Wedding Hair

Strangely enough, one of the biggest questions for me about my wedding is how I want to wear my hair.

I love, love, love my hair in a way that freaks some people out. I am very careful with it and work hard at growing it long (how is that work? Oh, you have no idea the “lengths” I go to!)

So this is a day when I really want to show off its length.

This is the most recent length shot I could find, but it is actually a year out of date and my hair is three inches longer now and grazes the bottom of my butt.

While I want to show off the length, I also want to show off some of the fancy updos I know how to do. Plus hair down is always a mess and doesn’t tend to look good on me. So I hunted around and found two potential hairstyles to use.

Watch the video where I test them both out and then tell me in the comments which one you like best!

YouTube Preview Image


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  • Andrea

    I will have to watch the video later in the day, but one thing to think about is: Are you going to be wearing anything over your head? Dupatta, odhni, veil? Anything IN your hair? Tiara? You gotta take that into account.

    I knew I’d be wearing an odhni (had no idea about the tiara until after I’d decided on my hairstyle, so I just gave it a little more ‘bump’ when I actually did it) so bun was the way to go. My hair is also pretty long (just past my bra strap – short compared to yours!) and I did my hair for the wedding in twenty minutes. (Spent two hours on the makeup though!)

    • Ambaa

      Good point, I don’t know if I’ll do dupatta over my head. I didn’t want to mostly because of the show off my hair thing! But I’ll experiment with the styles you showed me.

      I’m tempted to get those jeweled things that hang down braids? Can’t remember now what it’s called.

  • Andrea

    Ok i have watched the video … Of the two styles, I like the first one a lot better, particularly with desi clothes. You should probably get someone to do it for you considering how long your hair is and that you want to show off the length – you want every bit in place. Mine was pulled up and mostly hidden until the reception so I didn’t have too much trouble with the DIY factor.

  • Drekfletch

    I’m also voting the first one.

    On the second one, I observe that the net isn’t a result of elasticing strands together, but tying them in a half-square knot. That’s how the horizontal sections show up.

    The lace braid in the front made me think of the Structural Vitae in ancient Roman hair. This woman has a whole series of videos on ancient hair, which where almost all long-haired updos.:

    • Ambaa

      Oh, thank you for the observation about how the net is created!

  • seeker

    I’m voting for the most comfortable one. They were both spectacular but if one pulls or feels tight, you’ll probably get a headache by the end of the day.

    By the way, thanks so much for the tip on the Oprah Meditation Challenge. I’ve managed to meditate for 11days almost in a row–a new record for me.

    • Ambaa

      You make a great point! Comfort is important to consider.

      You’re doing better on the meditation challenge than me :( I love the meditations, but I got out of the flow of it when I was moving and didn’t have Internet at home for a week.

  • Jan

    I don’t particularly like both styles. Have you considered using flowers in your hair? I am a Hindu and I got married in India and we would just braid our hair and use flowers in it. That might be worth looking into if you don’t mind flowers

    • Ambaa

      I have been thinking about trying to get jasmine strands to add. I loved doing that in India.

  • Breanna

    The first one is pretty but I can’t see a way to adorn it. The second one is definitely more difficult to pull off by yourself; I would ask people to help with it. My one issue is that I feel it looks like a style for a flower-girl with long hair rather than a bride. The second one, however, has a lot of places to add embellishment to your hair. I know what your dress looks like and it would be stunning to have gems in your; you could place them in a strand behind the lace braided band and again at every meeting point in the back. I agree with another poster that it looks more like a square knot at each junction instead of an elastic, but you could use mini clear elastics if you will be covering them with a detail like a flower or jewel to make the style easier to pull off. (Next time you come over I’ll show you the elastics I mean. You can get them at Dollar Tree in multi-color packs.) Either look will show off your length really well and both are truly you.

    • Ambaa

      The elastics as I tried to do it in the video were difficult and kind of hurt my hair. I like the idea of trying square knots instead.

      Okay, we need to find a time to get together for playing with my hair!

  • Comrade Ray

    1st one! But, with your look and personality, you can pull anything off! :)