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Wendy Murray is a veteran and award-winning journalist. She served as associate editor and Senior Writer at Christianity Today magazine and has written extensively for other publications such as Books & Culture and The Christian Century. She has written 11 books.

Moneychangers Part 4 ~ Beginning points toward a better way


A Conversation with Ben Zoba about Money, Part 4 In this installment -- the fourth with Ben Zoba about the failures of the current money system -- we discuss some models of how others have explored and successfully appropriated a new paradigm for financial exchange. He highlights, for example, the Wir credit exchange, in Switzerland, which has experienced great success; Ellen Brown's work, which explores a public banking system (through the government) over against the current private banking s … [Read more...]

A “Crusade” That Defies the Stereotype


The Little Friar who Brought a Great Peace Francis of Assisi's bold action in the context of religious warOnly one time during the period of global religious conflict known (now) as the Crusades did Christian forces conquer Jerusalem. That occurred during the first Crusade in 1099. The only other time Christendom laid claim to the Holy City only was in 1229, when the Muslims under the leadership of Malik al-Kamil freely remitted it to them. That year, al-Kamil negotiated a ten-year peace … [Read more...]

Moneychangers ~ Part 3: The psychological effect of money scarcity

Greco Cover

In this third installment of our conversation with local farmer and community activist, Ben Zoba, he explores the hidden psychological impact of people trying to flourish in an environment of monetary scarcity. Building upon the points discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, Ben makes the case that the manufactured scarcity of money creates a social environment that indirectly sets citizens against one another as each contends for limited funds to build their lives and aspire toward … [Read more...]

Moneychangers Part 2 ~ What is the Federal Reserve and how is it hurting families?


A conversation with Ben Zoba, Part 2 of 5 In this second of five installments of my conversation with farmer and community activist, Ben Zoba, he discusses the irregularities associated with the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 -- which is run by a contingent of private bankers who wield sole control over the ebb and flow of economies worldwide.Ben sees this control, and its debilitating effects on citizens, as a singular attack on fundamental institutions, most notably the … [Read more...]

Moneychangers Part 1 ~ Is it time to rethink how we “do” money”?


A conversation with Ben Zoba, Part 1 of 5The post-holiday season stands as a stark reminder to a majority of Americans of the raw force of being in debt and the panic that is often associated with that.In this series of five podcasts, in conversation with Benjamin Zoba, I will be exploring the unsettled, sometimes hostile relationship between persons and their money. Ben is an organic farmer and community activist in a small town north of Boston who, in addition to farming and managing … [Read more...]

Mary Rejoicing, Rachel Weeping

1824 (oil on canvas), Cogniet, Leon (1794-1880) Musee des Beaux-Arts, Rennes, France / Giraudon / The Bridgeman Art Library

by Wendy MurrayA disastrous event that took place in Bethlehem related to Jesus’ birth that is also part of the picture of Christmas. Herod ordered the slaughter of all the boys two years old and under. Yet we tend to allow sleigh bells, evergreens, and shopping trips to push it out of view. It is nevertheless, in all its brutality, what Christmas is about: a Savior's "invasion" (to borrow from C. S. Lewis) and confrontation with the forces of evil.Matthew's narrative of Christ's b … [Read more...]

What Jud Wanted to Say: My Tribute to Jud Carlberg

Jud Carlberg

By Wendy Murray Over these many months, since last April, I have been working closely with the administration at Gordon College to complete a book in celebration of their 125th Anniversary. The book, titled Leading the Way, highlights the legacy of Gordon College's eight presidents. It had been my idea to showcase the scholarship and vision of these leaders, scholars, and theologians in the context of the American religious landscape of their time.This assignment offered me the … [Read more...]