Flower Rangoli Mold: Make Your Own

You know those amazing flower arrangements that you see around Diwali? Like these ones…

flower rangoli diwaliflower rangoli diwalirangoli diwali

25 most colorful rangoli designs with flowers

I don’t think I could freehand creations like that, but through a group of pins on Pinterest I figured out a way to make molds for them. I can’t wait to try this!

The first thing that I saw was this article on making big, beautiful letters out of flowers:

The instructions at Urbanic Paper gave me some great ideas about how to adapt this concept to rangoli. For this project, she used paper mache letters and carefully cut off the top and filled them with floral foam to stick the flowers into. Brilliant!

I’m not interested in making floral letters, however it reminded of another Pinterest project I had seen a little while back. Toilet paper roll art. Which sounds like something Kindergartners make, but it’s actually amazingly beautiful and creates patterns similar to what one might make in rangoli.

Can’t you just see this filled with flowers?

Here are two tutorials for creating this art with toilet or paper towel rolls:

For our project, you’d also want to get some flat cardboard to back them.

I would glue the toilet paper roll art to the flat cardboard and then glue in floral foam to stick flowers into the pattern. Or you could skip the floral foam and fill the compartments with petals.

Next Diwali I am definitely going to try this!

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