Elements Of Magic – Becoming Earth, Magic, Lover

I have come to regard the Earth as a lover whose body I know and adore and cherish and yearn to be joined in rapt ecstasy with morning, noon and night. [Read more…]

Elements of Magic – Becoming Water, Magic, Change

With Water, I’m in it and when I work with Water, the magic I do is all about being in “it” [Read more…]

The Aging Witch

For a long time I blamed my fears on a lack of experience. I just didn’t have enough experience and someday, after years and years, I wouldn’t feel like that anymore. As the years went by I started to blame my feelings on age. I started to think that someday when I was older, I would finally feel confident, and without doubts on what I had to offer. [Read more…]

I’m Kinda Over Beltane

This is not the Beltane for flower wreaths and kissing under the winding ribbons of the maypole. This is not the Beltane for waking up at dawn and dancing with the sunrise. This is the Beltane to step up, speak up, and band together. [Read more…]

Elements Of Magic – Becoming Fire, Magic, Heat

Fire. Just saying the word gets me all tingly and I feel my temperature rising. I’m instantly transported to rituals around a fire. Rituals with witches and gatherings with friends. Fires inspire dancing and drumming, sitting and talkin, sweating and staying warm. Staying connected to the Element of fire, in all it’s forms, is one of the [Read More…]

Elements Of Magic – Becoming Air, Magic, Breath

I am breath. I am chaotic. I am whispers on the wind. My thoughts can take flight. I give my voice to these thoughts and in speaking them aloud, imbue them with meaning and substance. [Read more…]

Spring Equinox – Making Runic Eggs

One of my favorite, fun  activities for the Spring Equinox is making Runic Eggs. This isn’t an official, traditional Nordic ancient holiday tradition, described in endless detail in the Lore. You won’t find this in any books about ancient Germanic peoples and their pagan practices. This is totally modern. It’s a bit of fun. Our [Read More…]

Ancient Goddess Origins

We need to know how to create spells to subvert the dominant paradigm, to weave magic into the world. [Read more…]

Children And Pagan Rituals – Get Down On Your Knees And Play

Two or three other four year old children, deciding that one of their crew was having fun, decided to follow suite. There were candles rolling everywhere [Read more…]

A Case For Anger And Magic

Sorry to tell you, but witchcraft was not born out of the need to make nice with the new neighbors. Witchcraft was and still is the practice of making things happen.
[Read more…]