[VIDEO] What is your responsibility to the greater community?


Dwaine Massey says, “I think it’s important for us to be representatives of Christ, to be ambassadors wherever we find ourselves.” In his role as an attorney, he’s able to add value to charitable organizations by serving on their boards and assisting with legal guidance. For others of us, it might be meeting different kinds [Read More...]

What can Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ tell us about God?”

Pharrell Williams by Shawn Ahmed

Editor’s Note: another great post by The High Calling summer intern, Nathan Roberts You like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, don’t you? Of course you do. The song is catchy, plain and simple. Or maybe not so simple––new evidence suggests that “Happy” isn’t just catchy, but that when we hear it, we’re hardwired to get up [Read More...]

Pursuing Justice and Mercy: An Interview With Mike Rusch, COO for Pure Charity


by Glynn Young Q: Tell us about your career so far and the high calling of your work? For the past 16 years, I’ve worked in some leading Fortune 100 companies within the field of Shopper Insights and Analytics, the study of how and why people make the decisions they do about how they consume, [Read More...]

Four Biblical Mandates to Take Justice Seriously in Your Work and Around the World

Poverty image by Alex via flickr

For most of us, the idea of justice seems like something from a comic book. Superheroes in colored tights battling power hungry villains. Or maybe we look to our government for justice. Honorable people in black robes at the Supreme Court ruling on the laws of the land. Increasingly, the International Justice Mission (IJM) is [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Faithful in a Little

talents, dreams

What do you do when there’s a gap between your gifts and talents and the dream you haven’t yet been able to realize? It’s not uncommon to hear statements from workers like, “I don’t have the opportunity to do what I do best everyday,” or, “I don’t have opportunities at work to learn and grow.” [Read More...]

Bono’s Three Rules for Career Reinvention

Aligning Talents with Dreams

By Stephen Martin. I recently saw a photo of Bono, famed front man of Irish rock band U2, celebrating his 53rd birthday. Later that same year, he had more reason to rejoice with the expected release of U2’s 13th album. Which made me wonder: How is it that U2, which formed in 1976, is not only still around [Read More...]