How to Reject Xenophobia – Have Lunch Instead!

credit In the midst of an executive order clearly intended to target and exclude Muslims, many Christians in the US are trying to figure out how to respond. There many things – large and small – that Christians can do to fight the xenophobia that threatens our country. One simple thing to do is have lunch! Today, in Greensboro, NC, a group of Presbyterian Women are hosting their Jewish and Muslim sisters for lunch. While these women... Read more

How White People Gather to Undermine White Supremacy

Copyright: bbbar / 123RF Stock Photo Last Sunday, two colleagues and I greeted a group of thirty-three people over a shared meal in a church social hall to talk together about race and racism. With five different churches from four different traditions – UCC, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian – we came together to talk about the problem of racism in our community and in our world. We are all white and we represent predominantly white churches.... Read more

Practicing Solidarity: The Power of Churches to Challenge Hate

    ietaage The threat of autocracy Living in Trump’s America poses unprecedented threats to the fabric of our democracy. While the Civil War tested our strength as a federation of states; Trump’s presidency will test our strength as a republic. A republic is distinctly democratic form of government with an elected president rather than a monarch. Clearly, Trump’s narcissistic tendencies and his consolidation of power threaten to veer toward autocracy rather than democracy. While true that Trump... Read more

Afraid for the Future? Join the Resistance!!

credit Since the inauguration one week ago today, it is becoming increasingly clear that Trump’s authoritarian leadership style will continue in the days, months, and years to come. If unchecked, he poses a serious threat to our democracy, our civility, and the common good of our country and the world. Resistance is not futile. Resistance is necessary. This is not a partisan claim. My candidate has lost in the past and I have held my nose and... Read more

Governing in the Midst of Crisis: What Should Hillary Do?

Copyright: warpress / 123RF Stock Photo While Hillary’s lead in the polls is narrowing as we approach election day, it appears likely that she will win on Tuesday. Increasingly, the Trump campaign and prominent Republicans are threatening to create a political crisis in Washington by refusing to approve anyone she nominates for the Supreme Court as well as by threatening to attempt to impeach her after the election. These tactics are not surprising at the end... Read more

Christian Crazies Threaten Democracy, Peace, and Public Safety

  “If she comes after the guns, it’s going to be a rough, bumpy road,” Mr. Swick said. “I hope to God I never have to fire a round, but I won’t hesitate to. As a Christian, I want reformation. But sometimes reformation comes through bloodshed.” Paul Swick, 42 years old Small business owner, Trump supporter and owner of 30+ guns My daughter looked over my shoulder at the headline of this post and said, “That looks like a headline... Read more

Trump, Sexual Assault, and Incest: When Forgiveness is Failure

  Between the recently revealed tapes of Trump’s arrogant and predatory attitude toward women and their bodies and his vicious and misogynist attacks on Hillary as a “nasty woman,” I have been encouraged to see women across the nation stand up and denounce Trump’s attitudes and actions in no uncertain terms. Vox recently reported that the “nasty woman” comment has become a feminist rallying cry across the country and isn’t about time??? Trump’s words and deeds matter because the nation’s... Read more

Learning to be Parents: The Challenge of Community in a World of Social Isolation

I remember leaving the hospital with our first child and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe they are sending us home with this baby! We have no idea what we are doing.” In my experience, that is a fairly common reaction from new parents. To some extent, it’s also pretty true. I mean most of us know how to change diapers and dress babies. If we don’t already know to support their heads when we hold them, we figure it out... Read more

How to Pray When You Don’t Believe in Magic

credit My older sister was recently diagnosed with cancer. At first all we knew was that there were “masses” in her abdomen.  After a biopsy, we thought that she had a slow-growing form of cancer that might not be so bad.  Once the surgeon got in there, he found that she had stage III ovarian cancer. They removed all the masses and took the uterus and ovaries as well. From a clinical perspective – she was “optimally... Read more

When Is Stopping a Pipeline Social Change?

creditTwo weeks ago, the Obama administration voluntarily halted construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline just hours after a federal judge had ruled that construction on the pipeline could continue. While many people were surprised by this action, it represents one significant example of how the government can play an important role in long-term social change. Not something we often see a lot of success with given the nature of electoral democracy and the frequent changing of... Read more
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