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Redneck Preacha Remix

Here’s the original video that will give this a bit of context. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should watch it before you listen to this remix. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Being a Christian is not a Private Matter! (Stanley Hauerwas)

Any thoughts on this video? This comes from the good folks at Work of the People, who create videos to be used in the context of church and various other communities… check them out! [Read more…]

New Worship Songs for Progressive Christian Faith Communities (Brian Brandsmeier)

Progressive Christianity has a lot of things in its favor: thoughtful theology, rich tradition, social engagement, etc. But too often it’s missing one important factor: passion. Some people probably gravitate to more conservative churches because, frankly, they’re bored and uninspired by worship at progressive churches. But it’s possible to be progressive and passionate. One important [Read More…]

What Does “Being” Look Like For You?

This week I shared an article with you describing the journey that I’m on with God (“I’m Done With Living Like a Christian“). I desire to know Jesus in a fresh way, one that is not defined merely by theological theoreticals or “doing,” but rather “being.” “Being” meaning to discover who I am in relation [Read More…]