How to Live in This Economy

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by Ann Voskamp On a Monday during piano lessons, I just sit with the dead at the cemetery. Is there such a thing as a sustainable economy of the soul in this industrial world addicted to speed? Only a wind from the west moves through the granite stones. Leaves fall soundlessly, right to the ground [Read More...]

Resting in the Nap Zone


by Cheryl Smith A few years ago, I had three surgeries within an 18-month time frame, followed by a fourth surgery a year later. During each of my pre-surgery appointments, I talked with nurses about what I could and couldn’t do following surgery. Rest was always on the list of do’s. In fact, I distinctly [Read More...]

What Does God Want?


by Dave Williamson The everyday life of faith ultimately is pretty simple and straightforward stuff—simple, not necessarily easy. While there are many complex nuances of thoughtful reflection and application of Christian faith to each person’s everyday life, at the beginning and in the end, it is quite clear, direct. Jesus summarized all of the Old [Read More...]

We Are All Connected: Rembembering Birmingham

martin luther king jr, letter from birmingham jail, black history month

Ed Gilbreath says that Letter from Birmingham Jail is representative of the heart of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s oall message. His message was one of reconciliation. King believed that we’re all connected. As a result, he struggled with the idea that anything could separate us. Black, white, red, brown… we all have the same Spirit. King’s [Read More...]

Forgiveness and Accountability in the Workplace


by Mike Chalk Whenever people live or work together, they need to practice forgiveness because we humans are imperfect. No group can function long before someone breaks a promise and lets others down. Forgiveness seems like a wonderful virtue, but it is very difficult to practice. In Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis said, “Forgiveness is a lovely [Read More...]

Paying Well: Loving Others Through Fair Wages

“The extra income is a Godsend,” she said. I’d just landed a fairly large new account, one I’d need help managing, so I’d asked one of my regular freelancers if she could take on more work. With two children and three new foster kids arriving at her home soon, the extra money definitely helps. At [Read More...]