Elements Of Magic – Becoming Air, Magic, Breath

I am breath. I am chaotic. I am whispers on the wind. My thoughts can take flight. I give my voice to these thoughts and in speaking them aloud, imbue them with meaning and substance. [Read more…]

Spring Equinox – Making Runic Eggs

One of my favorite, fun  activities for the Spring Equinox is making Runic Eggs. This isn’t an official, traditional Nordic ancient holiday tradition, described in endless detail in the Lore. You won’t find this in any books about ancient Germanic peoples and their pagan practices. This is totally modern. It’s a bit of fun. Our [Read More…]

Ancient Goddess Origins

We need to know how to create spells to subvert the dominant paradigm, to weave magic into the world. [Read more…]

Children And Pagan Rituals – Get Down On Your Knees And Play

Two or three other four year old children, deciding that one of their crew was having fun, decided to follow suite. There were candles rolling everywhere [Read more…]

A Case For Anger And Magic

Sorry to tell you, but witchcraft was not born out of the need to make nice with the new neighbors. Witchcraft was and still is the practice of making things happen.
[Read more…]

PantheaCon 2017 – It’s All About Decompression

It’s Pantheacon time and there is always so much for me to do and see at this amazing event. So far, I’ve journeyed to the sacred isles, partied with my favorite friends who are celebrating their new book releases and been reminded that there are witches and pagans and heathens and druids of all sorts, [Read More…]

Naked And Afraid – Skyclad In Pagan Space

We all come together in sacred space without the trappings of the outside world. None of us are in our professional garb, our day wear, our fancy dress. We come to ritual just as who we are. [Read more…]

Five Indespensible Non-Pagan Books For Pagans

Anyone that studies with me or asks me how I developed my magical practices only need pick up a copy of this beautiful collection of words and all my secrets will be revealed. [Read more…]

Goddess Ablaze – Where Are My Ruby Slippers?

So much trouble and heartache could have been avoided for dear Dorothy Gale, if only the Good Witch had said, “Well love, click those shoes together and they will take you home”. But she didn’t. [Read more…]

The Priestess And The Nun – Sisters In Service

I am unwavering clear that there needs to be some mechanisms in place whereby my service is recognized as equally valuable and honorable. Our Godds might be different. How we work with them might vary, but the work is much the same. [Read more…]