EW sez: AHS COVEN is accessible and…funny?

So, some lucky critics got to see a preview of AMERICA HORROR STORY: COVEN recently, and the verdict from Entertainment Weekly‘s James Hibberd is that it is the best (read: most accessible and “least weird”) season yet. Apparently there is even some comedy to lighten the mood!

The lucky critics also got to ask series creator Ryan Murphy a few questions (jealous!) and he offered some tantalizing factoids and ideas. For example, about the witch characters and the promised erotic content the series has in store, Murphy says: “The witches’ powers were loosely based on witch trial legend. “Some of these powers were ones the girls back then were prescribed to have had, [like] the ability to f–k someone to death.” Um. Okaaaayyyyyy…

Yes, that is something that many nay-saying nellies will point to as a reason NOT to watch the show or to boycott it sight unseen, or to view it and immediately denounce it. Note well, readers: everyone is entitled to their opinions, but not if they don’t bother to watch the show. So please, let’s hold off on the protests and outraged commentary until you’ve actually seen a couple of episodes, shall we?

Hibberd’s piece is well written (he is obviously a fan of the show, too) and has no major spoilers. I plan to include him in my roster of reviewers payng attention to the show as the season unfold, starting THIS WEDNESDAY! And EW’s website is definitely providing plenty of coverage, which you can catch up on here.

Oh, and my friend and fellow blogger Lilith Dorsey (creator of the newish Patheos blog Voodoo Universe) and I are planning a Google Hang Out Chat on Thursday, and I will post details here beforehand, so be sure to join us! Lilith’s perspective, as not only a fan of the show but as a filmmaker but a voodoo priestess who has many New Orleans connections, will make for a fascinating conversation.


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  • JasonMankey

    I’m planning on a 500 word write-up Wednesday night/Thursday morning after i see the first episode, and plan to rinse and repeat with that write-up every week during the show’s run. I’m never outraged by the use of the word “witch,” but I will be angry if they show authentic Wiccan/Witch practices and then mix that up with some crazy bullshit. I’ll pass the word around about the chat hangout.

    • PegAloi

      I look forward to your write-ups! I will be doing the same. (cue “Duelling Banjos”) If you want to join in on the chat-hang out let me know! We’d love to have you. I hear you re: the mixing up of the Wicca stuff with crazy crap; this can lead to the kind of confusion and prejudice we’ve worked along time to overcome. And with the show taking place in the modern day as well as the past, AND with the show’s mythology having plenty of supernatural trappings, I’d say “anything goes” might end up being the norm. Still, I am betting it will be deliciously entertaining, anyway.