How to Dance At My Wedding

I’ve put together my own playlist on my iPod for the wedding. Now, most of the music is not Indian. There’s a lot of 90s, current pop, and geek “spoof” songs like Roll a D6 and Mario Kart Love Song. And then there’s the wonderful blend of both geeky and Indian: Game On by The Guild. But there are also a few Bollywood and maybe one or two Bhangra songs. (Anyone have any song suggestions for me?)

My ability to dance to Indian music is pretty limited, so I want to brush up on some basic Bollywood moves that I can use. Because these songs really make me want to dance!

 Mix of Bollywood/Bhangra style

Pure Bhangra basic steps

Basic Bollywood Dance Moves

 A Bollywood Routine


Here are the songs I have in my playlist so far:

Chunari Chunari, which I know from Monsoon Wedding rather than the original movie!

Nimbooda Nimbooda: How could I not have the wedding song from my favorite Bollywood movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam?

Mahiya (I think I have too many YouTube videos in here already, so I’ll link to the rest rather than embed them!)

Mitra Nu: This is the only Bhangra style I have, so I’d welcome suggestions for others!

Aadat – Remixed By D.J. Suketu (Taken from the film Kalyug)

 What else should I have?

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