Tour of my Home Altar

UPDATE: ¬†Sorry it wasn’t working earlier! I was missing one number of the URL :( *facepalm* It should be good now!

To kick off talking about my personal spirituality and how I express it, I thought it would be nice to show you where I do most of my worship. Plus you get to see what I look and sound like! :)

Sorry the video is narrow for half of it. I used my iPod to film this…

YouTube Preview Image

If the video doesn’t embed, here is the link…¬†

My goal this week is to trust in the universe and not become anxious over the experiences within the world.

What is your goal for the week?

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About Ambaa

Ambaa is an American woman of European ancestry who is also a practicing Hindu. She is fascinated with questions of philosophy, culture, and the meaning of life. Join her in the journey to explore how a non-Indian convert to Hinduism experiences her religion.

  • Kaushiki

    Sorry, hon You Tube says this video does not exist. I was looking forward to seeing your video! I enjoy looking at altars.

    • Ambaa

      Got it fixed now! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Andrea

    Hi Ambaa, your video doesn’t embed nor does it load on YouTube.

    • Ambaa

      Oh dear :( Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to see what I can do to fix that. How very disappointing.

  • Seeker

    Hi Ambaa–

    My goal this week is to accept the limits of what I can influence. For the past 35 weeks my friends and I have been a goal a week from Just One Thing which is based on Buddha Brain by Rick Hanson. I find that since I’m limiting what I’m trying to work on each week, things seem more manageable.

    Thanks for showing your home altar!

    • Ambaa

      That is a very good goal! I have trouble not being in control of everything all the time!

      • Seeker

        I have the same problem so using guided meditation by someone else doesn’t work for me. Another problem with it is that I know how to do the techniques myself so half of my mind is evaluating the speaker’s technique at the same time I’m supposed to be concentrating on my breathing. My current solution is to copy down the script (relatively minimal) and record it myself. For some reason, hearing my own voice takes away a lot of the “interference.”

        • Ambaa

          Hahaha! I can see that. It is hard for me to go to yoga classes because my mind is all judgmental about how the leader is doing. Great idea to record it yourself. I may have to try that.


    Hi Ambaa Or do you prefer to be called by your other name?

    I couln’t stop laughing when the video started to play. I will explain.
    Poor Krishna spent his life being locked up inside by Yashoda when he didn’t behave, now his deciples ( You ) are locking him in closets. What an irony. :) I’m still laughing while writting this.

    Arti must be done with real wick. The reason for this is very simple, It’s bit like inviting your friends and serving then fake food in the party. Evrey kind of light has its functions in life, some are there to look good some are there to gives a light and then there are others to light our heart with the brightness. Arti from real wick is important in pryers otherwise we would have replaced them with electronic ones. It’s about intimacy with lord and nothing else. If you see my point.

    To make a wick get some pure cotton wool. Pour some milk in little bowl only little amout. Take a pinch full of cotton wool and roll it in to a little ball and make a little tail of that ball . Wet your fingers in the milk and roll the tail until it’s set. Reapt this as many times as you want something like for a full month’s amount. Let them dry for a day. Tip of the wick will be hard at this point. Make some Ghee ( clarified butter ) and put all your wick inside submearged and use as and when you need them for Arti. Done. See that’s easy peasy.


    PS Thanks for keeping us entertained :)

    • Ambaa

      I’ve never heard that about the wick. That’s something I’ll have to consider. I have always seen fire as the same no matter the source. I am very interested to explore this idea.

      It’s a peaceful little closet ;)

      I am happy to be called Ambaa. I don’t really feel any attachment to any of the names that people have for me. Not the one my parents gave me, not my pen name, not this one. So they all work equally well!


    @ Ambaa

    Rofl ! :) Of course it’s a peaceful little closet. I still get nightmare from time when I was tied up by my mom. She said I didn’t behave. :o I don’t get nightmare I’m just joking but being tied up is true. :)


  •!/mjfisher2005 Kaushiki

    Thanks for sharing your shrine room (closet) with us. It takes a certain amount of courage to post such a private and unusual (for a Westerner, anyway) place. Some would say, one should not take pictures of a shrine or temple, but I don’t believe in that. I guess they would say it was disrespecting the deities. I say, the Gods and Goddesses are part of our true family and just like a proud parent or sibling we love to show pictures of those we love, so that others may love and respect them. My shrine is in a store room with all my husband’s cd’s, collectibles (star trek, horror movies, etc) and yet I find a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere there where I can meditate and do puja. Jai Maa! All blessings on your spiritual path!

  • Pratheesh

    Dear Sister,

    That is a very nice puja room.

  • .Nia.

    Why do you keep it in the closet?