Connecting with the Divine…Where in the Hell to Begin?

Simple ways to connect with the divine. Ways of spiritual cleansing, and instructions for setting up an ancestor altar. [Read more...]

Sexy Ghosts in the City: Pagan Pride 2013

Lilith Dorsey will be talking about the sexy ghosts of Washington Square Park, as well as Hoodoo, Voodoo and what you do at this year’s NYC Pagan Pride. [Read more...]

Voodoo Veves: Sacred Cell Numbers for the Gods

Invented by chickens? Exploding art to deter gang violence? Mysterious corn drawings appearing from the beyond? What in the universe am I talking about, why veve drawings of course, the sacred symbols of Vodou. No one is precisely sure how they initially came to be, but folklore abounds on the topic. Some believe that they [Read More...]

Gumbo is Gumbo: The Enmeshment of N.O. Voodoo Performance and Ritual

Performance and ritual, these entities can be as far apart or as close together as one’s vision. In New Orleans Voodoo these lines are blurry, but gumbo is gumbo, and if you know what you are putting in the pot, it is good. [Read more...]

King Chango Cashew Chili Recipe

King Chango Cashew Chili recipe to honor the Santeria Orisha of fire, passion, and the drum. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Dorothy Morrison

Divination Space Station, where this week Voodoo Universe stops in with Dorothy Morrison to discuss tarot and divination as a whole. [Read more...]

Cleaning House with Voodoo and Santeria

There are several ways in Voodoo and Santeria to connect by performing ritual cleansings of your space. [Read more...]