Pentacle Of Yourself: Creating Your Own Body Pentacle

Another discovery that came from working my personal pentacle was the recognition that the most important points in my witchcraft practice, were also the points that I struggled with the most. When I am out of balance, when I am not myself, when I feel “off”, it’s because one of my personal points is out of balance, out of whack, and not in alignment with my true core self. Read more

Should I Join A Coven? A Few Things To Consider

There are witches I am in coven with or have been in coven with that mean the world to me. We’ve developed trust, respect, affection and a deep love for the magic we do together. Good boundaries and clear expectations of why we exist as a coven alleviate stresses that might otherwise cause tension. Read more

A Samhain Feast – What’s On The Menu

Here’s my favourite ingredient. Add one bottle of brown ale, minus one gulp (that’s for the cook!). Some folk use stout but my aunt always used the best brown ale she could find. Read more

Broken Hearted Samhain

There is so much that I could point out about the world being broken right now. So much that I won’t even bother writing it out. You already know. Read more

My Body – A Living, Breathing Altar

I call on my body, as I would an altar, to be the foundation of the magical working. I step into a rite, I name my body as a sacred place where magic happens. Read more

In The Fire Zone: An Update From Northern California

October 13th, 2017 – Sonoma County, California The fires started on October 8th. No cause has been determined yet and realistically won’t for quite some time. Local speculation is that the fires started when power lines were blown down during a wind storm that swept eastward, through the area. Gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour were reported. Sonoma County residents know that the winds kick up in October and winds coming from the east rarely bring good fortune. Fire… Read more

What Goes on a Samhain Altar?

Do you have a quilt that your great grandma passed down to you? Maybe you have a braided rug or a hand woven table cloth from the lands where your ancestors came from. Using fabric that connects you directly to the ancestors is a powerful reminder of who is being honoured and why. Read more

How to Use Knot Magic in Your Practice

I bet you already know a little knot magic. Some of the most common magic we do has us all tied up in knots and enjoying every minute of it. But what exactly is knot magic and how do we use it in spell work? Read more

Fall Equinox – Balance Is a Lie

Before too long life falls apart, we face hardships, we have to deal with difficult challenges, we get too sucked in by a project or a new lover or an exciting adventure and things get out of whack. We lose the balance that seemed so steady just a minute ago. The moment of balance can feel just as fleeting as the moment of balance during the Equinox. Read more

Autumn Equinox – Finding Equilibrium on the Mountain Top

Standing in the full moonlight of the Autmun Equinox, speaking what is true and hard and wondrous about my life, and being held in all of that magic, takes my breath away. Read more

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