Wedding Still To Do

I can understand now why wedding TV shows film the last week or two before the wedding. That’s when the stress is really happening as everything starts to come together. We are four weeks out now and so all the things that I waited to do have to get done now!

The time has really flown by.

Already Done

-Venue in place

-Menu decided

-Decor selected

-Contract with videographer

-Photographer selected

-Wedding outfits purchased

-Wedding jewelry purchased

-Invitations sent and most RSVPs returned

-Special price worked out with local hotel

-Bagpiper hired

-My vows are written (but need to print them out on a card for day of)

Still To Do

-Put together a playlist on my ipod for lunch and for after lunch dancing

-Figure out how to rent speakers and microphone

-Flowers (I’m not hiring a florist, but planning to make strings of carnations myself…at some point)

-Finish favor baggies (I’m monogramming them with a sharpie, one of my only DIY projects)

-Make programs

-Buy lattice and put together a mandap

-Buy quilt squares and pen for “guest book”

-Get marriage lisence

-Put together digital slideshow of pictures of us

-Print out and frame pictures for the memorial table


Yeah, there’s still a significant number of things left to do and time is rapidly slipping away! I had a panic moment last week because we’ve been dealing with a bedbug infestation and all our clothes (including my wedding dress) have been sealed in trash bags. Our whole house was a disaster area and I flipped out because I know people are going to be coming for the mendhi the day before the wedding and that’s only 30 days away now. We needed time to get the house cleaned up as well as find all my wedding stuff. I couldn’t find my jewelry for a little while. But Brad found everything for me and the infestation is being dealt with so we can get things put away again.

A good friend of ours has given us the gift of a wedding portrait! Isn’t it gorgeous?

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