Am I just struggling or am I doing this wrong? It is hard to know if we are in the right place, doing the right thing. Juggling dreams and responsibilities, we work ourselves into a frenzy. We are just trying to keep our heads above water. But there is more to life. I know it. You know it. We know it. There is an itch we are dying to scratch. The Bible calls it ‘the fullness of life’. The keys to this kingdom are… Read more

The Olympics start this week and we are ready to go bonkers for it. Why do we get so into a bunch of sports we otherwise don’t care about? The games aren’t just about fun. It’s more than that. We can sense the energy. We can feel it. Our interest in the Olympics may go deeper than we realize. Perhaps this unique set of games scratches an itch deep in the heart of us. I live in one of those… Read more

As one of only three things we can control, whom we trust is vitally important for each of us. We are made to live in community and to care for one another. None of us can make it through this life alone; at least not in the sense of truly thriving. We need one another. We need people we can trust. Victim mentality becomes the perversion of our innate need to be together. Coexistence can easily become co-dependence. Our need… Read more

We give our circumstances too much power. We hand them the keys to the kingdom and bow at their feet. Even when circumstances are good, they are not meant to rule us. The seasons of our circumstance are nothing more than terrain for the journey. Joyride When I lived in Africa, my absolute favorite thing to do was pop some headphones in my ears and listen to music during the van rides. I watched the people and the places pass… Read more

In the beginning, we don’t own anything. We don’t get to decide what to wear or when to poop. Rules and perspectives and behaviors are either instinctive or taught with a tight set of boundaries. We are watched, guided, reared. The fundamental experience of a child is borrowing from their parents. As we try to find our way in the world, the attitudes and choices of our parents serve as placeholders. They help us navigate the world with some level… Read more

Reading through the Book of Acts recently, I’ve been fascinated with the dispute between Paul and Barnabas concerning John, also called Mark. As a missionary in a leadership position, I often found myself challenged by this very dilemma. Every minute spent pouring into one person is one that might have been spent elsewhere. How do I know where best to use my influence? What is the best approach for investing my time and passion? I spent hours, days, weeks, chasing… Read more

Fear is perhaps the most prominent negative human emotion. Ask any self-aware person what plagues them most abundantly and fear is likely the answer. We are afraid of rejection, of failure, of being hurt. We are scared of being exposed, misunderstood, accused. It is a giant weight that we pile on every day, even before we get out of bed. We’re afraid things won’t go well and people won’t like us. We’re afraid of not being seen or heard or… Read more

There is nothing on this earth more important than perspective. The way we see things can divide or unite us; it makes enemies, friends, and lovers. Everything we do or say is a result of our perspective. Perception drives us forward and holds us back. There are two constant mistakes we make concerning our perspective. The first is believing ours is the only legitimate way. It is absurd to us that someone might see things differently. We dismiss them as foolish or… Read more

My wife and I are going through a difficult time. We lost a baby to miscarriage a month ago. Other circumstances are making life a challenge for us. We’re hurting. And although our culture is hell-bent on rushing through suffering or covering up it up with platitudes, we are seeing that there is some real value in affliction. Pervasive individuation makes us falsely believe that all suffering is our own fault, that we could have done something better. This is… Read more

I am currently coaching a man named Tim, a missionary in Serbia, who learned a lot about himself during a recent assessment of his free time. Tim is doing some incredible things. He spends his days at an orphanage, teaching English to children. Twice a week, he leads worship at a bilingual church service. “I get to be a part of all of these great things,” Tim said to me recently. “Things I really love. But I still feel like… Read more

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