I Stand For Love

Apparently I’ve attracted the attention of some Hindus who have gotten the impression that I’m somehow anti-Hindu. O.o

I’m very confused about this entire situation. I’m now being told that I’m going to be written about and “exposed.” What about, I’m not sure. Apparently because I have not encouraged people to kill Muslims??? Maybe?

My heart aches for my brothers and sisters suffering violence in this world. I am so sorry to know that anyone is hurting, whether Hindu or not. I don’t know what I can do to help, but I will continue to look for ways. Murder and violence against fellow human beings are horrible things and unacceptable. I don’t care if it’s one person or thousands of people, it is not okay. When I see someone being treated badly by someone else, I will say we are all one family. We must be kind to one another. All people are my Self. All people are my family. I do whatever I can to help everyone who needs it. How to do that is not always clear. Which is why I asked what can I do to help? I didn’t get any answers, unfortunately. Just a lot of accusations.

I firmly believe that violence begets violence and that hatred only leads to separation and not to unity. If you disagree, that’s fine. You can write your own blog, you can go to blogs that believe as you do. But for me, I stand for love. If that makes me naive  then so be it. If that makes me too “American” in someone’s eyes, so be it. I love Hinduism with all my heart. I know that. So if you want to believe that it is “make up” or only surface level, you are free to. I know the truth.

I believe in the greatness of Hinduism. I believe it is grander and bigger than all of us and will survive no matter what.

All I can do is speak from what I believe. This is my little corner of the Internet and I speak from my heart.

I believe in non-violence. I believe in responding to injustice in a calm way when it is in front of you.

I’m very hurt by this situation. I am just a human being doing my best to follow dharma. I am not always going to get it right, but I will keep on studying, learning, praying, and seeking guidance from great teachers.

Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism are all valid religions and have every right to exist. I wish that they could co-exist more peacefully. But I will not meet violence with violence. That is not my way. I don’t believe that is the Hindu way. You may feel differently about it, that’s your right.

I will love and I will forgive and I will try to dialog with people of other faiths so that we can all work together to stop these fundamentalist asshats who preach violence against one another. All you will find here is love and respect for my family, which encompasses all souls. If I have slipped up and failed in that at times, that is what I truly apologize for.

I will stand for love.

If you want to hate me for it, go ahead. If you want to say I’m naive, go ahead. That’s on your sanskara.

How am I being a Hindu this week? I am practicing universal love.


So, I will now put this behind me. I will go back to exploring my own spiritual growth, as the purpose of this blog is. If you come here to be cruel, you will get banned.

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