Wedding Jewelry!

It’s strange for me to be so excited about the jewelry. I almost never wear any jewelry in my day to day life. I don’t even put in earrings except on rare occasions. So you’d never know it to look at my geeky self, but I LOVE over the top, ridiculous costume jewelry. Gaudy? Yes, please. That’s what I’m going for. I want to feel like a queen, nay, a goddess!

The only piece of jewelry here that is “real” is my engagement ring and even that is very cheap compared to the usual cost of such things. I’ve just never felt comfortable owning nice jewelry. I don’t want the responsibility in case I lose it.

But I had a lot of fun picking out these pieces for my wedding, most of them from ebay!

#1: Bangles! You’re never fully dressed without your bangles. That’s what the girls in my bharatnatyam class used to tell me. I often shock people with being bare-wristed at events. Ooops. It’s hard for me to remember that I’m supposed to put on jewelry. Also, I have extremely tiny wrists and usually have to buy child sized bangles. I’m not sure how well these are going to stay on me.

#2: The “necklace set.” I’m making a weird face there. Just trying to hold the tikka on while I take the picture with my other hand. Luckily my wedding hair style gives the hooks plenty to hang onto and I won’t have to worry about it falling off.

Individual elements of the set:

Necklace. I probably need to make it a little tighter and closer against my neck. I love the red and gold with the flower-like shape in the center. Luckily my dress’s embroidery ended up having both gold and silver elements so my jewelry will match okay.

The tikka is something I bought separately from the necklace. The necklace set came with its own forehead drop, but I wanted the pieces that go down the sides of the face too. You can see that the metal is a slightly different tone from the necklace, but I think it’s close enough!

The earring match the necklace set and dangle pretty low. I was only able to get one of them in for this photo shoot! My mother is allergic to metal and I seem to be mildly allergic too because my ears get very bothered by having earrings in. The other side is puffy and bloody now from me trying to get the other earring in! I’m going to need to wear some heavy earrings in the days leading up to my wedding to make sure the holes are big enough to work.

#3: The Mangala Sutra. I’m so looking forward to wearing this necklace every day for the rest of my life. This is traditionally the equivalent of a wedding ring for Hindus. The pendant is usually connected to the family in some way. I just got one that I thought was beautiful. During the ceremony, Brad will place this around my neck.

#4: Toe rings. Another symbol of marriage for women is silver toe rings on the toe next to the big toe. Because gold is considered a pure metal, it is only worn above the waist. Below the waist jewelry is all silver.

#5: Anklet. My future mother-in-law is the jewelry expert in my life. She found this bell anklet from her trip to India many years ago and gave it to me to wear at the wedding. I will jingle like I do at bharatnatyam!

#6: The wedding band. It’s hard to see the detail with my iPod camera, I’m afraid. It really matches my engagement ring perfectly. This was another find by my future mother-in-law. It’s an old family ring of hers.

And actually, I don’t think I’ve shown you the engagement ring itself…

I’m not a big fan of diamonds (even though it is my birth stone), but again my future mother-in-law gifted me the central diamond from a pair of earrings of hers. We brought it with us to a jewelry store, me and Brad and his mom. It was a really nice experience to get to share with her. We picked this clearance priced setting!

Oh yeah, I’m feeling excited. I think I am going to feel BEAUTIFUL the day of. I just have to be careful not to try to wear all of the jewelry, every kind of jewelry! With this much of it, though, I think my cousin who is a makeup artist will be able to put a very strong look on me and have it work.

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About Ambaa

Ambaa is an American woman of European ancestry who is also a practicing Hindu. She is fascinated with questions of philosophy, culture, and the meaning of life. Join her in the journey to explore how a non-Indian convert to Hinduism experiences her religion.

  • Garvi Sheth

    The jewelry looks lovely on you! It’s bold but I certainly wouldn’t call it gaudy- not in a bad way. It looks elegant and suits you very well. I LOVE the tikka.
    About the earrings: My sister has sensitive ears, and for earrings that aren’t “sensitive solutions,” she coats the posts in clear nail polish and they don’t irritate her. =)

    • Ambaa

      Thank you! You’re very sweet. I feel like I keep reading posts where people complain about how their mother or mother in law made them wear all this jewelry and makeup and here I am like, Yes please! I want all of it!

  • Andrea Mandal

    What’s your bangle size? And what size are these bangles? I might have some bangles that I can send you if the ones you have are too big. I wear a 2.4 – let me know and we’ll connect on FB.

    • Ambaa

      Oh gosh, I don’t even know what size these are or what size I am! I’ll send you a FB message and see if we can figure out what size I am :)

  • Beth Smith

    If you’re allergic to the earrings, try painting the studs/hooks with two or three coats of clear nail polish. It’s usually a nickel allergy and the nail polish will keep the metal from touching your ears.

    • Ambaa

      Good tip! These particular earrings have a very thick stem, so I think that’s adding to the problem too!

    • Ambaa

      I’ve heard that before and never tried it! I should do that!

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  • Sandra Leigh

    lovely jewelry and I admire your frugality and the reasons for it. I did notice something in the pic with the Tikka, though. Friendly advice (not sure anyone ever told you or would tell you or the reasons for your choices): makeup-wise, your skin tone means that eyeshadow and that lipstick do not flatter you at all. I have a difficult to match skin-tone as well (though mine aims more towards the yellow pale than the pink pale you have), and I had to ask a professional for palette choices. I recommend you do the same. It would be terrible to have the effect of all those beautiful jewels and clothes ruined because of poor makeup choices.

    I am not saying this to be mean, I am no troll, but I would you look your best on such a day (and everyday) and know how hard it was to throw out all my beautiful blues because they just don’t look good on me (unless I’m costuming for a certain effect, I stick to browns and deep coppers)

    good luck, and best wishes, (I’m so jealous that you have access to real jewelry and fabrics from India. Of all the places I want to go and all the reasons… India is my dream shopping spree)

    • Ambaa

      Thank you! It is very thoughtful of you to say so!

      Luckily, I have a cousin who is a professional makeup artist in Los Angeles and she is going to do my makeup for me! I would definitely not trust myself to do it ;)

      I don’t think I’m actually wearing any makeup in these pictures, just some burt’s bees lip balm. I meant to get all gussied up, but ran out of time before I needed to take the picture! But yeah, even if I had, I have a long way to go to figure out the most flattering makeup for me. I’ve been practicing, but I’m not there yet!

      (Oh, and all the jewelry and dress came over the Internet! I have been to India and gone shopping there, but I hadn’t met my fiance at that point, so yeah, all this stuff is just from ordering online!)

  • Tresor Paris Celebs

    Beautiful Jewellery! The jewellery looks lovely on you. You looks very nice with this jewellery. Personally I like Wedding Band among the Wedding jewellery. If you are looking for some thing other than traditional jewellery then go for

    • Ambaa

      Thank you!

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