Oscar Pistorious’s Weeping and Vomiting Shows Someone Who Is Out of Control

Pistorius's vomit bucket at the ready.

It is truly alarming to see a chiseled muscled athlete so continually unhinged. Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic and Paralympic champion, finished out five grueling shriveling days of cross-examination in the South African courtroom, under the hammer of prosecutor Gerrie Nel. Throughout the cross examination and regularly at all points in the trial, the court has had to recess because of Pistorius’s weeping, wailing, and vomiting.The state is attempting to make the case that Pistorius and his g … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Lent 15 ~ Affliction shall Advance the Flight in Me


The season of Lent rises to its devastating and astonishing conclusion this week. At long last, the veil of the dark night will be forever rent and those who abide in death will have a door to walk through into a new kind of life. Jesus will suffer first (Good Friday), and then the forces that crushed him will themselves be crushed two days later (Resurrection Sunday). In its time it was a cosmic event that, in its starkest movements, occurred beyond the veil, in a place where human eyes cannot … [Read more...]

C.S. Lewis on Suffering, Let’s Do Lunch ~ a New Book

Alister McGrath

Alistair McGrath's new book If I Had Lunch with C.S.Lewis is a short volume with a lively tea-and-biscuit feel that explores Lewis's ideas on subjects related to the struggle and beauty of faith.The book's casual presentation could be helpful to some, but I stumbled over it.  The issues addressed in Lewis's arsenal of thought are not tea-and-biscuit fare. When Lewis himself broached such matters-- heaven, education or suffering, it typically involved book-length discussions and years of … [Read more...]

Revisited: Why Ricky Gervais’s ‘Derek’ is the Best Show on Television

Ricky Gervais as Derek

By Wendy Murray(A note to the reader: after seeing Season Two, I have modified my opinion, which I will expand upon in a future post.) Picture a bus loaded with elderly people on their way to the beach. There are wheelchairs, walkers, and beach balls. The driver’s name is Dougie, a middle-aged man with a swathe of badly sculpted hair encircling the lower reaches of an otherwise cue-ball crown. He grips the wheel two-handed, elbows locked in the plaintive unresolved way that d … [Read more...]

World Vision’s Decision & the Hazard of Drawing Lines


World Vision’s announcement they will accept same-sex married couples into their employ has stirred a backlash. In arguing against this concession, one well-known website has argued:“To treat regular homosexual intercourse as less dangerous than fornication, adultery, greed, theft, and drunkenness is to treat perdition as if it were a small thing, or not really coming. [This list is derived from 1 Corinthians 6]. The same text that imperils active fornicators and adulterers and thieves and co … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Lent 13: Clarity of Mind


My vocation happens to be that of a writer, though every person's vocation requires clarity of mind. In my case clarity of mind drives the pen. What does it drive in your case? If your mind is cluttered as a writer your words will be tedious and often superfluous. If your mind is cluttered in any vocation, you will feel like you are walking in circles.Whether in my vocation or yours (do you know what your vocation is?), unhealthy dependence upon social media in its various forms carries the … [Read more...]

My Walk with the Beatles: Thoughts on Lent 12


One of my goals during this season of Lent is to work on my interior landscape, which sometimes means getting out of my head. I go to the YMCA. I take my iPod Shuffle on which I have compiled a rousing playlist from the Beatles who do a very good job of starting me slow and elevating the pace incrementally. They talk me through things. They work it through with me and  help me land on the place where, baby, I can drive my car.Hear is a glimpse into a typical conversation:They say, … [Read more...]