Hinduism Doesn’t Need Me

Sometimes on my Facebook page I post quotes about Hinduism, particularly quotes from western people who are praising Hinduism.

I think a lot of people enjoy seeing non-Hindus acknowledge Hinduism’s best qualities.

Every so often though, someone will make the point that Indian Hindus shouldn’t need praise from the West to believe in Hinduism.

For example this comment on a picture shared by Resurging Hinduism on FB:

Ashwin Kumar: we Hindus are in a pathetic stage that some one from western country should certify our religious books,then only we belive in it. But we still proud to be Hindus

And I think he is absolutely right.

Indians do not need western people to validate Hinduism for them and I hope that those who feel like they want the support of westerners will come to realize that they don’t need it.

But that doesn’t mean it is bad for westerners to praise Hinduism!

I praise Hinduism not because I think Hinduism needs my praise. I praise it because I love it and I feel lucky to have it in my life. I think most of the time when western people admire Hinduism they don’t mean to say “I am giving my blessing to this lovely, quaint practice. You may now continue to exist because I, a white person, have approved it.” I think they are meaning to say, “I wish I had known about this wonderful religion sooner, but I’m so glad that now I have discovered it.”

Indians made Hinduism what it is and I am endlessly grateful. I want to say thank you for the philosophies and beliefs.

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  • Raj Mishra

    Dear Guest. It sheer ignorance in full display in whatever u r saying. The integral unity of Dharma or Sanatan dharma or Hinduness is not dependent on one god, one language, one prophet, one book, one race and so on. It is a set of values and worldview. It is highly absurd to assume that only a born Indian or Hindu can be a true Hindu. At best we are the core of this dharma tradition.

  • Raj Mishra

    Dear Daniel, there is lot of misconception regarding the word ‘Hindu’. Rest assured it is fully sankritised word emerged from the word ‘Sindhu’. It is sheer rubbish to assume that a civilisationally conscious group would take pride in the name given by its barbaric invaders. Plz google ‘origin and antiquity of the word Hindu’ though does’t give full detail. Detailed analysis of the word ‘Hindu’ is given by Pt. Madhawacharya Shastri in his book originating through Vedas themselves and latter developing, though is only available in Hindi and not available in forign lauguages.

  • Raj Mishra

    Dear you seriously need to come out of the rubbish called ‘Neo Hiduism’ popular among the gangs likes of ‘pornwriter Wendy’. To clear this garbage of neo hiduism thesis, you seriously need to study the scholarly work of Rajiv Malhotra namely ‘Indra’s Net’. At least see some youtube videos of book release and come out of this garbage where white masters are teaching the pagan Hindus about the real Hinduism and how Swamy Vivekananda & Ramakrishna invented Hinduism.