Wild Wise Women of Science Fiction: Guinan

Madame Tussauds London Whoopi Goldberg photo by the12thplaya. Text added. Licensed under CC 2.0.

"So why do you write these strong female characters ?""Because you're still asking me that question." - Joss Whedon, Equality Now speech 2006 There are many ways in which magic and science fiction are the same. If you are a fan you don't need anyone to tell you this. Both worlds allow us to change, transform, escape, explore ourselves and others. Magic is religion. A religion as old as time. Science Fiction is it's baby cousin born of a new world, and a new unknown tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood

May is quickly turning into divination month here at Voodoo Universe, and I foresee really good things. There have been quite a few Divination Space Station stops and today I am honored to profile author Taylor Ellwood. We recently reviewed his  Manifesting Wealth: Magic for Prosperity, Love and Health here on the blog and now we are pleased to offer his insight about divination. When did you start divining? With what Method?When I was 16 and first got into Magic, I picked up a … [Read more...]

VooDoo Mama Drink Recipe

Bead Vomit 2010 photo by Lilith Dorsey.

There is nothing new about spirits for the spirit. The following uses traditional Voodoo flavors and liquors to make a drink fit for all the Voodoo Mamas out there, and maybe some big bad Voodoo Dads too. In the New Orleans Voodoo tradition we like to celebrate the sacred and the decadent side by side. This ritual drink recipe will deliciously help you do both. Iko Iko, party on! Voodoo Mama Drink Recipe3 ounces pineapple juice (for blessing from the mother of the Ocean)1/2 … [Read more...]

Torch to Light the Way in Nigeria #BringBackOurGirls

Love-candle photo by Bogdan.

A message for my readers-Feburary 2014 saw the brutal kidnapping of at least 230 schoolgirls in Bornu, Nigeria by Boko Haram. The name of the militant group means "Western education is sin " in the local Hausa dialect according to CNN. Only a small handful have escaped in the months since the abduction. There are reports that the girls ranging from ages 15-18 are being sold into slavery and worse.Nigerians have been demanding justice for some time now. The call to action has gone out to … [Read more...]

Hoodoo Up the Hearth: Come On In My Kitchen

Hoodoo Up The Hearth photo by Lilith Dorsey.

You better come on in my kitchen babe, it's goin' to be rainin' outdoors– Robert JohnsonHoodoo, like its more formalized cousins Voodoo and Vodou, has traditionally gotten a bad rap. In my book Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism, I talk about how its practitioners are called doctors and are “said to always have one hand, eye, or foot in both worlds: the visible and the invisible.” Hoodoo is, at its core, folk magick; it thrives on making do with what it can grab with that one hand, … [Read more...]

Techno-Voodoo 2.0 : Technology Changes Religion

Techno-Voodoo 2.0 Simbi Altar photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

Technology is magick. Try going a day without it and you may see how it's necessity borders on religion. Now I'm an anthropologist, a filmmaker, and a Voodoo priestess but I spent my formative years just like many other unique people of my generation. I had my nose pressed to the television trying to get it to twitch just like Samantha on Bewitched (my nose, not the television.) Like most kids, technology was mostly my master and sometimes my muse. I dreamed of a betamax, does anyone remember … [Read more...]

#Patheos5yrs : Thanks for Faith, Voodoo and the Devil

Happy Anniversary Patheos by Lilith Dorsey

Patheos is 5 years old today. Five years of the conversation on Faith has expanded up our minds and hopefully our hearts. I'm a recent addition to the Patheos Pagan blogging team but I can honestly say I'm glad to be here. Patheos has opened up some difficult topics for discussion with my blog Voodoo Universe. My most popular piece to date was The Voodoo Truth About Papa Legba. As I write this it has received over 21,500 shares. It talks about how Voodoo has been demonized over the years in … [Read more...]