before it dies for them too? And why would a man who achieved early and spectacular business success stop using the word “dream”? [Read more…]

What Drives Your Dreams?

by Michele Corbett In the world of giving career advice, we tell people to follow their dreams – to create a vision, set goals around it, and just do it. We ask people about their passion, their interests, their deep down desires. Two of my favorite questions to ask are, “What keeps you up late [Read More…]

Attitude Adjustment

by Charles Johnson “Remember, students: P.M.A.! P.M.A.!” That was the mantra my 7th grade science teacher would recite ad infinitum throughout class each day. He was of the conviction that a “positive mental attitude” could help one be successful in any situation. His name was Mr. Smart (yes, really); who was I to argue? It is axiomatic [Read More…]

Does the L-Word Belong in Business?

by J.B. Wood So I was standing in line at Starbucks, doing my usual coffee routine, and I saw one of the baristas, Carla, in the background taking orders for the drive-through. She’s talking on one of those hands-free headphone things, so I can only hear her side of the conversation: “Is that you, Barbara? How’s [Read More…]

Before You Click “Send” On Your Next Email

I stopped counting how many times I’ve had the email etiquette conversation, both in regards to emails I’ve sent, and ones I’ve received. It’s something we’ve all experienced. So much so that we regularly chalk it up to the idea that, “something just gets lost in email conversation.” And it’s not only on email! We regularly [Read More…]