I’m much more interested in people who are willing to step into leadership than I am in folk that want to be Leaders. Read more

It’s one thing to be an expert on a subject, it’s another thing to be in service to the people that are coming to learn from you. That’s an entirely other skill indeed. Read more

The first few days of Spring aren’t a frenzy. Early spring energy is a slow unfurling of flowers, the groggy bear coming out of hibernation, or the melting of frost as it is hit with the sun from the early day. My favorite Spring Equinox rituals are the ones that help us move from the slumber of Winter into the gentle warmth of Spring. Read more

The god was invited, seduced to join us. And He came. Read more

One of the beloveds that would not abandon the hearts and minds of Her people is Brigid the Goddess of Imbolc, honored on February 1st. Read more

For my ritual I experienced a challenging physical ordeal, I pushed myself beyond what I thought I could handle, I almost gave up, and at one point I thought that I had failed and would be denied initiation. Read more

Ultimately, the tarot is a platform for you to explore your own intuition and ‘sight’. The meaning that is most important is the meaning that you feel from the cards. However, just like any spiritual pursuit, you need to know the history and roots of a tradition. Be intuitive AND be a good student. Read more

The cauldron then is the both the container of the magic and an active participant in the spell work. One might say that it is actually the most important ingredient in the whole process for without the it, there’s nothing to put the other bits and bobs into. Read more

No matter what we might choose to do with our time or what choices are made for us about how we should spend our time, time is the only thing we really have. Read more

What is the one thing you can do today that forwards your work in the world? Is it a magical spell? Is it creating an intention, writing a to-do list, sending an email, making a phone call, setting up a time to meet with someone, sleeping, dreaming, naming what you want out loud? What is the one thing you can do right now and why haven’t you done it yet?” Read more

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