Wedding Dupatta: Take Two

Several weeks ago I tried to start experimenting with potential ways to wear the dupatta that goes with my lengha for my wedding. I found that the dupatta was extremely heavy and would not stay on my head. So I bought a new one, a light weight “belly dancer” scarf from Ebay.

Much better! Now I can wear the dupatta that came with the lengha to drape around my body and this one for over my head. Let’s try those possible styles over again:

(These ideas come from Peaches and Blush)

1) Normal, just over the head

That looks pretty nice. Let’s see what else we’ve got…

2) U-style










This one looks so nice in the model pictures, but is just “okay” on me. I also don’t love how much it’s hiding the sparkle of the lengha.

3) Tie at wrist













This makes me look so demure and devout. I like that look ;) I think this is really elegant.

4) Tie at waist










With the under dupatta draped in a sari style, this looks a little odd, I think.

5) As a veil.










I think I may need a bigger (or at least taller) hairstyle to go with this.


Which style gets your vote? Let me know in the comments which one you like best!

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  • Andrea

    I like the first one the best! The tied-at-wrists is nice but if you will be doing things with your hands (not sure how much of the Hindu ceremony you will have but I was busy, handing stuff, pouring stuff, tying stuff throughout) it will get in the way.

    When I did my wedding saree I did it “seedha pallu” so that the design could be shown off better. That look may work for your dupatta too – instead of trying to sarify your lehenga, pleat the dupatta, tuck it in at the left hip, let it hang in kind of a “U” shape behind you and toward the back of your right hip, then bring it from the back over your right shoulder. Then you fan the pleats out, if desired, and tuck one edge in by your left hip again. It’s also called ‘bridal drape’ because many brides will wear the saree this way. See the last 2 styles on this page for pictures of it:

    • Ambaa

      Oooo, that sounds nice. I will try that out and see how it looks!

  • Kivrin

    I also vote for style #1! I think it has the best balance of showing off both the dupatta and the dress.

    #2 is interesting, and I think would be great with a plain dress, but as you said, you’ve got all that gorgeous detail on your dress, it’d be a shame to cover it, especially front and center.

    #3 looks nice but I agree with Andrea it would probably be in your way

    #4 isn’t bad but I think it looks a little funny with one side wrapped around the front, and the other hanging loose (like it fell off and isn’t supposed to look like that)

    #5 is my second favorite, but from the front you hardly see any of the scarf.

    • Ambaa

      Thanks for giving reasons for each one! That is very helpful!

  • Bibhuti Nanda

    4 is best