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What is the gospel, and why is it the “good news”? (N.T. Wright)

Jesus vs Caesar! Gotta love this! Any thoughts on the following video??? [Read more…]

Death Through New Eyes: Reflections from a Young Widow (Stephanie Olson)

Imagine it’s a Friday night like any other. Your husband, sick from a cold, went to bed early. So you decide to spend some time alone. You pick out a good bottle of wine and some scrap-booking supplies, and spend a quiet evening enjoying some Riesling, being with your thoughts, and reminiscing on family times [Read More…]

In Chains: The Art of Freeing Girls from Sexual Slavery (Clint Brewer)

I have seen so much of our world over the years but each new trip brings more understanding that there is so much left to see, experience and understand. As a Photographer i am drawn to the creative, the inspiring, the moments in life that can draw people out of their shells and reveal their [Read More…]

If the Spirit took the lead…

Throughout the New Testament we find that the Holy Spirit takes an active role in the story of the people of God. The Spirit actively works throughout the cosmos, the church, and persons to lead this world toward its eventual goal: new creation. Yet in my own experiences I often assign a passive role to [Read More…]