What exactly does it mean to “respect” beliefs that violate the humanity of others? Read more

The reality of our climate crisis is so profound that we must recognize it will require embracing technological innovation, living more simply, and reducing the size of our global population. And not just the growing population of the world’s poorest people. After all, the people in those 47 countries have far smaller ecological footprints than children born in the U.S. Read more

In this season of the 40 Days of Action of the Poor People’s Campaign, here is one small way that you can participate in calling for a new moral narrative in our country. Call your representative and let them know that you are a Christian and that you believe it is our moral responsibility to feed the hungry. Read more

A new Poor People’s Campaign is launched on May 13, 2018 – Mother’s Day. An appropriate starting date given that the highest rates of poverty in the country are associated with single-parent female-headed households. Read more

I see very little of compassion in our President and less of it in my sister and brother evangelicals who claim to share a faith tradition with me. Read more

Jesus didn’t say to the lame, “Rise up and go get a job!” or to the poor, “If you only worked harder you could care for your family!” Read more

The term “progressive” has long been used to represent an understanding of Christianity marked by an awareness of social sin; a consciousness of institutional and human potential and shortcomings; and, an emphasis on the church’s mission to engage the world.  The root of the term is “progress” and denotes the ways that humans over the centuries have become more conscious of our common nature and our common needs and acted out of compassion and our concern for justice to address… Read more

I am tired of God the Father. I am tired of the traditional, patriarchal Trinitarian formulas. I am tired of preachers and hymns and creeds and prayers that reduce the divine to masculine imagery and shape a picture of a faith where men are closer to God than women. Read more

I want them to know that sex can be right and good and wonderful! It should not be tinged by fear, regret, shame, or guilt. Read more

There many things – large and small – that Christians can do to fight the xenophobia that threatens our country. One simple thing to do is have lunch! Read more

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