Baba Yaga is a witch/earth goddess from Russian folklore. She lives deep in the forest in a house on chicken legs. She’s a dangerous and wonderful figure who tests the wit and mettle of anyone who approaches her hut seeking help. She may grant you the tools necessary to succeed in your quest, or she may eat you. Read more

Magic is black, white and mixed and can be conservative and extremely liberal. Magic can be found in sacred space, in personal relationships with spirit guides, ancestors and angels, and even from working with daemons and employing methods that are a bit more taboo. Read more

I learned that our tradition is very rich, and that it contains magical and religious rituals and prayers for the outward expression of our inner spirituality for every phase and condition of our lives. The practices of witchcraft, folk medicine, blessing rituals, cooking, and crafting are inextricably woven into the fabric of Italian culture—no matter where Italians are geographically located. Read more

There are twelve basic principles of bardic awareness. By studying them and seeing how they relate to your everyday life, you can start to experiment with them and learn how to use them. By putting them into practice and integrating them into your world, you can make huge leaps in awareness. Read more

The Moon is the mycelium, she is the moss, she is the matrix that all of the bigger stuff takes place in. She holds it in a net—or a web, or a womb. Read more

Words can shift thoughts and beliefs in the direction that we intentionally want them to flow, and that flow allows good things to come to us. Read more

If you asked my students what the single greatest game-changer for improving their Magic that they got from my teachings, most of them would say “offerings.” Read more

There are few theological battles in Paganism that rival the Christological debates of the Early Christian Church. I would go so far as to say that there is really only one theological debate that is actively considered—that of hard and soft polytheism. Read more

Thanks to everyone in the online Pagan Community for another great year here at Patheos Pagan. It’s easy to think of Patheos Pagan as simply a bunch of servers and blogs, but it’s much more than that. Patheos Pagan is not just everyone who writes articles here, but everyone who leaves a comment, shares a post, chimes in on social media about things, and contributes to the experiences that inform our writing here. As the Channel Manager here (NOT an… Read more

The most important of all American ideals is said to be freedom, yet Columbus Day is testament to the fact that our culture values power and conquest over equality and respect for human life. Read more

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